Best Amazon Children’s Books 2023

I Am Smart; I Am Blessed, I Can Do Anything!

I Am Smart; I Am Blessed, I Can Do Anything! is a book designed for children. The book is based on Arvind Mahankali, who won the 2013 Scripps National Spelling Bee Championship. The book tells the story of Arvind’s life, from growing up in New York to winning the championship at age twelve.

“I Am Smart, I Am Blessed, I Can Do Anything!” is a children’s picture book with a story written by Arvind Mahankali and illustrated by Matt Faulkner. The book was published in early 2013 by Penguin Young Readers Group.

The book starts with Arvind asking his mom if he can compete in the Scripps National Spelling Bee. Arvind’s mom says that he can try, but they are going to Disney World for Spring break either way. Arvind decides to take the risk and compete in the spelling bee with his parent’s full support.

Are You a Cheeseburger? By Monica Arnoldo:

Everyone Is Hungry for Cheeseburgers Can this seed grow cheeseburgers? When a raccoon comes across a glowing seed in the forest, he brings it home to plant. He waits and waits some more. But nothing happens! How can he get his delicious cheeseburger now?

Cheeseburgers are the main topic of this book. A seed manages to grow into a plant that bears nothing but cheeseburgers. The little raccoon uses its imagination to use all kinds of utensils and eat cheeseburger after cheeseburger. This eating seems too impossible to be possible.

Time for School, Little Blue Truck:

If you are driving your children to school, this book would be useful to read during the car ride. The bright colors and different vehicles will capture your child’s attention. You can use this opportunity to talk with her about what she sees or about the book itself.

Your child will be encouraged to think about what buses do and will familiarize her with the process of getting ready for school. This book will help teach your child one part of their day that they might not necessarily understand yet.

Fiona, It’s Bedtime illustrated by Richard Cowdrey:

One day, a hippo was born. Her name was Fiona! She had two brothers and one sister. When she got out of the eggshell, the first thing she did was ask her mama for a hug. Fiona liked her new home right away, but she never forgot Africa. She knew someday she would go back to the land where she was born.

Is there anything your child likes about bedtime? Or is it pure torture getting them to sleep every night? The Cincinnati Zoo and the Botanical Garden’s baby hippo is so excited for bedtime that she gets into her pajamas and has all of her animals say goodnight to them before crawling into bed with her mama. This adorable story lets your child know that they should cherish the moments at the end of the day because it leads up to a good night’s sleep.

The Bruce Swap Hardcover:

The Bruce Swap is good for children because it teaches them that they can be fun if they want to. This book is recommended for children ages 4-6 years old. Parents should teach their children that this story shows the benefits of having fun, but it doesn’t always have to be when Bruce is in the room. 

The story shows that they can have fun without him, but they should also bring him into the fun because that’s what his family wants. Parents can teach their children about being considerate of others by having fun with them, even if it means waiting for another time to have fun on your own.

How to Catch a Clover Thief:

This book can help children learn about problem-solving and ingenuity because, in the story, the young girl uses ingenuity and creativity to solve the problem of someone stealing her flowers by making a contraption that catches them.

How to Catch a Clover Thief can help children learn about problem-solving and ingenuity. In the story, the young girl uses ingenuity and creativity to solve the problem of someone stealing her flowers by making a contraption that catches them.

A Pizza with Everything on It by Kyle Scheele:

This book would be a lovely addition to Storytime, especially for children interested in cooking or who have a strong interest in pizza. The illustration and text work well together to create a fun and silly story about family, tradition, service, and love: all important lessons to be passed on from one generation to the next.

The story is about family values, traditions, and service—and about eating delicious things! Yes, it’s a funny story that involves magical ingredients turning everything into pizza crust, including birds, feet, and noses). Still, it also discusses very real feelings like creating something with someone you love and sharing your creation with other people.  

The Accidental Apprentice by Amanda Foody:

The Accidental Apprentice was written by E.D. Baker, who also wrote the series The Frog Princess. It’s described to be “wholesome” and “delightful.”

