5 Ways to Earn Money Online Digitally!

 The Internet is truly a living miracle of modern sciences. It not only connects to ensure an incredible flow of information but it also drives the very core of modern human civilization today. While others have dreams of becoming an architect and astronaut, millions around the world are living the dream of earning a handsome sum of money via the internet which shows the awesome dependence of world economies on the World Wide Web. Establishing oneself as an online entrepreneur is the talk of today; millions of job earners have quit their jobs in order to start an e-commerce career. We will list down a few among many ways through which you can earn a handsome amount of money by starting online business or career:

YouTube – Entertain and Educate

YouTube has taken the internet by a storm. If you think you can produce entertaining videos like animation, informative notes, historical accounts, scientific and technological advancements, fashion, sports, music or any field known to the human race; YouTube is where you should be!

  •  Although YouTube has made some changes to its subscription and monetization policies for countries like India and Pakistan, the platform is still booming. All you have to do is launch a channel with a unique name and scope and then post your videos online. You have to be mindful of the copyright policy and community guidelines while making videos. Once your channel grabs a specific number of subscribers and watches time, boom – your channel becomes an earning platform for you. YouTube pays as per watch time and sponsors’ deals such as Adsense and other advertisements played with your video. Top YouTubers like DanTDM (a famous video game YouTuber) earned an estimated $16.5 million through his YouTube channel in the year 2016-2017.

Freelance Writing – you can write and write well; hop in!

You think you are good at conveying your thoughts through developing writing content, you better start freelance writing. The key to this trick however is identifying your niche and developing a network of potential companies and brands which would pay you for your write-ups. Freelancing is also termed as “blogging”. Many profound bloggers started with writing a single article, in the beginning, grabbing the reader’s attention with time which consequently established their audience and groomed their writing skills and eventually ending up developing a niche of their own. 

  •  There are hundreds of topics on which subject experts and apt writers are required. The payment is usually done on the basis of the number of words to be written but at an advanced level, a handsome amount is paid on per article basis as well. Search the internet and you will several websites offering freelance writing careers or you can start your own blogging website.

Your own World Wide Web – Google Adsense

You have a unique idea to gather audiences on a single platform like a website? Get on with it!

  •  A website of your own offering a unique set of information, data or product can do wonders for you. The idea of content has to be unique so as to compete with millions of websites on the World Wide Web. Once you have developed a good website, the audience will start visiting your website; more visitors mean more earning! Google Adsense is the advertisements that we see on almost every website, these are the sponsored banners that pay you in order to find a spot on your website. The trick for earning money via the website is to keep a regular check on website content; make sure to refresh it on a regular basis and ensure the uniqueness of the content.
  • One best thing about Google Adsense is that it’s very easy to get. If you have a blogging platform or a website, all you have to is to sign up for a FREE Google Adsense Account and get a unique user code via which Google itself analyzes your website’s traffic and manages your earnings on your behalf. Income through website and Google Adsense has done wonders for online earners as it is probably one of the easiest ways to start earning.

Sell Online

One of the oldest and time-tested ways to earn online is to sell physical products via the website. E-commerce business is booming in Pakistan, India and in many developed countries where the 21st century’s giants like Amazon have emerged. People today are looking for time and cost-effective ways and are seeking platforms where a wide range of products ranging from home groceries to luxurious cars are offered for sale at a single click. People’s inclination towards easy online shopping has transformed today’s online businesses into a multi-billion dollar industry worldwide.

  •  In order for you to excel in this regard, all you need to do is to develop a website, create a niche of products, grab a cost-effective deal with manufacturers or re-sellers (Aliexpress or Amazon, etc.), import products to your home country, re-package and sell them under your online brand. The process requires in-depth research in the beginning so as to cater to the needs of the local market’s online shoppers. Online platforms can turn a small startup into a cash machine once the appropriate amount of market analysis, supply chain management and cost-effectiveness of this entire project are taken into account.

Online Coaching

You are a subject expert, go online and start teaching. Millions of people are being educated and trained in different domains of knowledge through distant learning. Special programs of e-learning and numerous apps have been launched in the past decade to provide subject notes, opinions, tutorials, and lectures.

  •  All you have to do is market your expertise and knowledge, grab the audience’s attention, set an online course time with a subscription fee. This, like every other business, would require some time and right research in order to get to the end-user. Expert opinions are required by every firm and individual these days and they are paid well. Some of the famous websites which offer a good network of potential clients are the coach.me savvy.is and clarity.fm.

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