5 Online Writing-Based Websites

Get Paid for Content Writing :

 Writing is a skill and not everyone can master it. If you see a little potential in you or you are already into writing and want to cash the writing skill then you have to check out these websites I will be discussing here.

 Here is one thing to remember, in fact, a few things to remember.

 a) The websites I have included in the list are free of ‘views’ or ‘clicks’ constraints.

 b) Most of the websites pay through PayPal.

 Let me elaborate on the first point before diving into the list of websites.

 You have heard about earning money online and I presume you all have heard about paid writing websites as well. What happens mostly is that paid writing websites put a condition of ‘clicks’ or ‘views’ for paying you money.

 You are unable to generate income until and unless you get the required number of views or clicks. Meeting these requirements becomes a task unable to achieve and mostly results in disheartening of the writers.

 Money is the need of the hour and it is unjust to a person who is going the extra mile to write and you put an almost unrealistic condition to meet to get paid. Anyhow, I assure you that the websites I have brought you today are free of such conditions and you get some real money for work.

 So, let’s begin!

 1. Wow, Women on Writing:

 A website that is dedicated to females who cannot go out and earn money. The best thing about the website is that it allows newcomers to have a chance of proving themselves. Another plus is that they really appreciate and encourage female writers to come forward.

 Whether you are experienced or a budding writer, you will have multiple opportunities to grow and polish your writing skills while making a handsome amount of money. The diverse audience is one of the pluses of the website as it expands your knowledge about the diversity of the world.

 How much do they pay?

 Wow promises to pay you up to $150 for 3000 words.

 What type of content do they require?

 Wow, Women focus on innovation. They expect Innovative content about any given topic, for example, writing about an innovative business idea. They appreciate freelancers and give them training. Mostly you would find articles designed to help budding writers improve their writings.

 Be creative; make sure you don’t repeat the same article or topic.

 2. Scotch:

 The primary focus of the website is web development. Blogs and articles related to web development are welcomed here. If you can write about web development then you need to try your luck here. Writers who have a good command of computer language can earn money by sending them your work or tutorial.

 The good thing is that they give chance to beginners while having previous writing experience in web development boosts your chances of getting accepted by them.

 Scotch pays you $150 per article, the only condition is that they want high-quality and well-researched content.

 3. Cracked.com:

 A little humor does not hurt and that is why cracked.com is a website designed for writers who can write funny articles to flourish. The website not only offers article writing but photoshops infographics and videos. You can pick any of the options.

 If you are good at writing hilarious articles or you can make funny videos, or you are good at photoshop then you need to check this website out.

 No prior experience is needed, they pay a good amount to those who actually can make people laugh.

 How does it work?

 Visit the website and get registered. It will lead you to a message board where everyone pitches their articles.

 You need to pitch your article idea along with subtopics under the same idea, a full column, and detailed information.

 You get $100 for writing the article.

 Once you publish five articles the earnings go up to $200 per article.

 Getting a place in the top ten articles of the month gives you a bonus of $100.

 There is a separate competition for Photoshop lovers that happens twice a week.

 You can earn $500 for designing a winning T-shirt. They pay you $100 for a humorous infographic once it’s featured on the website.

 4. Listverse:

 Here you will find a huge collection of listicle blogs and articles about almost anything. It is said t be the biggest website that offers payment for writing listicles blogs and articles.

 You can write about anything you want but make sure the blog or article should be a listicle. They expect your lists to be unique, unusual facts, and interesting.

 For each entry of the article, you get $100 after getting approved. Once you are on the list of approved writers then you can win $1000 if your article gets the most views. (Reminder: it is an additional cash prize to encourage the writers to improve their content; it has nothing to do with your fixed earning per article)

 5. Back to College:

 The aim of the website is to write articles about education. You are expected to write articles and blogs about the best universities in the world, or online education courses or find the right learning program, or how to obtain financial aid.

 The best career option young adults will explore through your articles should be well-researched.

 They pay you $55 for each article but the only glitch is that their selection criteria are a bit tough to meet and secondly they take 90 days to respond back on whether your work is accepted or not.

 An article should have 1000 to 1500 words and needs to be very well-researched.

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