Weight Loss Affirmations & How To Reduce Weight [2022]

If you are one of those people who are struggling with losing weight, then congratulations as you are at the right place to find the answer for your weight loss journey. Losing weight can be demotivating and a tough job to do. Sometimes, you initially lose weight but there comes a point where your weight does not go down. This can be very annoying at times.

People who are overweight or obese face a lot of degrading comments that can shatter their confidence. But, you are not alone my friends!

There are millions of people who fight with stubborn body fats on a daily basis. Before looking for solutions it is recommended and wise to find the problem. There are multiple types of weight gains: hormonal weight gain, eating disorder, weight gain due to stress, weight gain due to medicines, etc. One must consider these factors before jumping into weight-loss strategies, diets, and exercises.

I would recommend you to have a thorough medical checkup before trying any weight loss exercise or diet. Apart from this, let me highlight another important yet ignored factor while considering weights lose journey is that each body type is different than the other. The male body works and behaves differently than the female body; similarly, body types are different across males and females. Although, females body types and hormonal makeup is different and complicated than males. In fact, one female cannot say that another female has the 100 same body types as mine. Therefore, it is highly recommended by experts to consult a qualified physician before starting any diet or even joining the gym.

Allow me to add another thing here. DON’T 100% RELY ON WHAT YOU READ AND SEE ON INTERNET!

 Please, stop playing with your body and life. If one diet that suits a person might not suit you.

Anyhow, the reason I have written all this is to assure you that I am going to discuss very genuine and routine hacks that will not only save your time but your money while you actually see the numbers coming down on weight machine. 😉

So, enjoy reading these 8 hacks to lose weight!

Drink Water, Water, and Water!

 Believe me, it works. I have tried it myself and it really helped me lose some of the hard facts. Water is a natural resource of keeping yourself hydrated. There is no effort to put; all you need is to drink plenty of water. (Though it makes you visit loo frequently, this is how it helps you get rid of toxins).

 When you get up early in the morning, drink a glass of lukewarm water. Start drinking half glass and then make it full, (This is for those who don’t/can’t drink water after getting up). The lukewarm water wakes up your vitals and eases blood flow. After your first glass of water, drink one glass after every 1 to 2 hours of gap.

 There are many benefits of consuming water that I can write 100 articles on it, but for now, while helping you kill those fats, it will make your skin glow!

Consume Fluids before Meals!

 What do you crave when hungry? French fries, Pizzas, burgers or something very cheesy. Right? You are not alone, this is normally happening with everyone. In this particular situation, the brain gets naturally drawn to meals that are high in calories.

Get rid of these thoughts by drinking fresh juices or water. Sometimes, you are thirsty, not hungry, and consuming fluid can help in overcoming these cravings.

 And if you are aiming at shedding some pounds then drink a lot of fluid before meals. Start your meal with a glass of water or have soup before a proper meal.

Chew or Eat Slowly!

 If you have a habit of eating in a hurry then give up on this habit as soon as possible. It is adding to gaining unwanted weight. Eat your meals slowly, chew bite properly; it will help in digesting food properly and will make you feel full. Chewing slow on meals doesn’t mean to spend hours while eating but slow it down.

Keep All Kind of Screens Away!

 This one is not just a hack but take it as a warning, your health is a higher risk while watching TV and eating. When you start eating your meals, avoid any kind of screen. Keep your cellphone, laptops, TV screen, etc, aside.

 By doing this you will be more focused on food and calories you are consuming and how much you should eat rather than getting lost in your favorite show which will eventually make you eat more.

No Fast Food!

 Another habit to break if you are a fan of fast food. Pizzas, Burgers, and fries are yummy and mouth-watering but eating them regularly can bring you a lot of health issue including weight gain. Fast food takes longer digestion and break down; the stomach has to work hard to fully digest it.

 It makes the weight-loss process slow, and it is quite concerning if you want to lose weight. Therefore, make wise choices while picking up your food. Avoid fast food, in fact, cut it completely from your menu!

Track Your Eating!

 Yes, figure out your cravings, timings and what triggers you to eat. There can be multiple factors that trigger you to eat abnormally. Sometimes, an emotional situation or depressing incident ignites emotional eating which leads to gaining weight. This will help you in tackling these situations more efficiently. Also, track the time when you crave most for food, it can be evening or morning or while working in the office. Once you have known the pattern now work on it by replacing binge eating with healthy snacks.

Pick Food Companion Wisely!

 Your circle of friends and peers matters a lot in life. If you have foodie friends, then they will definitely push you to have calorie-dense food. Foodies love to try new food items and they ask you to join them, and in courtesy, you say yes. I am not saying to stop meeting your friends but when it comes to eating, make sure you find someone who is into healthy eating and a balanced diet.

Put Your Food on A Plate!

 When you buy something that comes in bags, put them in a plate. Seeing is Believing, when you see your food, it helps you in identifying a proportion. Also, seeing and eating your meal is satisfying which naturally makes you feel full.

 I hope these hacks will be beneficial for you in losing and achieving your ideal weight.

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