10 Benefits of Truck Driving In Canada!

 Are you kind of a person who likes to travel and explore new places? Then you might consider a truck driving career in Canada. If you believe in your driving skills then you can apply for truck drivers’ jobs available in Canada.

 Everyone cannot apply for a truck driving only those who believe in their skills of driving are eligible to apply for the post. Once you clear the course at reputed and accredited schools then these well-established and renowned trucking companies like Challenger, Kriska, and Wayfreight hire you to drive trucks on long routes of Canada.

 Why you should choose a truck driving in Canada and what are the benefits of it?

 Let’s have a look at them:

 1. Independence:

 Yes, you are the boss and you are the in-charge and you are the employee! There is no one telling you to do things, you can take a break whenever you want to, you can listen to your favorite music and you can stop over to enjoy the beautiful sceneries that North America offers.

 2. Job Security:

 Unlike any other regular job where you are constantly under fear of losing a job or getting laid off by the company, truck driving career jobs provide security. With the shortage of qualified truck drivers and most of them are reaching at retirement age, the demand for a skilled and qualified driver remains high.

 This factor ensures job security for truck drivers.

 3. Stable Income:

Truck driving career can let you earn a decent and stable income. You can expect a realistic income of $35000 to $50000 yearly if you are new and less experienced truck drivers. However, experienced and professional truck drivers are earning $60000 to $70000 annually.

 These projections can go higher depending on the type of truck you are driving, routes covered and the load you haul. Different types of trucks are used for different types of loads and so the skills to drive and haul these loads are different. Based on this, truck drivers can expect a different level of income.

 For your understanding, let’s have a look at different types of trucks with loads:

 a) Flatbed Trucks:

 They haul everything from airplanes, scaffolding, and sod to military equipment.  One can calculate or expect the income of drivers who would drive such trucks.

 b) Tanker Trucks:

 These are used for carrying milk, highly flammable gases, and airplane fuel. Again to carry and drive such material one needs to be highly skilled and professional with the expectation of making good money.

 c) Reefer Trailers:

 These trailers are used to carry and move goods like refrigerators, etc. The effort that is put by drivers to drive such trailers decides the money they make.

 d) Bull Haulers:

 These types of trucks are heavy and are used for carrying livestock. A lot of skill is required to drive them so professional and qualified truck drivers are the favorite choice. The more effort the more chance of generating income.

 e) Auto Haulers:

As the name suggests, these trucks are used for moving vehicles from one place to another place. Most drivers are required by showrooms are vehicle companies to drive these haulers with care.

 f) Hoppers:

 These vehicles haul the grains, etc, from one to another place.

 4. Flexible Working Hours:

Trucking allows you to choose your working hours. You can stay on the roads as long as you want or you can schedule your working hours such that shortens the stay on roads. Although this is on the discretion of drivers but some trucking companies have fixed working hours and truck drivers working with them have to follow it.

 5. Meet New People:

Truckers meet and build a network of people. Driving solo can be boring at times but you can team up with other truckers to have a group journey with them. Isn’t it tempting that you can turn a job duty into an adventurous journey?

 You can make contacts throughout the industry. Trucking is a brilliant way of meeting new people. You get to know different people, different shippers, truckers and drivers which can help you in learning a lot about different routes through their experience.

 6. Career Growth:

 Some of you might be thinking about taking trucking as a career but is it what you would be doing all your life? Just driving heavy trucks on long routes, that’s it?

 The answer is no, there is more to trucking than just driving trucks on roads. Once you get into truckingcareer you can expect advancement. You start as a company driver and can be promoted to an owner-operator position or you can become a recruiter or can become a trainer.

 The opportunities are always available in the security and safety department; you can find a suitable job in that department.

Trucking is a vast and growing industry with a lot of career opportunities.

 7. Chance to Explore Nature:

 Sitting in a cubicle office and doing 9 to 5 job can let you miss on opportunities to explore and adore nature. One of the benefits of trucking is that it gives you a chance to see the magical sceneries of Canada. Whether you are driving locally or crossing borders, nature would always be there to amaze you.

 8. Trucking Companies Provide Family Benefits:

 Most of the trucking companies understand that truckers have a family and expect a few perks in return. Understanding this, companies provide family benefits to experienced and new drivers alike. Some companies ask truck drivers to complete a probationary period to have a claim on benefits.

 9. Hourly Wages:

 Mostly truck drivers go for hourly wages option. You can earn $23 to $30 per hours on average. Per hour rate changes with the level of experience of a trucker and what load he carries along with truck types (discussed earlier).

 10. Travel and Adventure:

 When you decide to become a truck driver in Canada, expect this job to be adventurous because you will be travelling to unknown places and far cities and exploring new cities and places have always been fun.

Trucking would never let you get bored from driving on long routes. Beautiful sceneries, breath-taking views and wilderness will definitely make you love your job.

 I hope that you would find this piece of information helpful and interesting. So, if you think you have the potential to drive a heavy truck that too on the beautiful roads of Canada then start considering this career seriously.

How much do truck drivers earn in Canada?
Ans: The average salary for a truck driver is $25 per hour.

Question: Are truck drivers needed in Canada?
Ans: Yes, there are expected to total of 119,900 job openings for truck drivers.

Question: Can I immigrate to Canada as a truck driver?
Ans: Yes, You Can! Transport truck drivers are on the Canadian NOC List under the code of 7511 and are eligible to move to Canada

Question: Can a foreigner work as a truck driver in Canada?
Ans: Yes, with a temporary foreign worker program. 

Question: Is trucking profitable in Canada?
Ans: Yes, the truck industry generated a revenue of $67.8 billion and a profit of $7.9 billion.

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