The story is about an orphan who lives in a kingdom where humans aren’t allowed to live. He accidentally bonds with a magical Beast when he tries to steal bread. Now, he must set off on an adventure in the mysterious Woods to continue living in his secret home in the village.

It’s very heartwarming and has its funny moments too. The ‘Beast’ comes across as adorable more than scary at times, and it’s very clever how the magic works. It is a wonderful story for of all age’s children to enjoy. Most elementary schools will have this book in their library.

Milo Imagines the World by Matt de la Peña:

The subject matter is about imagining who you are, who the other person is, and what the world looks like from their perspective. This book also encourages kids to imagine themselves in different situations not specifically stated in the text. 

The message of empathy is good for children because it teaches them to think outside of themselves, think about how others might feel, and treat others as they would want to be treated.

It means that it’s a high-level book that is appropriate for the average 4th grader. The target age range means that it would be difficult to read independently by just starting at 3-years-old. 

Lion of Mars by Jennifer L. Holm:

The story teaches bravery, love, family bonds, friendship, and other qualities that every child should learn. The Martian setting adds an element of adventure that makes this book a worthwhile read. The story takes place in the future when outer space travel has become routine enough for an eight-year-old boy to be sent up in a pressurized bubble to find his missing father.

The book follows Ish as he searches through all sorts of Martian scenery (and some non-Martian) for his lost father, spending very little time on the surface of Mars where he lives. Ish’s father is one of the only adults who believe that children should be allowed on the surface of Mars, and he has given his son a gold medallion that will protect him from any dangers while he’s up there. But when Ish loses the medallion, he’s forced to rely on his strength and ability.

The Tale of the Mandarin Ducks: A Modern Fable by Bette Midler:

The Tale of the Mandarin Ducks: A Modern Fable is an inspiring and uplifting story about a Mandarin duck who finds herself lost and alone in Central Park. This fable reminds us that although we may face challenges and feel alone, we are always part of something bigger than ourselves.

An inspiring and uplifting story about a Mandarin duck who finds herself lost and alone in Central Park. This fable reminds us that although we may face challenges and feel alone, we are always part of something bigger than ourselves.

Ophie’s Ghosts by Justina Ireland:

The book Ophie’s Ghosts review is a middle-grade novel written by Jacqueline West, who also wrote the New York Times bestselling novel Dread Nation. 

Ophie’s Ghosts takes place over one year as Ophie and her family learn to live together. One day after school, Ophie goes to the graveyard with her mother. There she meets someone named Callan, who claims that Ophie is a medium! A medium can see ghosts and communicate with them.

Ophie reaches out to her grandmother, who makes everything better. Ophie’s grandma says that her other grandma is the worst kind of witch. Sophie learns that her two grandmas are not the only witches in the family.

Once Upon a Dragons Fire by Beatrice Blue:

The story is about a little girl named Phoebe who feels neglected and abandoned. She is tired and disappointed about her current simple and monotonous life until, one night, she finds a dragon in her room! She falls in love with the place, especially after she befriends an adventurous girl named Jezzie who hails from there. Together, they embark on a quest for treasure that leads them to their true destinies and the meaning of family.

The book once upon a Dragons Fire contains great messages about believing in yourself and about how it’s never too late to make a change in your life. It is also great reading for kids who enjoy fantasy and adventure, along with unexpected twists and turns throughout the story.

Ambitious Girl:

Ambitious Girl is a picture book written by Meena Harris, the New York Times bestselling author of Kamala and Maya’s Big Idea. Jewel House Books will publish it in April 2018. The story revolves around a young girl with big dreams, but she faces pushback in unhelpful comments and criticism. Throughout her journey, she faces doubts about herself, but with encouragement from different characters.

It’s a story about believing in yourself and following your dreams. Harris states, “We need stories like this now more than ever. A lot is going on in the world today that discourages young people from daring to dream big.” The story was inspired by an article Harris read about a boy who entered a flying contest but won.

I’m a Hare, So There!

