9 Week Weight Loss Plan & Fat Loss Guide 2022

 No, we are not stopping you from eating your favorite food neither we would ask you to go hungry for hours and hours. Thanks to the medical sciences and many researchers who are giving their blood and sweat to the studies which are helping a lazy person like me to get an insight into healthy eating and how it affects our lifestyle positively.

 Living a healthy lifestyle is the dream of millions out there, but how many of us actually take the pain of consulting a good nutritionist, getting a healthy diet plan and going to market to bring the required grocery? Only celebrities and very few with high determination.

 Anyhow, living a healthful life is a blessing. Eat your favorite food, but make sure to eat healthily. Initially, very strict diet plans were introduced which would give you more harm than any good. Though those people who used to follow them for weight loss would get the results but after receiving damaging much of their inner organs.

 Then modern science and contemporary researches after studying human biology, body need, medical conditions, and body types came up with more easy-follow and healthful diet plans.

 Understanding your body type is very crucial in following a diet plan. Also, now nutritionist devises a customized diet plan if you have any medical condition, like diabetes, hormonal issues or heart disease, etc. Thanks to all the Modern Medical Science studies!

Also, it is very important to understand that each body type is different, it behaves and reacts differently. One diet plan that suits your sister or brother might not suit you because your body is unable to accept it. Your friend might be losing weight faster than you, which, unfortunately, makes you anxious but it is perfectly alright. Because each body has its own timing – biological clocks to accept and adjust accordingly.

 So, before following any diet plan blindly, please make sure to have a thorough check-up and know what your body type is.

 Though the diet plan we are sharing can be used by all, but it is better to take our suggestion into consideration.

 9 Week Weight Loss Plan for full week 7 days:

Day 1

Breakfast: Muesli with Raspberries      (287 Calories)

Serving:  1

Shopping Tip: Buy a without added sugar muesli.

A.M Snack:                                               (62 Calories)

(We are not making it a time-bound plan but make sure to have your snack between 10 am to 11 am)

1 Orange

Lunch: White Bean and Veggie Salad         (360 Calories)

Serving: 4 Cups

P.M. Snack:                                                     (95 Calories)

1 Apple

Dinner: Kale Salad with Beets and Wild Rice

Serving: 4 Cups

Day 2

Breakfast: Avocado-Egg Toast                           (270 Calories)

Serving:     1

A.M Snack:                                                          (70 Cal)

Clementines:    2

Lunch: Tomato, Cucumber and White Bean Salad with Basil Vinaigrette    (378 Cal)

Serving:  2 ¼ Cup
                1 Slice of sprouted-grain bread, topped and toasted with 2 Tbsp of Hummus.

P.M. Snack:(30 Cals)

1 Plum

Dinner: Fish with Coconut Shallot Sauce

Serving: 1
               ½ cup of Basic Quinoa
                2 cups mixed Greens with 1 Tbsp of Citrus Vinaigrette

Day 3

P.M Snack:                                                                 (62 Cals)

1 Orange

Dinner:  Seared Salmon with Green Peppercorn Sauce             (457 Calories)

Serving:  1
                A Cup of Steamed Green Beans
                1 Baked Potato with a pinch pf pepper and 1 tsp olive oil

Day 4

Breakfast: Oats with Sliced Strawberries                 (293 Cals)

Serving:     ½ cup Oats cooked in a cup of milk
                    ½  cup sliced Strawberries

A.M Snack:                                                                (90 Cals)

½ Sliced Bell Pepper with 3 Tbsp of Hummus

Lunch: Loaded Black Beams with Nacho Soup              (350 Cals)

Serving:  1

P.M Snack:                                                              (84 Cals)

A cup of Blueberries

Dinner:  Chicken Cauliflower with Friend Rice

Serving: 1 ¼ Cup

Day 5

Breakfast:  Peanut Butter-Banana Cinnamon Toast              (290 Calories)

Serving:  1

A.M Snack:                                                               (96 Cals)

A clementine with 8 Almonds

Lunch:  Mexican Cabbage Soup                                             (344 Cals)

Serving:  1 ½ Cup
                2 Cups of Mixed Greens
                1 Tbsp of Citrus Vinaigrette
                2 Tbsp of Sunflower Seed

P. M Snack:                                                            (78 Cals)

1 boiled egg with salt and pepper

Dinner: Spaghetti Squash and Meat Balls                             (408 Cals)

Serving:   1

Day 6

Breakfast: Muesli and Blueberries with Greek Yogurt                    (264 Cals)

Serving:  A cup of nonfat Greek Yogurt with ¼ cup of Muesli and ¼ cup of Blueberries

A.M Snack:                                                             (70 Cals)

2 Clementine

Lunch: Veggie and Hummus Sandwich                               (325 Cals)

Serving:    1

P.M Snack:                                                          (95 Cals)

1 Apple

Dinner: Zucchini Noodles with Avocado Pesto and Shrimps         (466 Cals)

Serving: 1


Breakfast:  Scrambled Eggs with Vegetables                       (388 Cals)

Serving:   1

A.M Snack:                                                            (119 Cals)

¼ cup of Hummus with 1 cup of slides cucumber

: Veggie and Hummus Sandwich                          (325 Cals)

Serving:      1

P.M Snack:                                                                     (30 Cals)

1 Plum

Dinner: Greek Kale Salad with Quinoa and Chicken                    (302 Cals)

Serving:    1 cup with Broiled Mango

Yes, you can make these all foods at home. All you would need is to do some preparations like making a grocery list and going out to get all the required stuff. This diet plan can be repeated on different days.

 Make sure you eat clean and healthy to live and lead a healthy life. the above-discussed diet plan is healthful for you and your family. Eating clean doesn’t only help you in losing weight but it also cleans toxins from your body that keeps you tired and dull all day. Eat whatever you want but eat healthy. A few healthful choices can make a huge difference in your lifestyle.



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