7 Best Home Based CrossFit Ab Exercises

 Let’s discuss what CrossFit is?

Cross Fit is a fitness program – a high-intensity fitness program incorporating elements of different sports and exercises.

The term CrossFit sounds tough and I won’t joke you by portraying it as a piece of cake. As the term sounds tough, the Cross Fit exercises are also tough. But this is the key to a perfect exercise session. Doing an exercise that is tough on your weight but easy on your nerves and schedule.

CrossFit comes with true exercises that help you meet your requirements. Regularly following Cross Fit exercises tones your body and keeps you in shape both physically and mentally.

Now Let’s Discuss What Crossfit Exercises Include;

 CrossFit includes:

 a) Gymnastics

 b) Weight lifting

 c) Explosive exercises

 All these combine help in bringing the best out of you, physically, mentally and emotionally. In shorts, CrossFit exercises make you a strong person.

 Sounds exciting!

 So, without any further delay, let’s go through 7 best home based CrossFit exercises:

But hold on, before starting any exercise don’t forget to warm up. The same goes for CrossFit exercises.

 Let’s begin!

1. Jumping Jacks

 This CrossFit exercise is the first step to do it at home.

All you need to do is to stand on your feet together and arms by sides to start. Now jump feet wide, swings arms wide to the side. Then overhead, here your palms should be facing forward. Once done doing that, immediately jump again and repeat.

 This CrossFit exercise has:

 Sets: 1

 Reps: 15

 As a beginner, you can always start from a lower number of reps and slowly increase the numbers.

2. Squat Jump  

 In this CrossFit exercise, all you need is to stand with feet hip-width apart and arms by sides. Now start to Squat while swinging arms. It will help you gain and keep the momentum. Jump as high as you can.

 This CrossFit exercise has:

 Sets: 1

 Reps: 10

 Start from the lower number of the reps to get your body familiar with the movements and then increase the number.

3. Inchworm

 The third CrossFit exercise has two parts.

 a). In this exercise, you need to stand with feet hip-width apart. Keep your arms by side to get started. Reach your fingertips by folding forward from hips.

b).  Lose yourself free. Now keep a soft bend in knees, walk hands forward to make your body in a plank position.

 This CrossFit exercise has:

 Sets: 1

 Reps: 10

 Starting from the lower number will help you to familiarize your muscles and body with the exercise.

4. Wide Climber

Again this CrossFit exercise comes with two parts.

a). Keep your palms on the floor and get into the plank position.

b). Take left foot outside of the right hand. Pause. Start again by switching sides. Repeat!

 The CrossFit exercise has:

 Sets: 2

 Reps: 5

 This is a bit advanced level of CrossFit exercise. You might find it a bit difficult and chances of mistakes are high. If you make a mistake, repeat the sets twice.

5. Kettlebell Swing

 Gradually we are progressing towards the advance levels of CrossFit exercises. You will find each CrossFit exercise having two or three parts to execute.

 So this CrossFit exercise starts as follows:

 This CrossFit exercise has:

 Sets: 1
Reps: 21

 The tips to do this CrossFit exercise is to use kettlebell light in weight as a beginner. Again start from lower reps and increase the number.

 6. Kettlebell Complex

 As the name suggests, this CrossFit exercise comes with a little complexity with doable nature. All you need is to pay a little extra exertion, all for your own good.

 This CrossFit exercise has four parts.

a). Standing with feet slightly wider hip-width apart having a kettlebell on the floor between feet, again arms by sides. By shifting hips back, hinge flat forward and grab the kettlebell with the right hand. Now trek kettlebell back between legs, keeping it above knees to start.

b). Stand with extended ankles, knees, then hips in a fluid motion, now pull the weight up, flip the kettlebell at shoulder height to keep bulk of the weight rest on your wrist.

c). While keeping palms facing forward, press the weight overhead. Reverse the movements to do snatch 1 and snatch 2.

d). Do 5 squats keep the kettlebell overhead! Take a break for 10 seconds, now switch sides and repeat. Rest for 30 to 40 seconds now and do 2 more sets.

 This CrossFit exercise has:

 Sets: 2

 Reps: 2 snatches plus 5 squats per side.

 Tip to do this CrossFit exercise is that after doing the second snatch, hold the kettlebell in your hands and bring it to the chest. Now do 5 squats, switch and repeat.  

Pro tip: Use a heavier weight for this CrossFit.

7. Burpee

 To do this CrossFit exercise all you need to do is:

a). Stand with feet hip-width apart, now crouch while planting your hands on the floor.

b). Jump feet back at once to get into the plank position, lower your chest and thighs to the floor.

c). Now push your body up in a way to plank. Hop your feet to hands to jump as high as you can. Clap hands over your head.

 This CrossFit exercise has:

 Sets: 1

 Reps: 15

 Tip for this CrossFit is to do it next to the kettlebell.

 We hope you would like to give a try to these CrossFit exercises.

 Don’t forget that daily exercise keeps your heart and mind healthy!

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