About the book: A hare and a squirrel have been told repeatedly that they are different from each other. They decide to challenge each other to see who can change so much that the other will finally admit what animal they are. In the process, both learn a lesson about accepting who you are and who others are. 

Every kid loves to laugh, which is why this book will be so popular with them! I can see it being read to a group of kids or even one-on-one if the reader slows down for younger children so they won’t miss anything. The wordplay in this story is clever and good for a range of ages, which makes it a nice book to have out on the shelves.

The Worm Family Has Its Picture Taken Hardcover:

The Worm Family Has Its Picture Taken is a story where each worm child is so gung-ho about having their photograph taken, for once in their life, they all agree on something! When Mrs. Leech takes out her camera and tripod that she stands upon to take a photo, the worms all rush about in an attempt to look their best. But when Mrs. Leech is finally ready to snap a picture, her subject’s look NOTHING like what they were expecting.

The Froggies Do NOT Want to Sleep:

The Froggies Do NOT Want to Sleep is a children’s book written by Greg Pizzoli and illustrated by the author. It features anthropomorphic frog characters who do not want to sleep because they are afraid of monsters. Throughout the story, one after another keeps making up an excuse until finally, all the froggies make up a reason to stay awake. They all go out into the world and see that there are no monsters, then they sneak back inside and go to bed.

Vehicle Adventure

Adventure is the nature of humans. Vehicle adventure is a fantastic book written by Steve Smallman based on an exciting adventure. This book is included in the series “I spy with my little eye.” Vehicle adventure is a story and informative book for children. The theme of this book revolves around a delivery boy. There is a delivery boy who has to deliver a significant parcel urgently. Unfortunately, there occurs a problem in the delivery truck. Now, the delivery boy has to manage on his own. The delivery boy takes a lift with riders having different vehicles. In this way, he managed to deliver the parcel on time.  

From this, children will be able to recognize different vehicles. Vehicle lovers love to talk about this adventurous story. Especially boys will love to read or listen to this adventure. Illustrations have made this book much more exciting and capture children’s attention. With the help of illustration, children will learn new vehicles. In this book, specific information about the vehicles is also given. Such as the shape, size, and purpose of the vehicles.

One more interesting fact about this book is that children will learn many lessons. They will know the sincerity of the boy with his job. Also, how people can achieve their goals despite the circumstances. It is a much-recommended book for every child who loves adventures and vehicles. Parents must include this book in their child learning section to teach them suitable lessons.   

5,000 Awesome Facts

Children are way more curious than adults. Sometimes, they ask or do such things that amaze older people. Children are unpredictable. It is tough to guess their next step. By keeping in mind such things, there is a book named “5000 awesome facts.” This book is written for such types of children. It has fascinating and fun-loving facts about almost everything. Kids love to know about their favorite things. This book will help them to find answers to their questions. The exciting thing is that this book has a unique form of writing. The facts are written in the way that things are telling by themselves. For example, the horrifying shark will tell you everything about itself, etc. Also, they enjoy several tips about their favorite games and toys.    

The illustration used in this book is mesmerizing. Engaging visual content is another specialty of this book. 3D level photography and mesmeric images will uniquely inspire the kids. Kids will find chocolate stuff with sweet facts and super adventurous stars with amazing facts. Children will be able to learn what robots are for and how funny the reptiles are. With the help of this book, they will uncover the mysteries of history.

This book is the perfect gift for your children. It is a treasure having precious information in a way that engages children. Give this book as a reward to your children, and they will surely be thankful to you.  

What Should Danny Do?

Choosing a good book is not an easy decision. When it comes to children, this decision becomes even more difficult. Not every book is worthy of reading. Sa simple story with attractive illustrations does not fulfill the purpose of reading. A kid’s book should have some lessons in them that will help them in the future. “What should Danny do?” is a book that every child should read. This book is an adventurous book that illustrates the adventures of a boy. It is Amazon’s bestseller book as well. The boy spends his summer vacations doing and learning many living things. But these are the things that other books also have then. What is the specialty of this book? Why is it Amazon’s number 1 selling book?

