10 Proactive Skin Care Tips to Have ‘The Flawless Skin in 2022

That shinny and bright skin we see through the Instagram of our favorite celebrity is the dream of every young girl. But, do you know how much effort these celebrities put to keep their skin fresh and beautiful? The answer is a lot of effort, yes these celebs do all that can to keep their skin fresh and flawless. However, these celebs have to look good because they are always in limelight. Well, girls, you can get flawless skin if you give yourself 15 minutes a day. Your skin in fact needs to give yourself only 15 minutes out of 24 hours. So, here I am all set to hit you with some amazing tried and tested tips of skin care.

10 Proactive Skin Care Tips
1. Awareness:

The heading might seem a little weird or off the topic, but it is the most important yet ignored factor of the skincare routine. Unfortunately, you will find many articles on the Internet which directly jump to products or remedies and ignores the very basic point, ‘awareness’.

To begin with, for any skincare routine, make sure you do your homework about the product you are intending to use. The market is saturated with so many brands and each claiming to be the best that a layperson like me gets confused about which one to pick.

So, the easy way is to do research on these products. Search and read about the ingredients that are used in that particular product. Hold on, did I say easy way? Err, not easy a bit hectic but you will take the pain of research for your betterment. I mean getting fresh and flawless skin like celebs is not easy. As, I have said earlier, celebs do put a lot of effort to look beautiful, and one of the efforts in research and proper homework.

So, ladies make a promise to yourself that you won’t hurry in buying any product because your favorite celebrity is endorsing it. Don’t get doomed.

2. Know Your Skin:

This again is more about awareness. Own your skin and know what your skin type is. Normal skin, dry skin, oily skin, or a combination of dry and oily skin, each skin type is different and needs to be treated differently. Therefore, it is important to set an appointment with a good dermatologist and get your skin checked.

Once you are sure about your skin type, now you can buy the products that suit your skin the most. Maybe your dermatologist suggests you some skincare products, but the final call is yours. And you have to decide which product to pick after doing all the homework.

3. Patch Test – Important Step in Skincare Routine:

Even after doing all the research on the product still you need to see how that product comes on your skin. Sometimes there are ingredients that can cause irritation on your skin, therefore doing a patch test is important. The good thing is that reliable brands highlight the importance of a patch test.

4. Do Look for Expiry Date:
Products with past expiry dates can cause more harm to your skin. They don’t cause irritation only in fact they root for severe skin infections. So, please do check the expiry dates of the products that you use. If the product is near expiry, better not to buy it, it has already started producing harmful toxins.

5. Start Using Sunscreen:

Please, understand that UV rays coming from the sun are directly affecting your skin. Whenever going out, make sure to cover your skin with sunscreen SPF 30 or above. Let your skin know that you love and own it by applying sunscreen daily.

All dermatologists suggest that sunscreen should be used in all seasons.

6. Moisturize Your Skin:

Do your skin a favor by moisturizing it daily. Especially at night, because the night is the time when you are resting and your skin is not affected by pollution or sunlight. Apart from using products, you can keep your skin hydrated by drinking water and juices.

7. Don’t Use Too Many Products:

In market, you would find so many products suiting your skin but that doesn’t mean that you start using them all. It sounds a bit stupid but yes there are girls who use too many products to get flawless skin. This habit doesn’t do any good to your skin; rather it leaves an adverse effect on your skin.
Using too many or many products blocks skin pores from which your skin breaths. As a result of using two or more skin products at the same time, you get severe breakouts, stubborn acne, clogged pores, and white and blackheads. It can cause uneven skin tone as well.

8. Clean Your Makeup Brushes:

Makeup brushes can save a lot of your time, but are you paying attention to their cleanliness? Are you sure your makeup brushes are clean enough to be used again and again? This is again one of the neglected factors when it comes to taking care of your skin.

Little particles or debris from makeup products such as foundation etc, remain inside the brushes which become harmful as the time passes. So, if you are every step to make your skin look fresh yet you are not getting the desired results then it is time to pick your make brushes and clean them properly.

Many dermatologists recommend washing concealer and foundation brushes once a week.

9. Follow the Right Order to Layer:

Many makeup bloggers around the world share videos educating girls about right order to apply different products. They are not doing it to prolong their videos in fact they are telling you the right way of layering your skin.
Here is the right order to apply products:
1. Cleanser: Cleanse your skin first.
2. Toner
3. Spot Cream
4. Serum
5. Eye Cream
6. Moisturizer
7. Oil
8. SPF
Follow the above right order to layer and get flawless skin.

10. Remove Makeup:

Most of the ladies make this mistake by not removing makeup properly. Anti-bacterial wipes are now available for all skin types to remove makeup. These wipes remove most of the makeup and dirt from the skin but don’t help in cleansing deep. For deep cleaning, you need to use a good cleanser. Don’t sleep while wearing makeup. Wipe makeup then wash your face, cleanse your skin and then apply a good moisturizer to keep your skin healthy and glowing.
These were 10 tips that you can follow to have flawless skin throughout the year. I hope you will find it helpful.

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