Top 5 Best Sci-Fi Movie of the Decade!

After a hectic, full of work week, everyone look for some quality entertainment to watch on weekends. Most of the people would opt for watching a movie alone or with friends and family. Hollywood has been offering a huge variety of movies in different genres since ages. But the actual game changed when movies went beyond the conventional Romeo and Juliet love stories to educating people about mental health issue to the world hidden from our eyes that is space.

There is a world beyond the blue sky, full of galaxies, stars, and planets etc. Yes, I am talking about Sci-Fi genre and this piece of writing is dedicated to all the sci-fi lovers.

It is amazing to see Hollywood taking this genre to a new level by introducing some mind-blowing concepts through movies: such as the movie Inception. Who knew that concepts that were just on paper or proven work of world renowned scientist would take a shape of reality in films? But this happened and if we don’t mention the part technology played in advancement of cinema would be unfair.

Anyhow, let’s discuss some of the extremely amazing sci-fi movies with complex scientific concepts!

1. Inception:

The number one on my list of sci-fi movies is ‘Inception’. This superbly amazing movie was a bit difficult to grasp initially but soon people were blown off with the idea of dream-sharing technology and how stunning it was executed in the movie. Directed by none other than Christopher Nolan, the movie became a huge success. Earning 8.8 rating at IMDb the movie received four Academy Awards in different category. The movie didn’t stop at bagging Academy Awards only but grabbed many other prestigious awards.

The synopsis of the story tells us about a thief who steals corporate secrets through dream-sharing technology. He is given a task of planting the idea into the mind of a CEO. It is quiet challenging for him to do inverse of what he is doing already.

The thief is played by talented Leonardo DiCaprio alongside Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Ellen Page, Ken Watanabe.

Many of you might have watched it already. But it is one of the movies which you can re-watch as many times as you want.

2. Interstellar:

This movie isn’t your typical sci-fi film about different planets or aliens. This movie offers almost everything, it satisfy your inner astronaut with taking you into the outer space, it beautifully captures the emotional connection of a father-daughter and how they communicate despite being years away from each other. It shows love can conquer the world all you need is to believe.

This one is my personal favorite movie and I can write pages on it. Because the movie has so much to offer, like science, space, emotions, connections between colleagues, support and on top of it Love.

In the movie it is shown that a team of explorers has been assigned a task to help humanity. It is once in a life time opportunity. The team of explorers travels through a wormhole in space in an attempt to secure humanity and its survival.

This masterpiece is also directed by Christopher Nolan with star cast including the spectacular Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway, Jessica Chastain, and Mackenzie Foy.

This masterpiece will always remain in the list of best sci-fi of all time.

3. Avatar:

This is another masterpiece that was loved and very well received by all the sci-fi lovers all around the world. Completely different concept with eye-catching visuals made this movie stand out among sci-fi genre movies. Avatar is a treat to watch because the way human imagination has been put into screen is something that world has seen before.

James Cameron’s directorial is about a paraplegic Marine send out to Moon Pandora on an exclusive mission gets stuck between following orders and guarding the world he feels he belongs to.

It’s been more than a decade to the release of the movie yet it is considered as one of the brilliant and unique sci-fi movies.

4. Gravity:

Released in 2013 the movie Gravity is about a survival of two astronauts in space after encountering an unfortunate accident. They are stranded in space and work hard together to survive the accident. The struggle that has been captured with the camera keeps you on your toes till the end of the movie.

Alfonso Curon has directed the movie and did justice to each scene and scenario of the film.

5. Blade Runner 2049:

The movie Blade Runner 2049 is a blend of sci-fi and mystery genre. One of brilliant movies Blade Runner 2049 was praised by its audience. The story of the movie revolves around the discovery of a long-buried secret by Young Blade Runner ‘K’ which lead him to ex Blade Runner Rick who was missing for thirty years.

Denis Villeneuve has served as the director of the movie. Young Blade Runner ‘K’ is played by Ryan Gosling while Harrison Ford has amazingly executed the role of former Blade Runner Rick Deckard.

Well, Hollywood’s library of sci-fi genre is full of so many other movies related to hidden world of space but I have brought you some of the very unique and different sci-fi films that offer us more than typical story.
I bet many of you have already watched these movies but if you haven’t than what are waiting for? Make plan for a movie night, call over your friends and enjoy any of these masterpieces.

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