10 Effective Email Marketing Tips for All Businesses

No matter, how many new tools are being introduced in the marketing world, email marketing would always remain the favorite of small or established businesses.

Before going into further details, it is important to know ‘What is email marketing? 

 Email marketing is usually used as a tool or source for selling and promoting products or services. But today, the customers expect something more than just receiving emails filled with details about products and services. In fact, they appreciate it if companies send them greeting messages on special days; including birthdays, religious festivals, international days, etc.

It is one of the small but impactful segments of internet/online marketing.  Big wigs of the industry are using e-marketing as a way of connecting to their customers and clients.

All a company needs is to make sure its emails are not spamming. Email tones explain everything about a company. Deem them as a reflection of your company to the customers.

A research conducted by the HostPapa states that:

 a) 94 % of internet users prefer and use emails. 

 b) 75% of the users commented that their preferred marketing method is e-marketing. 

 These statistics show that email or e-marketing is still in the game.

Let’s discuss 10 effective email marketing tips that will help you develop and build your business.

1.  An Effective Subject Line: 

 A subject line is like the door to emails. Make sure the door of your email is attractive. No one would bother to open an email with a boring subject line. 

 The personalized subject line is said to be effective when it comes to email or online marketing. 

 Company Monitor stated in research that, personalized subject lines are 26% more likely to be opened by the customers. 

 For example:

 a) Hello there! We have a discount token for you! 

 b) Hi Sam, Here is a special offer for you. 

 The customers prefer the latter one. If you are still in doubt, start sending personalized emails. You will see a great difference in response.

2. Mobile Optimization: 

 Thanks to the smartphone companies for making our lives and businesses easy by providing almost everything in one device. 

 People receive and read emails on mobiles. This implies that by optimizing your emails with mobiles, you can enhance the chances of a click rate. 

 Optimize your email designs compatible with mobile phones. The pop-up of your email and the outlook after opening in on the mobile phones should be eye-catchy.

3. Personalized Emails Are the Key: 

 One receives more attention while being called by the name. Sam is the case with personalized emails. Customers and clients like to be addressed by their names. 

 Customers, subscribers, and clients prefer their names or nicknames over a ‘dear customer’ phrase. 

 It seems tough and a cumbersome job to draft an email addressing each customer separately. But your worries are being taken care of by the multiple apps available in the market that help you create and send personalized newsletters.

 The attributes of the personalized emails are; First Name, Last Name, Gender, Birthdays, etc.

4. Segmented Emails:

 Based on age, gender, and geographical locations you can make segments of your customers/clients. 

 Segmenting your emails based on your customer base can give them a feeling of care. Segmented emails have 39% higher opening rates compared to routine emails. (Source: Lyris) 

5. Call to Action (CTAs): 

 A very crucial part of email marketing is effective CTA. Whether you want to let your customers know about the new product or any services, make sure you don’t sound extra in your emails. 

 Using effective CTAs can get you a good brand name. Your customers should not get confused while getting a look at the new product. The point is to show and tell your clients and subscribers what to do? 

 Take inspiration from the top 10 CTAs of Amazon: 

  •   Give as a Gift
  •   Shop Now
  •   Send me the link 
  •   Look Inside
  •   Send Sample Now 
  •   Go
  •   Buy Now with 1-Click 
  •   Add to Wish List
  •   Share
  •   Get Your Kindle Here

 The best thing about these CTAs is that they are: simple, precise, short and directive.

6. Free Discount Promotion: 

 Who doesn’t like discounts? Everyone likes it. right? Customers/clients also enjoy discounts. Send them emails offering them discounts on special occasions like birthdays, holidays, and on festivals.  

 The curiosity to the know engagement and response of your subscribers through emails always keeps companies wondering. But thanks to emails as they have made it quite easy for companies to find the customer who clicks the most on the newsletter. 

 This gives an insight into the customer’s choice and interest, so, you can create such emails in the future to keep them coming back. 

8. Deliverables: 

 If the deliverables have increased or are increasing, this means that your traffic is increasing. Isn’t it a good thing? 

 The higher the traffic, the more the difficulties in deliverables. However, it might be the only issue, companies like to have. To fix the deliverability issue, the best option is to buy a dedicated IP address. It will not only keep your authority safe but will be handy while sending a huge number of emails. 

9. Blog Blog Blog: 

 A report suggests that companies with blogging generate 88% of more leads and traffic per month. 

 It takes time to generate traffic which is perfectly Okay! 

 Coming up with new and attractive content can help you get more subscribers. Consider blogging and witness your traffic increasing – let it be at a slow pace. 

10. Consistency: 

 Companies and businesses that are continuously updating their emails are doing wonders in the world of e-marketing. Generate emails on a regular basis and send them to your customers/subscribers. It creates and reflects a positive image of the company. Make sure to use innovative and engaging ideas for emails. 

It is Social Media’s era. E-marketing sounds old to some but the truth is that the reach you get through e-marketing cannot be achieved via social media. Your post might appear in the news feed or might disappear, however, your email would always be present in the inbox of your subscriber.  

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