The theme of this book is based on the “Power to Choose.” Choosing the right one is a decision that not everybody can make. This power comes from experience. Children who know this from their childhood learn this ability earlier. Such books should parents buy without a second thought. This book will help to shape decision-making ability. Total nine stories are narrated in this book. All the stories are full of adventure and worthy information. Kids will learn the benefits of empathy, sharing, and being kind to others. It will help them to learn their responsibilities and how to deal with them. It is a good bedtime story your child will love to listen to.      

The Highlights Book of Things to Do

Children are the most active thing in the world. One will hardly see a child that is not involved in strange activity. They will do what they want to do because of their curious nature. They want to try new things to see the consequences. But not everything is meant for children. They do not know the difference between good or bad properly. In this busy world, parents hardly find time to teach children about good and bad.

“The Highlights Book of Things to Do” is a book that takes away parents’ worries. Nothing is better than a good friend. This book is that good friend that every parent wants for their child. It will help them to do activities in a significant way. The activities that are mention in it are the common ones. The activities that almost every child wants to do.

Interestingly, the activities are related to almost every interest of the child. Such as things to do in the kitchen, outside, inside. It will tell them what to do with colors, papers, and even with your brain. It also includes some exciting and light science experiments for knowledge. This book will not just enhance creativity but their abilities as well.      

This book is approved by the National Parenting Seal and has won two awards. “National Parenting Product Award (NAPPA),” “Mom’s Choice Award, Gold.” So, if you want to want to teach your child, then teach them with this book. 

The Pout-Pout Fish in the Big-Big Dark

Fish are the creatures that everyone loves. Children stop when they see fish swimming in the aquarium. They will not see here or there except the fish. “The Pout-Pout Fish in the Big-Big Dark” is an exciting storybook. This book is a storybook related to a fish. Mr. Fish is very kindhearted and helping fish. He loves to help other fish and be there in time of need. Ms’ Clam is a friend of Mr. Fish, who lost her pearl. Just like always, Mr. Fish be there to help his friend. He decided to help his friend and to find her pearl. 

He is a fast, intelligent, and powerful fish, like sailfish, dolphins, and sharks. Children find this thing interesting, i.e., having so many qualities. Things become more interesting when kids know that Mr. Fish is afraid of the dark. To find the pearl, he has to go deep into the sea, where darkness rules. Children are also afraid of the dark, and this makes them a friend of Mr. fish. Now, what will Mr. Fish do? By joining him in the journey, the kid will learn more about the sea. They will also learn about a true friend how the light of friendship removes the darkness. This story will tell them how to overcome the fear.

Along with that, kids will know about dealing with new things. This book is an adventurous book with several lessons and information—a must-recommended book for every parent. 

Awesome Science Experiments for Kids: 100+ Fun STEM / STEAM Projects and Why They Work (Awesome STEAM Activities for Kids­)

This booklet is suitable for little scientists aged between 5 and 10 years. It includes engaging scientific activities with straightforward guidance. The children will love exploring the science world by utilizing everyday home objects while learning how and why these spectacular experiments occur.

As children become older, the world around them is becoming more mysterious, as they often wonder, “How is that working?” Awesome Science Experiments for children educate young brains on how to hypothesize, investigate, and afterward record their results through enjoyable, practical experiments.

The children will be encouraged to communicate with the world around them and create their discovery through great activities like a Fizzy Rocket, a Pencil Sundial, and a Magnet-Powering Car. These activities educate young children on how great it is to understand how rapidly sand turns a lemon into a battery.

It might be tough to get children enthusiastic about science. Science Experiments for Children give hands-on experiments for young scientists aged 5-10 to educate them on implementing the scientific technique. 

Scientific Experiments for children teach young researchers how great it is to discover how fast sand operates to transform a lemon into batteries.

That’s the widest of all the volumes, is colored, and includes virtually all experiments photographed. It contains experiments suitable for a wide range of ages; others may be done in adults and will be fascinating to young children. 5-6 years and older. Engineering, Technology, Art, Science, and mathematics are covered.

