History and Causes of Cannibalism

Paleolithic period

We cannot deny the fact that during a sexual desire kissing, biting and hugging is done usually using our mouth which also includes swallowing that is also drafted with the mouth. So according to a psychological research Steven Scher said that we mostly prefer to cannibalize on those who we usually like to make love with or fulfill our sex drive. (Christine) With respect to people, formally in the late history, we don’t discover human flesh consumption in individuals however up to this point it turned into a typical practice and frequently was a piece of custom. Individuals were to eat the body of their adversary slaughtered in real life to proper qualities, quality, values, and so on. Religions have frequently vetoed such Muslims don’t eat pork since this creature has the same cells as in people. Christian religion still alludes now to a type of human flesh consumption when they call to eat the blood and group of Christ amid fellowship. Regarding all these facts and related factors to cannibalism, we can see the existence of cannibalism in a normative cultural framework in society to some extent. Animals eat other animals which they aren’t accountable for; we also kill animals and consume them so why not consuming a social animal in the society.(Abreu)(Lindenbaum)There are some cultures that take it as a normal act to consume human flesh; they usually swallow the brains and other organs of the body of dead people in order to capture the spirit of the deceased but end up capturing Jacob disease and other viruses in the body.

Cannibalism; A Mental Illness

In the modern day, cannibalism is not seen as a need or due to the shortage of food resources, but as a cognitive disease. Law visualizes cannibalism as a crime and cannibalism is usually seen as being driven by survival issues, or magical or religious factors. But today in our society it is difficult to find such examples so it is mostly associated with mental illness. People usually suffering from different health and mental problems are reported to be committing such crimes which involve violence and brutality.(Christine)People suffering from schizophrenia usually ought to act in such ways due to their disease. Another disease known as the Kuru disease which is also known as the cannibalism of illness is also a mental illness. Kuru (trembling with fear) is a neurodegenerative and infectious disease caused by a prion (particle formed by an altered prion protein in the brain tissue). The word kuru means in aboriginal language “shaking with fever and cold,” one of the signs that manifest those affected by the disease. It was first described in the early twentieth century in New Guinea and began to be investigated scientifically in the 50s. Its development is slow, and the incubation period can last up to 30 years. Once symptoms manifest lethal, and patients die within a maximum period of one year. However, the normal development of the disease usually takes only three to six months, died the vast majority of patients during the third month. Initially, it thought to be a hereditary disease since it affected members of a native tribe of New Guinea. However, following investigations of D. Carleton Gajdusek, it was shown that he was actually caused by a prion (which is not strictly a, although transmissible infectious agent), transmitted by the ingestion of brain tissue of deceased persons with the intention of acquiring wisdom during funeral rites. Gajdusek found that what was actually transmitting an infectious agent called “slow virus”, and later Stanley B.

Personal Opinion

Human flesh consumption can be considered as an emotional sickness. This is a sort of maladjustment that can turn out to be the explanation for the end of the humankind from this world. It gives me chills for suspecting that how one can eat the substance of his kindred species, and in what manner would they be able to try and process a tissue that is indistinguishable to theirs? Cannibalism is considered as wrongdoing in all around the globe. Furthermore, this law is completely perfectly fine is a thing that ought to entirely vanish from each general public all around the globe. Before me, barbarianism is the greatest wrongdoing in this world, as there is no reason that one can execute his kindred individual and eat him only for filling your own particular stomach. Human flesh consumption is a noteworthy sickness, and the general populations that have this illness are the most perilous individuals around the globe and the other individuals ought to be shielded from them. These individuals who have this infection ought to be executed with the goal that they can’t murder others then.

As indicated by me, cannibalism shouldn’t be permitted by any means, yet in specific situations that are rare to the point that they come once in a blue moon. I.e. the people can and just can consider conferring this transgression in the event that they are starving to death and that there is no other path as opposed to eating human tissue. Be that as it may, this is not just the condition; there are conditions inside this condition one ought not to murder the other to eat human substance, on the off chance that somebody is dead around the individual who is starving to death, at exactly that point he can eat the tissue of a dead person. Indeed, even there is a condition in this condition too that the dead body shouldn’t be opened severely as the dead bodies are additionally expected to be dealt with. What’s more, even in the wake of submitting this demonstration under these conditions one ought to ask urgently for his pardoning before God. Cannibalism is seen as a crime and sometimes as mental distress. A person committing this act is seen as a social outcast. The society and the human rights activists should get to the root causes of cannibalism in every society and try to finish this doing. Humans are assets of the society and their flesh shouldn’t be edible like animals whether dead or alive.

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