8 Ways to Gain Financial Freedom from 9 to 5 Job!

Many believe that the corporate world has made humans prisoners. In some cases it is true but in most cases, it isn’t. Yes, it is a fact that your 9 to 5 job might not allow you to spend money the way you want or to live your dream life, but nothing is perfect and neither is 9 to 5 jobs.

But in today’s fast world one does think about gaining financial freedom. To save money so tomorrow can be spent on a few things you want to do in life.

We are not against 9 to 5 jobs, but is it something that will make your little dreams come true? We will answer to you.

We are living in a digital age. Gone are days when the only way of generating income was to get a 9 to 5 job with a decent salary. Today it is said that you make your destiny or destroy it. Youngsters are making enough money online which is helping them in meeting their expenses and saving a portion of it.

‘Enjoy what you do’ is the slogan of today’s youth! 

 The digital market is full of opportunities, all you need is to know how and where to try your luck. However, if you are not good with social media and online earning options, you can still become financially independent while working 9 to 6.

The perks of gaining financial freedom are many. A few of them are as follows: 

  •  It helps you in dire circumstances. 
  •  You can live your dream life. 
  •  You can support your family.
  • You are no more dependent on a job or salary, etc, etc. 
  •  To attain financial freedom you don’t need to collect a pile of cash or work like a robot, but it is more about reorganizing and reconsidering a few things in life.

So, without any further delay, we are sharing 8 ways to gain financial freedom from a 9 to 5 job!

1. Save and Track Your Spending: 

 It is very important to know where are you at the point of life and where your money is going. Tracking your spending is an effective way of preparing yourself to become a financially independent person. It never means that you are extra-possessive about your money but it is more like a pro-active approach. 

 Keeping a record of spending saves a lot of time you can waste while guessing that where have you spent your cash. It also helps you in predicting your future spending pattern and how can you be more careful with your spending. In the end, you have a list of things you bought and spend money on. 

 2. Know Where Do You Stand: 

 Being aware of your financial status is very critical to gain financial freedom. If you are in debt, make sure you collect enough money to get out of the debt trap. Once this is done you can analyze whether your income is enough to meet the very basic expenses? If things are Okay at this end as well then you are good to go for getting financial independence. 

 Know your cash inflow and outflow, it will allow you to plan things accordingly for the future. 

3. Make A List of Your Goals You Want Achieve: 

 If you really want to get rid of 9 to 5 rat race then you need to prioritize your life goals. Setting a goal and achieving it will ease the process of attaining financial independence. Whenever you feel like giving up think about that goal. Make it a source of motivation. 

 How you can do this? Let us give a glimpse of it. For instance, your goal is to sell 10,000 units of a product a month online. Start doing it weekly by selling 300 daily. Now devise a plan that will enable to you achieve this milestone. Gradually, add units and you’ll achieve your goal. 

4. Keep a Check on Expenses: 

 Reviewing your expenses enables you to have an insight into monthly spending patterns. Though it is similar to keeping an eye on spending it will allow you to reduce money expenditure on extra things. 

 Stick to the basic needs of your long-term plan is to achieve financial freedom. 

 If you are living in a cold place you can control the heating thermostat of the heating system. Similarly, if your locality is hot and humid make sure to control the cooling system. 

 It was just one of the examples of controlling your expenses to be financially independent. You can find plenty of things that you can control and keep an eye on. 

5. Budgeting

 Making a budget can be very handy while eyeing financial freedom. Make a friendly budget based on your income. Why is it important to have a budget? Because it will help you in saving a little amount which you can utilize while enjoying the title of being a financially independent person. 

 Also, it gives you an overview of all the inflows and outflows and how to manage them. From routine expenditures to once in a year expense, for example, buying a new car, it develops into a comprehensive financial plan. That is why it is called budgeting J 

 Don’t forget to keep a little amount into an emergency fund.

6. It’s Time to Save: 

 Saving money helps you in many ways. Your saved money saves you, literally. If your dream is to become independent financially, then you seriously need to consider this point. Don’t go for huge amounts to save but doing is little by little and staying consistent will turn into something big. 

 We assure you that once you learn how saving little money can turn into huge cash, you won’t regret doing it.

 7. Start Investing On Your Goal

 It’s a new world – a digital world with digital investment opportunities. Learn about those opportunities and traditional investment options with a good return. 

 Investing money in good projects can bring you a fortune, in fact, your dream of becoming a financially independent person can be made a reality. The digital investment option includes cryptocurrency but makes sure you gain complete knowledge of the game before playing it. 

 Likewise, investing in stocks and bonds will also get you in achieving your ultimate goal. So, search and research investment options that suit you best, and take a step towards financial independence. 

 8. Lead a Moderate Lifestyle: 

 To achieve something bigger, it is okay to start from a lower scale. By leading a moderate lifestyle we don’t mean you kill your little desires but to stop yourself buying luxury items. 

 It is perfectly okay and lovely to have a dinner date with your spouse and family once a month but make preparing a meal at home a habit. It will prevent you from spending extra money on lavish restaurants. 

 Also, look for discounts! 

 You can get the best of the best clothes, appliances, and home decor items on discounts offered by brands. 

 These are a few examples to lead a simple and moderate lifestyle which will help you in stepping forward towards gaining financial freedom. 



 Everyone wants to be independent financially but only a few make it achieve the title. Financial freedom helps you in owning and controlling your life. it enables you to make decisions that bring a sense of achievement and fulfillment. 

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