How to Make $100 in 30 Minutes

Are you looking to earn some extra cash with which you can flex your pocket a bit? Well, we will list down a number of possible ways for your consideration. These ways are time and place tested and thousands across the globe have earned their way to financial independence.  There are a lot of ways to earn $100 a day. Some may require a little time while others are instant cash cows. These ways at the end of the day would for sure add a steady stream of extra cash in your budget. There are many online earning websites and freelancing platforms that can help you gain your financial freedom. So sit back and give this a read if you want that cash to come in with a little effort and smart play.

1) Video Games

If you do, turn the game on for yourself! There are online platforms that pay to play their developed games. Many individuals have transformed their amateur gaming lifestyle into a hardcore gaming lifestyle and what else does one want if your interest and income comes from the same source?

If you are not a player but good with graphics and animation, you can freelance your skillset to big gaming brands. There are thousands of people who are earning a handsome amount of sum for advising and give technical inputs on game development. The best part is that you can do all this remotely. So what are you waiting for? Cash in your passion and fire it up with a little income.

2) Social Media Manager

Over half of the world’s population is on social media. And if your one of those enthusiastic social media user, get on to the stage! Some of the big social media enthusiasts earn five to six figures salary owing primarily to the dire need of businesses these days. Every big firm hires social media experts to drive growth and broaden the client base. Social media managers mostly work remotely as their prime job is not to interact or manage physically bur rather use modern digital tools to push online presence and brand image.
With a little insight on how Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, and Linkedin works, you can do wonders in this domain. Specialized and occasionally free courses are also available online for anyone trying to opt for Social Media as a full-time career. Search the web and you will find numerous platforms. This way has probably ranked the highest in today’s era to ensure financial independence for millions.

3) Work for Amazon

Apart from being the best automated online shopping giant, Amazon requires human assistance every now and then. They hire special personnel for a variety of tasks such as spelling correction, determining the website’s user-friendly matrix for visitors, matching product details with customer’s requirements, etc. If this is not enough, Amazon pays to its Affiliate program subscribers up to 10 percent in advertising fees. The program is easy to subscribe to requiring only one approval and does not require third-party approval. Once approved you can choose from a variety of products to write about and advertise to your audience. For more on how Amazon’s Affiliate system works, better skim through the internet and you will not regret it.

4) Test Websites

Yes, it pays! Online businesses pay website visitors for testing purposes. A job is well suited for an internet enthusiast. It pays quite a bit amount to people who in return provide their feedback on the website’s layout, functionality, user-friendliness index and the product it offers in the form of reviews. Businesses usually pay around $10 per website which generally requires about 20-30 minutes of your time to go through the entire website. This job has been ranked as the best online job for earning extra and easy cash in the past few years. Search a bit on the internet on how testing websites work and see if you are really up to make some extra money.

5) Listen to music and get paid

Do you like listening to music? Turn this likeness into a cash earner. If you are a music lover, this is the best way to earn $100 dollars a day. There are paid sites that deal with collecting reviews on the music created by unsigned artists and bands. With each review a reviewer submits, the website pays. However, the review required should not be plain words but rather an expert opinion involving music jargon describing and commenting on music’s theoretical aspect i.e. substance and solid analysis is what they pay for. Well-written reviews would earn more money with a possible bonus payment as well. Go on to the internet to find out about these platforms and grab your headphones.

6) Drive People Around and Earn

By drive, we don’t mean cab or taxi. This is a real deal. The deal is called Lyft Driver. With this, you can make serious money and expand your social networking as well. For you to become a Lyft driver, your vehicle needs to qualify. Requirements such as vehicle insurance coverage by a reputed firm and a detailed background check on your vehicle’s whereabouts are essential. Many individuals have made their way to financial freedom and have earned more than $100 a day by just driving around.

7) The Pet Man and Kid Man (Baby Sitter)

If you love pet care, go online and find a number of clients looking for you. There are numerous websites advertising regularly for a vacant part-time and full-time pet caretaker positions. It has earned $100 a day for most of the college-going youth across the world. Since timings are flexible in this job, managing studies and your own time is quite easy.
Apart from pet sitting, babysitting is also advertised on these websites which again can help you earn decent cash with little effort.

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