Youth, Culture and the Internet

Youth is the younger generation those are being the part of our society and also they are known by the term adolescents. In our society youth is mostly preferable for the creative work in the society not just because they are the future of our nation but also because of the way they think about their culture and build up new ideas, beliefs, norms, and values. Every single person in this world experiences different social and environmental challenges but young people are considered as a most powerful force that directly applies to bring changes in socially and culturally because the experiences of such people are most creatively challenged. As the world is moving towards development so we cannot run it with the older generation cultural techniques (i.e. beliefs, values and norms). Being the part of the 21st century, we must have new techniques to adapt and to absorb them in our culture for our own betterment along with the betterment of our society and nation because the experiences that are challenging by the adolescents are completely different than those of previous or elder generations. Although they need guidance they have a separate mindset and move according to their own set of beliefs, values, and norms. Youth has an enormous capacity to change society and somehow it is considered that they act as an agent of changes as they are the best tool for bringing up changes. Youth culture is the way the adolescent lives, think and practice different things. Nowadays, the most important thing which helps them in getting more and more ideas is the use of internet technology. And we all know that internet is the best source of communication and interaction along with building up new relations in societies or between different societies.

Youth culture was not located throughout history because that was the time period when youth was not even recognized much in culture and all things must be done by the guidance of elder and older people. However, with the passage of time and advancement development, we all know that digital world is originated and the present world is the world of digital connections all of us being connected to one another through the internet( Facebook, Twitter or any other application related to the internet). Self-expressions are considered the most important factor to be enhanced in young people and they used the internet as a medium to express their selves. The internet has been adopted by young people and it has a substantial impact on the lives of young adolescents. It is rather a big debate that whether such technologies such as internet has an impact on the societal or social relationships, on the activities and also on the views of young adolescents. The internet is mostly used to express those ideas which are not explored in societies and build up the youngsters as a virtual person. The internet plays an important role in shaping up lives of adolescents and also contains a culture in itself. That culture could be depicted in our daily lives while doing our activities even when we just want to know a single new idea we just run towards the internet technology. All of us while living in such a culture in which every single young person has a mind full of ideas just rely on the internet to depict ourselves, our ideas and want to explore all new ideas using this technique. However, using the internet we avail the chances to get into others culture and subcultures and belong somehow to that culture which helps us to identify ourselves to that culture e.g. if they build wrong associations regarding to us we can clear that wrong association if it is wrong and such possibilities only be done through internet technologies. In this phase of life, it is a must thing to understand that a strong nation somehow needs a strong public (especially young public) to move towards the developmental phase and also to create a world full of new ideas to follow. Young people not just bound to only one style and also not identified through one way they must adapt or create their own ways to move in the society/culture in which they exist along with this they participated most often in political and national level affairs. While looking into the political phase where young people participate in political affairs they just get into it by adopting artistic forms (such as music, films, dramas, etc). They just play such dramas that depict their interest in politics or they create such a theme song for the political party in which they are involved or just have interests. It has been observed that at the time of pre-politics not much of our young people were the participants as compared to now when every single young person is involved in political affairs. If we talk about our country ‘‘united kingdom’’ our young people are most enthusiastic one not only those living in the united kingdom but also overseas countrymen are most often part of our activities through internet technologies. A thousand kilometers are not enough to separate the spirit and passion of our young generation where ever they lived in.  Even now in united kingdom young people are considered as a powerful tool which helps us to move towards the development and build up a developed country. Young people are the phase of our nation; they are the best known in the development either that development belongs to technology or any other cultural/social development. Our elder generation did not understand that how much it is important to let their young generation out of this complex environment in which they just have to follow whatever the elder one wants them to be done with. They should have to listen, understand and respect those young people opinions and provide them enough freedom to express themselves whether this expression should be expressed using any technology or it may express face to face so every nation could move towards the development and provide them or just help them to reach such a platform to develop their nation.  

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