8 Ways to Financial Freedom!

You are reading this because you want to make some cash! And guess what? You are at the right place. While everyone is busy with their working routine in a job they wish they could quit, others are having a time of their life by discovering new ways to make money. Making extra money is not difficult, only if you are willing to invest an hour or two of your time into something you like doing, seeing or commenting about other than YouTube and Facebook. In this article, we would give you some easy ways to make extra cash which would not only pave your way to financial freedom but would also earn you stable financial stability, so here we go:

1) How about getting paid to walk?

What if we tell you that besides staying fit, walking 1000 steps can earn you some extra money as well? An app called “Sweatcoin” pays for every step taken – welcome to the beauty of the 21st century! This money, however, is not in the form of cash but rather pays the user in the form of a gift hamper from Amazon or even paying on your behalf to get you a paid application online. So for example when you walk 1000 steps, you are rewarded 1 sweat coin, which you can use to avail market offers such as paid apps, food deals, subscriptions, etc. How about having this free to earn app and use it as a discount app with no effort at all?

2) Get paid by taking Surveys

Although online surveys seem to have lost their playground lately, there are a few healthy platforms available which offer good extra cash to individuals taking online surveys. Best platforms such as “Swagbucks” and “survey junkie” are very well streamlined and way better than the rest. Unlike other survey platforms that require a lot of time and difficult criteria to qualify for earning slot, these two offer many user-friendly tools to earn a little extra cash.

3) Getting paid for your responses (up to $150/hour)

We live in an era where competitions are cutthroat. Companies are willing to invest millions in the research spectrum to analyze the market pulse. Since researches involve responses and experiences, your response will be paid – hoo la! They work similarly to surveys with an approach to collect data for a focus group or market analysis. The best thing about this particular way is that you don’t have to be a professional. Respondent.io is a legit online platform that provides research responses to whoever needs it. Another best feature to it is that anyone from any part of the world over the age of eighteen can join and start getting paid for their response. All you need is a legit PayPal account and either Facebook or Linkedin account to sign up and connect.

4) Love watching videos? Make it count

We all do i.e. love to watch videos online. How about getting paid for it? Inboxdollars pays you to watch videos. The platform offers upfront $5 dollars upon signing up only. All you have to do is to watch a playlist containing different kinds of videos from celebrity interviews to the latest news and your total amount is added to your account once the playlist is complete. Generally, a playlist runtime may take range between few minutes to thirty minutes. The platform either pays you in plain cash or in the form of gift coupons of your favorite brands.

5) Get paid for Pet Sitting

If you love cats and dogs, you might log on to “Rover”. Google it and register your account and then be contacted by the pet owners, set a schedule of your own comfort and bingo – Happy Cat/Dog time! The platform connects the pet owners with people who love to spend time with cats and dogs when the owner needs to be off. It’s a handy place that can give you $100/week to help pave your way to financial freedom.

6) Become a Virtual Assistant

It’s a work that requires a little effort with your administrative skills. You will be taking care of a large number of emails, blogs, social media responses, etc. on a regular basis. There are numerous websites that offer good money for virtual assistants and pay on an hourly basis. This is the best option for subject experts who are looking for part-time cash to materialize their dream of living a financially independent life. Several websites offers a dedicated user account to subject experts such as doctors and technicians to answer online queries and interact with solution seekers.

7) Teach English

If you have command over the English language and have legal right to work in the US, UK or Canada, this option is the best to earn $100 a day if all goes well. EF Education First in an online platform well known for its services. It provides distant English language courses to students around the world. They generally pay $20/hour for one-on-one classes lasting up to 25 minutes and money is transferred to your bank account in no time. For more info on how to do that search Education First and you will not regret it.

Similarly, VIP Kid is yet another online platform that provides English tuition to Chinese students aged between 5 to 12 via Skype or Google Hangout. Forbes rated VIP Kid among the top 5 platforms offering distant learning while hiring foreign teachers. All you need to have is a year’s experience in the field of teaching and a Bachelor’s degree in any field with a legal right to work in the U.S, UK or Canada.

8) Can you write? Earn it

If you are good with words, you have the entire World Wide Web at your discretion. Content is produced in profound quantity these days and competition are insane. It is estimated that millions of pages are being uploaded every second on virtually every topic known to the human race today. The playground is huge and you for sure can earn extra money if you can write well. There are a number of websites that offer good money for your write-ups e.g. Flexjobs, Fivver, Upwork and people per hour, etc.

Just skim through the internet and search about all that we mentioned here to get a clear picture of how it is done. You for sure will not regret these as these are time tested and verified ways that have enabled thousands of people to make their way to financial freedom.

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