How Students can Generate Passive Income with No Initial funds

For someone to attain financial freedom is easy and difficult at the same time. Easy it is because of the connectivity we have today, exposures, and ideas we share each day on the internet and within our social circle. But as said before its difficult at the same time for the majority because of their tendency towards giving up and their impatient attitude. Before we move on lets clear a few psychological facts which really play an important role in someone’s success towards financial freedom. The foremost fact is that every transition takes time i.e. your transition from being dependent to independent will take some time. One has to be patient and work consistently for the betterment and try new ideas. The second most important fact is smart and hard work. This fact defines the overall framework and fuels one’s energy in attaining financial freedom.

You might have heard about some of the ideas we are enlisting below but some ideas might be new for you as well. So sit back, read and see where it leads your big idea for your financial freedom.

Passive Income Ideas 101 Passive Income Ideas Under $1000

How about Notary Public and Loan Signing Agent?

This is probably one of the best unheard ideas to make money which works like a charm for students. One can earn up to $75 to $200 per hour for being a loan signing agent. The best thing about this idea is that it only requires a filled and signed application to obtain Notary Commission status. Once the application is filed and status is awarded you can hire agents and work at your convenient schedule to earn extra cash. For more on how this loan signing agent thingy works, search Loan Signing System in Google and thank us later.

How to Make Passive Income on Amazon through Micro Gigs

This is convenient. Amazon’s Mechanical Turk pays you for gigs. Although it pays as low as $0.5 per gig the best part is its very time effective i.e. you can do quite a few of gigs for retyping simple code or identifying color and submitting it. This $0.5 might look very less but with some regular pace, you can make some extra cash through amazon passive income work.

YouTube Blogger

If you are good with the video camera and have basic editing skills, YouTube is where you should be. This platform has transformed lives and has enabled thousands of people around the world to attain financial freedom. All you have to do is register a YouTube channel, achieve prescribed number subscribers and watch time by promoting your channel online. Once it’s done YouTube will monetize your channel after which now you will be able to earn money by sponsorship through Google Adsense. Sponsors also include their advertisements in your video which will pay you handsomely. YouTubers around the world are earning millions every year and almost every country has a famous YouTuber.

Design and sell T-shirts

This is interesting. If you have that gist of designing, you better design T-shirts and sell them online. The T-shirt business is a run-rate product required in almost every country. The demand is significantly high owing especially to the love which men and women both have for it. All you have to do is learn basic designing and you are in. Designs are uploaded on websites for sponsors to buy. It does require creativity and out of the box imagination which eventually gives birth to phrases, imagery, and design which people would love to wear. You can try searching Zazzle and Cafepress online to find how your design can be paid.


Yeah, type it, baby! If you are good with the keyboard and can type fast, transcribing can be your option. Companies are looking for people who can write as they listen. All you have to do is listen to an audiotape and type it down. Podcasts transcribing is trending today, as individuals want their podcasts to be available with text as well. More on how transcribing works, Google it.

Voice Over artist

If you think you have a good voice, make it count. Companies are looking for people having expressions in their voices. This is becoming increasingly famous as more and more individuals are coming into podcasting and making videos. All you need to have is a basic voice recording setup at home, approach companies and individuals requiring voice-over artists provide your sample audio recording and there you go.

Participate in market research

Market research is fun. And the best part is you get paid for it. Companies are dependent on research and they require masses opinion for decision making. College students can find such paid research projects in their college campuses. Online research companies are also lucrative in this regard. Find some online research platforms to find your way to financial freedom.

How about note-taking and documentation?

People like to maintain notes for their day-to-day activities. This applies generally to the elderly people of your living town and people with busy schedule. If you love to move around the city, this option can help you make some extra cash.

Become an Online Postman

This is an on-demand delivery service that people avail when they are stuck somewhere or are too lazy to do their stuff. You would mostly be delivering food stuff around the city and this can pay you up to $25 per hour.

Passive Income Through Reddit [Reddit karma money]

You can be an upstanding Redditor and earn crypto rewards. How much you earn depends on your karma score. As well as cash, r/CryptoCurrency’s MOON tokens can be redeemed for account features and a say in the future of the subreddit.

Apart from these, there are many other streams of income from which you can attain financial freedom. The key o success is to be consistent and give every idea some time to grow. Thousands are earning six-figure incomes through part-time jobs with little hard and smart work.

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