5 Signs Someone Is Using Mind Control Techniques and How to Prevent It

 If you think mind control is one of many old-aged superstitious chapters or if you think it’s one of many conspiracy theories, well, think again! Mind control is as real as you. It was termed as Brainwashing in the 1950s when the technique was being used on American troops in Chinese detention camps during the Korean War.

 So what exactly is mind control? How do you figure it out if someone is trying to use it against you? The simplest of the definition is “Mind control is a concept by which a subject’s actions and thoughts can be directed by an external force.” This can be done either by physical or psychological means. The aim is to break the subject’s mind control over his/her actions and thoughts. The master trick behind the concept ensures complete control over the subject to direct, manipulate and execute the desired actions or infest the subject’s mind with thoughts that eventually dictates the subject’s daily life.

Here are the top five ways someone can use to get hold of your mind.

 1) Isolation

Finding yourself isolated from happenings such as friends and family or social gatherings is the first sign of mind control. Forcing you unconsciously to cut off from real-life relations is the first indication someone or something is trying to take control of you. Since friends and family would be the first to notice the unusual shifts in your behavior, separating you from your loved ones is the first task this technique needs to accomplish. This move consequently breaks you emotionally and provides a sneaking way into your vulnerable mind.

2) Mood Swings

It is a tell-tale sign of mind control. It clearly indicates that someone is trying to get hold of your mind and has succeeded to a much extent. When you react to how the world or your relations are treating you, it can get frustrating. This frustration that one vents out is an indication of anger and stress. The behavior is infested in the mind which continuously tells the subject’s mind to react. Since the subject’s mind pushes or alters a behavior, arguments and fights erupt instantly, which indicates some unseen force just popped out of nowhere and took charge of the outcomes.

3) Metacommunication

The term metacommunication refers to subtle clues and hints using nonverbal communication. For example, if you ask a friend if he/she is feeling fine and they reply “yes” and a shrug of their shoulders, this clearly means they are not ok, but the verbal answer is in total contrast of reality. This concept is used by the mind-control technique to implant subliminal thoughts and views.

4) Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) is a technique of carefully layering certain thoughts or ideas into the subject’s mind using language. The best part is masters of this mind control technique practice this on the subject’s unconscious mind without them knowing what they are doing. For example, some people are really good at visuals, such a subject will be spoken to using visual clues such as “Can you see what I mean?”

 5) Uncompromising Rules

Imagine being caged. If you are struggling with meeting reasonable deadlines or following simple house-to-workplace rules. You are being controlled. This type of control can also be termed addiction. But failing to comply with basic and simple rules in life, house, or work management indicates an intruder. Your mind is being manipulated or directed to fall short.


 If you observe any of the above-mentioned signs in your behavior, it’s time to break free and take charge of your life.

1) Develop and Work Towards Your Relations

Do not distance yourself from your relations. Rather undertake efforts to develop and strengthen the bonds further. This is the foremost and only way to block any means aimed at controlling your mind or breaking in. Your relations will rescue you, help you fight it back. The most important aspect of this practice is that encourages the mind to feel happy, occupied, and secure. The sense of security and healthy real-life relations boost one’s ability to fight off negative energies and mind control techniques.

2) Mastering Your Temper

Work towards controlling your mind and do not let your moods control you. It’s easier said than done, but a continuous effort towards the goal will change your life dramatically. Mastering self-control yields unprecedented outcomes in personal and professional life. The narrow window that one gets while analyzing his/her reaction before it has been executed proves to be a lifeline for relations and your own betterment. The exercise also equips one in handling stressful situations tactfully and hence blocking someone’s effort to direct your actions based on logic, analysis, and self-control. It is one of the best ways to tackle mind control techniques.

3)  Non-Verbal Clues

Seeing is not always believing. Question what you see rather than what you hear. Visuals in today’s world can be deceiving. For a mind to process at will, it requires keen observation, it is the observation that enables the mind to challenge what it sees and experiences. It also helps in distinguishing black from white and truth from deception. The art of understanding and decoding non-verbal clues helps one in steering mind control.

4)  Non-Linguistic Program

This can be tricky to spot. There are highly paid professionals around these days who master this technique. But it does not mean you will fall prey to it. Safeguarding your mind by adopting the above-mentioned actions can pose a much-needed hurdle for anyone trying to use mind control techniques on you.

5)  Disciplining Your Life

Disciplining your life and taking charge of your “must-do” tasks should be anybody’s priority. Owning responsibility strengthens any relationship and ensures avoiding confronting times. On the other hand, undue restrictions, and rules, if any, should not be disregarded on spot. Trustworthy relations can come in handy in mind control situations. They provide guidance and tips for handling it tactfully. The idea is not to fall prey to someone’s tactic to control your life or mind to a point of suffocation. Reach out to get people’s perspectives on what you’re going through. 

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