Top 10 Best TV Shows of All Time – Addicting TV Shows That Make You Think

We are approaching towards the end of 2019 and just after less than two months, we will enter the year 2020 which will mark the end of another decade. From 2010 until now, many things have changed and this change has influenced the entertainment industry as well.

Gone are days when TV shows were considered a low source of entertainment because films were ruling the industry. However, one simply cannot deny the fact that Television has produced remarkable shows in history. Movies are still one of the major sources of cinematic entertainment but today we are living in the so-called Golden Era of Television.

In recent times, especially a decade ago TV shows have taken the industry by storm. Netflix has played a prominent role in boosting the TV fan following by producing exceptionally epic shows; however, HBO has no match when it comes to naming the best TV shows of all time.

Comparing Netflix and HBO is not fair because both are different mediums but Netflix should be given the credit for increasing the popularity of Television.

There are many TV shows that leave their marks on us forever. We simply cannot forget the characters or dialogues. So, I thought to compile the list of top 10 epic TV shows of all time for you all. Sometimes, it is good to get nostalgic!

Let me hit you with the top 10 epic TV shows of all-time best shows to watch while working

Top 10 Best TV Shows of All Time

 10. The Sopranos:

 Starting in January 1999 and ending in June 2007, the Sopranos is a series that will always be seen on the list of best TV shows ever.

 The story of the drama revolves around Tony Soprano, the lead character who is struggling to balance his personal life and job. His job is to be the mafia. He opens up about his criminal life to his psychiatrist and how he is finding it hard to manage to keep his mafia-based job apart from his home life.

 The show has a 9.2/10 IMDB rating.

 9. Seinfeld:

 This 90s TV show has given laughter fits to many and yet can pull the charm. The show started in July 1989 and ended in May 1998, after ruling the TV screen for a decade is another series hitting the list.

 The story of the show is simple without any complex storyline or made-up sitcom. The show is said to be about ‘Nothing’ literally ‘nothing’. Then what made this TV show stay on the airwaves for long?

 The answer is, simplicity, the show is simple with routine incidents that are captured in a comedic way. For instance, one of the episodes is dedicated to finding a place in the car park lot to park the car. Similarly, another episode is all about finding a table in a restaurant. All this and much more is hilariously written and the acting of Jerry Seinfeld the comedian makes it funnier.

8. Saturday Night Live:

 One of the oldest TV shows ‘Saturday Night Live’ started back in October 1975 and still ruling the TV. The show itself does not have any popular season to its credit but it surely has produced super-talented comedians over the years.

 The show runs weekly and delivers hilarious live comedy to entertain you.

 7. Big Little Lies:

 This intriguing show started in February 2017 and has got fans hooked on it. Nicole Kidman starred TV series is about affluent moms try to impress others with their appearances and dramatically find themselves involved in a murder. It is early to call it the best show of all time but the way it has got popularity among viewers, it seems it will be worth the title.

 It has an amazing star cast that ensures the success of the show.

 6. Mad Men:

 Revolving around the most complex and complicated characters in the history of TV drama, it is one of the unforgettable TV shows. The show hit the TV screens in July 2007 and ruled the hearts of fans till May 2015. The surprising thing about the series was that from the beginning the story was about a lead female character that was gradually revealed as the story advanced.

 5. The X-Files:

 The X-Files series gained popularity for its off-the-trend storyline. Usually, we see FBI agents resolving murder mysteries but in this show, viewers saw two opposite FBI agents investigating paranormal cases along with aliens.

 The show first started in September 1993 and its popularity made it stay on the airwaves for almost a decade, i- e till 2002. The popular TV show returned to win the hearts of many from January 2016 till the present.

 4. The Simpsons:

 This animated series is ruling the TV screen since December 1989 till now. One of the most loved animated TV shows is all about a dysfunctional family giving us all many laughter moments along with parodies of some of the renowned celebrities and politicians.

 3. Breaking Bad:

 Oh Man, what a show it was. I can re-watch it multiple times. A family-oriented story smoothly developing into an action thriller yet keeping the family genre intact, Breaking Bad is one of the most-watched and loved TV shows in the History of Television.

 The story revolves around an average high school chemistry teacher who is living a mediocre life. One day he discovers that he has Cancer which makes him think about his family after his death. He meets a young boy who sells crystal meth. Both decide to team up; one knows how to cook meth and the other knows how to sell it.

 The best thing about Breaking Bad is the story and characters’ development at the perfect pace.

 2. Game of Thrones:

 Usually, fantasy-oriented dramas or movies don’t get much popular. But with the arrival of Game of Thrones, everything changed. One of the most expensive TV series ever produced in the history of Television. HBO has the credit for producing such an intriguing TV series based on the novels of George R Martin. The show first appeared in April 2011 and the final season came out this year.

 The fanciful story roams around the battle between nine noble families to obtain the throne. On the other hand, a force of death (ice-zombies) is rising and threatening the very existence of human beings.

 Although the finale has received extreme backlash for the way it ended from its fans around the globe, it is still one of the greatest TV shows ever produced.

 I am sure, most of you have watched it already if you haven’t then you are surely missing out on something really great.


 No matter what, the sitcom FRIENDS will always be topping the charts. No fancy cars or twisted story plots, just six friends living together and sharing a normal life. My favorites are Joey and Chandler and the chemistry they share.

 Six best friends living together, drinking coffee and figuring out life with limited resources and earnings they have. This sitcom is amazing and funny because everything is simple and relatable.



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