Coronavirus Pandemic: How to Spend Time At Home?

The world is facing an unfortunate pandemic called ‘Coronavirus’, or ‘COVID-19’. The virus first erupted in the Wuhan city of China, from where it spread to the other countries. China is the first country to get severely affected by the virus and call for lockdown of the cities. But now more than 150 countries are battling with coronavirus. Italy is the second country with most cases of people catching coronavirus and death tolls.
The situation has been declared ‘global emergency’ by WHO earlier and now it has become global pandemic. Many countries including Italy, Spain, France, UK and the US are preparing for lockdown. Italy has locked down whole country while other countries are advising people to stay at home.

Schools are closed in almost all the countries under the attack of virus. Offices are instructed to do work from home. Governments and World Health Organization is urging people to communicate and go out as less as you can.

It won’t be wrong to say that this is the one of its kind Pandemic the whole world is facing. Schools are closed, Sports events are canceled throughout the world, parks and tourist spots are shut down. It seems as world is halted because everything is stopped, of course for the time being. Experts are suggesting self-quarantining if you are showing flu or cough symptoms.

For now, we all need to play our part in this tough time the world is facing by following the instructions of World Health Organization.

In such situation where you can’t go out and your kids are home, it is best to plan some learning activities that can help them utilize this time in the best possible way. In the meanwhile, you can tell your children to learn and work of social-distancing during this time of global pandemic.

Here, I have collected a few activities that you can plan to make your time at home productive.

1. Online Classes:
Many schools are offering an online class which is a good way to keep schools kids on track with studies. But many schools are not offering online classes. Then how to keep your kid on track with studies?

So all the parent, hear me out, you can keep your children productive and active during this time by drawing them a schedule that should include the same routine school timing and ask them to revise and practice what they have learnt in the school already.

Allow them to have some fun at home by allotting them time to play. (This all you can while you are managing your official work from home, so if you are busy, you know your kids are also involved in something healthy)

2. Plan A Family Time:
Since the technology has emerged, we have somehow forgotten to practice family time. Sit together; share your childhood incidents and stories with your kids. Tell them how your time was different technologically than theirs. 
By doing this, your bonds with your kids will get stronger. Cash this family time by encouraging your children to share their problems with you and to speak their heart out. Listen to them and try to resolve issues if there is any.
Once the habit of spending time with family is established, make sure to continue it after everything settles down. This will surely help you and kids understand the importance of talking to family and spending time with each other.

3. Plan on Learning Activities:
Kindergarten kids love coloring and playing with Play Doh. You can plan some learning activities to keep them busy. Google them if you are running out of ideas. Make different shapes like Circle, Square and Triangles from Play Doh, teach them the names or ask them to call out its name if they already know it.

This will keep learned things fresh in their mind. Organize a coloring activity; ask them to find the ‘red color’ in the house. You can pick any color.

4. Write a Story:
If you are into writing and know the basics of writing a story then don’t waste this self-quarantine time. Hold on your pen and hit the page to create a wonderful story. Bring your imagination into reality and do what you are best at.

You can ask kinds in the home to create a story of their own. This will polish their imaginative skills and of course writing skills as well.

5. Watch a Movie:
If you couldn’t watch your favorite movie because of shortage of time then this is the time you plan a movie night with your family. Watch any classic or contemporary or pick any Oscar winning movie.

6. Invest Time in YouTube:
People are making fortune by creating their channels on YouTube and uploading videos on it. There are multiple learning channels that help you in this self-quarantine time. Here are a few things you can do:

Learn a foreign language; YouTube has teaching channels from where you can learn a new language such as French, Chinese, Spanish or English (if you don’t have English speaking background).

Learn Calligraphy; if you are one of those people who fascinate calligraphies, can watch tutorial videos on YouTube and learn to master the skill of calligraphy.

Learn Music; many underground guitarists have learnt playing guitar by watching tutorial videos on YouTube. You can also learn or teach any of you favorite instrument by subscribing to good music teaching channels.

7. Teach Your Kids Cooking and Baking:
While your children are home and spending time in other learning activities, teach them little bit about cooking. Ask them to join you in kitchen while preparing breakfast and dinner. Also, give them baking classes. These are activities will help them for the rest of their lives. Also, you can see which kid is keener in learning cooking and baking and is good at doing it so.
8. Kitchen Gardening:
You have plenty of time, watch some kitchen gardening videos on YouTube and ask your kids to help you in planting some of routine kitchen spices, herbs and vegetables. Through this activity, you and your kids can learn about the nature of plants and also which weather is suitable to grow some of the aforementioned things.

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