Canada Immigration Process: Step-By-Step Guide!

 Canada – the land of the Maple leaf is the dreamland of millions. In recent times, it has gain the status of a favorite country to immigrate. While the United States tightens immigration policy, Canada, in contrast, has loosened its immigration policy.

 Canada is waiting for you to be part of the most diverse and multicultural nation. Many people dream of going to Canada and getting a permanent residency there. The open immigration policy in Canada has helped many people entering Canada and living their dream life.

Canadian Immigration Office believes in diversity and after thoroughly going through one’s application, accepts it regardless of gender, ethnicity and most importantly religion. 

 Now let’s discuss why Canada is the best country for immigration and living?

 When the world is facing economic constraints, Canada is doing better with its economy.

 a) One of the major factors of immigrating to Canada is Economy: Once immigrated, you can find multiple opportunities for work because it is the fast-growing and industrialized economy. The inflation rate in Canada is 2.3%, which implies high living standards.

 b) Health is wealth!  All people immigrated or eyeing at immigrating to Canada know this saying well. Access to basic health care is the fundamental right of every human being of living on this planet earth. Canada provides free healthcare which makes it the most awesome country to live in.

 c) Canada understands the value of education and that is why it spends more and more education sector. After healthcare, education is another fundamental right of each human being and Canada values it better than any other country. Be they citizens of Canada or any other nationalities, access to education is made easy by providing free Primary and Secondary education followed by free post-secondary studies.

 d) Cultural diversity and embracing people from all over the world, Canada holds a multinational cultural. Canada approves dual citizenship, supports the representation of minorities in the workplace and gives access to education to all immigrated nationals.

 Apart from the above-mentioned and briefly discussed reasons to get immigrated to Canada, there are multiple other factors to consider Canada immigration.

 Now I will discuss the steps involved in Canada Immigration which are approved and authenticated by the Canadian Immigration Office.

 1. Introduction:

 The foremost thing before jumping into the whole process of immigration is the introduction. Canada is unknown to you and you are unknown in Canada. Make sure to have a thorough introduction before moving into Canada.

 In this step, read all immigration programs/entries carefully. Go through each program and package that the Canadian government offers and analyze which program suits you or where you fit perfectly.

 Do your homework about Canada’s weather, working conditions, etc.

 Most of people skip this step and later on wonder about many things. So, having full-fledged knowledge about immigration packages will save you a lot of time.

 2. Application Form:

 After studying all about Canada and what it offers regarding immigration, now move forward to step 2 which is filling and submitting application forms that are issued by the Government of Canada. At this stage, the only application form is required to be submitted by the client.

 3. Profile Review:

 Once the application form is submitted, a dedicated firm that looks into the forms received generates a computerized form after filtering it. Then the computerized form is sent back to the client via email for approval and signature. By completing this process an Express Entry Online Profile is created for the client and if further documents are required, the clients are then notified.

 4. Send Documents:

 At this point, the client is asked to send his/her all documents along with signed computerized generated Canada Immigration Application Form to the firm by courier. The government of Canada’s fees must be part of these documents. These requirements are to be fulfilled by Business Class and Family Class applicants. For Federal Skilled Worker Class, all other holds the same except computer-generated Canada Immigration Application Form.

 5. Legal Argument Preparation:

 This step comes after the approval and acceptance of the documents of the clients. Here the firm starts preparing detailed written, legal arguments to accompany the client’s Canada Immigration Package. All these legal arguments are incorporated with Immigration Application after getting approved by the client. These written legal arguments are sent to a client via email.

 6. Send Application Package to Visa Office:

 The entire Canada Immigration Application Package is sent to the visa office via courier after getting approved by the client. This package includes everything along with written legal arguments that are sent to the Visa office for further processing.

 7. Visa Office Requirements:

 Once documents are received by the Visa Office, it acknowledges receipt of the Canada Immigration Application. It may request the client for more documents if required.

 8. Interview Date:

 After processing all the documents, the Visa Office approves the interview date of the client. Additional documents may be requested to be submitted at this point. Once the interview is waived, the client is asked to have a thorough medical checkup set by Canada Immigration Medical Examination. However, if an interview is necessary then the client must have a medical checkup one month before the interview.

 9. Preparation for Interview:

 If the client is asked to appear for an interview then a package incorporating all the details required for the interview is sent to the client via email. It has sample questions that one can expect to be asked in the interview.

 10. Interview Answers Analysis:

 All the answers by the client are sent to the firm which reviews and analyzes it. Don’t forget these answers are in response to the sample questions only.

 11. Interview:

 The client is asked to appear for an interview at the Canadian Visa Office. There a detailed interview is conducted and reviewed.

 12. Final Decision:

 After reviewing the interview of the client a final decision is made by the Canadian Visa Office. If the review is positive, the client is asked to pay the Government of Canada’s Right of Permanent Residence Fee along with a forwarding passport to the Canadian Visa Office for immigrant visa entry.

 13. Completion of the Immigration Process:

 Once the passport is submitted to the visa office, the client then receives a passport with an immigrant visa affixed therein. The immigrant’s visa must be having an expiration date, therefore the client is asked to be landing in Canada before the expiration date.

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  • October 27, 2019 at 6:46 pm

    There is a company in Ontario / Canada so-called Jobs world or Job across world, and it has a page in Internet network known as ( Canada visa Expert ), this company pretends that does in the field of an immigration, however the employer also demand a number of personal visa or a bank account number to show on your financial balance if it enough to complete an immigration process
    Suddenly! They transacted about 2000 $… 🤔
    I do not know How they have done it ?? With out any charges from them.
    Repeatedly I sending the emails to continue or complete the procedures to get a visa if they are trusted or refund my money 👌
    I think that is a scam and fraud, is not it


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