8 Effective Homebased Cardio Workouts to Lose Weight!

 Losing weight has always been a hot topic to be discussed. In fact, the weight itself is a topic whether you are underweight or overweight, you will find many programs on TV, radio and social media discussing causes and remedies.

To lead a healthy life, one needs to take care of his/her BMI (Body Mass Index). You can be underweight and overweight according to your BMI.

 BMI includes weight, age and height in general. A normal BMI is considered to be 18.5.

 If you are below 18.5 then you fall in the category of underweight people but if it exceeds 18.5 then you are overweight. Whereas a person exceeding BMI 30 then s/he is obese.

 Do not confuse overweight with obesity.  

 According to your BMI, if it is 25 to 27 then you are 20% overweight not obese. Being an overweight person you develop health issue which is not critical or put you at risk. But obesity is considered to be a disease, it comes with a lot of health risks which can be fatal sometimes.

 So, it is very important to keep your weight or BMI in balance.

 We understand that life has become too much busy and in Hustle bustle one don’t get time to hit the gym to do the workout. But taking at least one hour for yourself is very important. Now you can do exercises at home by watching a video tutorial. Staying patient and determined is the key while aiming at losing weight. Gradually, you will start noticing results.

Even if you feel like not taking the pain of home-based exercises then do take morningwalks, they’ll definitely won’t let you develop pouch of fat and become a factory of diseases.

 A brisk walk is the oldest and effective cardio work out. Your whole body is involved in the exercise.

 Apart from the walk, home-based workouts save a lot of money and travel time. All you need is to take time out and have a will to get started.

 Today, we thought to share 8 amazing and effective home-based cardio workouts which you can do anywhere, anytime you want. Although, it might sound strange that how cardio can be done at home but as we mentioned if you are willing to live a healthy life you will go for it.

Cardio can be done at home and we are talking about simple cardio workouts that anyone can do anytime.

 Let’s understand Cardio exercise first!

 The word Cardio is derived from Cardiovascular or Cardiorespiratory. It relates to heartmuscles as the name cardiosuggest, so, anything or any exercise which helps you improve your heart’s ability and functionality is cardio.

Cardio exercises are one of the forms of aerobics. You might have heard people suggesting you aerobic exercises, it is because it increases your heart rate which further helps you in losing extra fats. However, the intensity and duration of a cardio exercise depend on the stamina of a person. For beginners, it is difficult at the beginning but once you develop stamina you can advance the levels.

 How does Cardio work?

 When you do cardio and aerobic exercises, your heart rate goes up, needing more oxygen to be provided in the blood to reach to the whole body. Then, this oxygen-rich blood goes deep into body cells which eventually help you gain stamina. Improved stamina reduces the risk of heart disease, builds muscular endurance and eliminates toxins which have a positive psychological effect. 

 Let get started with the home-based effective cardio workouts:

 1. Jumping Rope:

 The classic cardio exercise we all have done in our childhood. It is time to get your ropes again start jumping. Skipping rope is not only effect calories burnerbut it is easy on pocket exercise.

 The benefit of this workout is that it involves your whole body. It engages your arms, shoulders, back, quads and abs. The strong coordination target more muscles which enable you to lose burn fats and develop stamina.

 Make sure to do this work out in open space or remove stuff from the room you intend to carry this exercise. Also, be mindful of ceiling height and ceiling fans.

 2. Stair Climber:

 It is a HIIT exercise but in disguise. What is HIIT? HIIT is High-Intensity-Interval-Training. It recommended by health fitness experts to use stairs where you can avoid the lift. That suggestion should be taken seriously in routine life. However, if you are intended to loseweight at home with cardio, use your staircase at home.

 Climbing up and coming down on a staircase will help you burn a ton of fats. It won’t only burn calories but it will help you in building muscles and stamina.

 How stair-climbing works?

 When you start climbing a staircase, you push your body against gravitational force or gravity. This implies that you functionally work on your legs. Every staircase comes to an end which provides some time to take a short break. It will further help you in losing weight because it becomes interval exercise.

 3. Jumping Jack:

 Another cardio works out which involves many muscles at the same time. Stand straight with your feet together and hand at your sides. Start jumping quietly and be light on your feet. Jump your feet out to sides and raise your arms above your head. Now immediately return to starting position Repeat the sets of 10 for 2 times.

 This home-based exercise involves Calves, Quads, Hamstrings, Core, Lats and Shoulders, making it a fabulous fat burning exercise.

 4. Mountain Climber:

 Having you ever done hiking or mountain climbing? If yes, then you would know what we mean by mountain climbing exercise. This cardio exercise includes glutes along with shoulders, chest, triceps, core and quads.

 Put your hands on the floor facing ground with hips lifted and legs extended keeping your feet together and toes curled under.

 Make sure to tense every muscle from head to toe. Now pull your right knee in toward the chest while keeping your left leg straight out.

Place your right foot back and pull your left knee in towards the chest. Repeat 2 sets of 10 reps for both legs.

 Keeping breathing while carrying out this exercise, don’t hold your breath, it will help you in getting enough oxygen.

 5. Knee Tucked Jumps:

 Again one of the effective cardio to shed pounds. This workout work on calves, quads, glutes, hip flexors and core.

Stand with your knees hip-width apart, now jump while tucking your knees in towards the body. Jump as high as you can and land quietly as possible as you can. Repeat it with 10 reps of 2 sets.

 6. Squats:

 A traditional cardio workout squats prove to be tough on quads, hamstrings, glutes, calves and core.

 Keep your shoulders feet hip-width apart and toes turned outward while standing straight. Now drop your hips back and down parallel with your knees, keeping hips and ankle in a line.

 Put your weight on your heels to jump up like a spring and softly land back. Start again.

 Make sure to keep abs engaged and put your hands in front for balance.

7. Knee Push-Up:

 This sounds tough and is tough a bit but it is hard on those stubborn fats as well. Before doing this workout make sure to put a soft mat under your knees.

 Now put your hands on the floor on the point where your chest touches the ground. Put your knees on the mat and bend them on 90 angles. Now start doing push-ups, repeat it 10 reps with 2 sets.

 8. Assisted Squats:

 Doing regular squats for a beginner is always hard. In assisted squats, you need a table or box that you can hold on. Now stand on feet hip-width apart and start a workout while going down on your knees completely and standing back straight. Repeat it.

 These assisted squats targets the same muscles as regular squats do.

 We hope you will find these Cardio workouts helpful. Remember to live a healthy life it is important to keep your body healthy. And to keep your body healthy you need to do exercise regularly.


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