Positive Behavior Activities for Kids: 50 Fun and Engaging Exercises to Help Kids Make Good Choices at Home, at School, and Beyond

It’s because youngsters have no skills to comprehend and react positively when fighting with behavior. The interactive book helps kids construct a better emotional language, improve themselves and develop empathy with others. It is a productive approach to children’s behavioral books. They will develop their abilities in collaboration via drawings and writing instructions, physical activities, handicrafts projects, and other creative exercises. Help youngsters improve their conduct and flourish in children’s behavior books with this entertaining entry.

Fun activities that promote positive conduct in children between 4 and 8 years old. It’s because youngsters lack the tools to comprehend and react positively when fighting with behavior. The active book helps children construct a better emotional language, educate themselves and develop compassion with others. It is a constructive approach to kid’s behavioral books. Their collaboration abilities will be developed through drawing and writing instructions, physical activities, crafts, and other creative exercises.

These children’s behavior books contain: A variety of activities- These entertaining exercises teach the youngsters the ability they need to cope with great feelings, ranging from developing strengths and relaxing pinwheels to working as a goose and breathing like a dragon. Individual learning – Every one of these tasks uses simple supplies and gives step-by-step directions so that young learners may do so with little assistance for adults. This book has charming and colorful graphics, different from many other behavior manuals for children, which illustrate activities and interest youngsters. Help kids develop and flourish with this enjoyable entrance into conduct books.

Brain Games for Clever Kids: Puzzles to Exercise Your Mind

If you want a break from the screens for your little one, hand this colorful puzzle book to your child because it is an excellent activity for the most intelligent children. 

This compilation is ideal for holidays with over Ninety puzzles involving memory, vocabulary and numbers, passwords, and spot the difference activities. It is a brilliant book, full of memorization, words, and numerical training for the most intelligent kids!

It is an excellent book packed with 101 problems and logic, word games, memory, math, and fighting ships. This book is a nice one. The problems are becoming more and more difficult. At the back of the book, there are blank pages for replies. It is an excellent book with which to unwind. It contains a range of puzzles that are ideal for evaluating what riddles they like the best. 

“A great book for kids to love as the tasks grow more difficult as they advance via the book.”

This book contains themes and subjects for mathematics, photography, language, and other brilliant problems. That was wonderful, indeed. The arrangement of the material inside is simple, pleasant, and obvious.

The book has a simple, uncomplicated structure: a single page problem and pretty different puzzles, most of them – mathematical, logical, photos, keywords, and more. A youngster can answer most riddles separately (aged eight or above). Easy to carry to take for every time like a boredom buster. High-quality paper with a brightly colored cover.

Fantastic Games for Smart Kids: Fun puzzles, word games, and brain teasers. Activity book for ages 9-12

Today, children are far away from books and more interested in video games and movies. If your child loves Indore games and puzzles, then this book is all that your kid needs. Fantastic Games for Smart Kids puzzles book contains unique artwork and activities meant to cover four topics: space, magic, travel, and animals. Children will be enjoying an exciting exercise, and it’s also a fantastic present for Christmas!

The puzzles inside this thick book aren’t complicated; even kids can complete it without the elder’s support. This kind of colorful booklet will enhance the children’s interest in books.

Including crosswords, word searches, Sudoku, lazes, logical puzzles, jokes, and much more, this activities book offers more than 50 exercises. It gives youngsters amusing hours and brainstorming, which is perfect for brain development. Perfect for a pause from the screens and violent video games on a long or wet day.

Many puzzles about how your brain works, from battleships and mind-bending spots to mazes and numerous pyramids. It was developed by Gareth Moore, creator of Brain Games for Clever Kids, the best-selling puzzle book, the chart-top hit. Fantastic Games for Smart Kids book is a perfect break from boring school books and inspiring activities that aids in brain development.

It would be fantastic for long drives, holidays, cloudy weather; every time the youngster shouts “nothing to do,” it’s going to keep them going for a long!

Fantastic Puzzles – Over 200 Amazing Activities Including Number & Word Puzzles, Mazes, Dot-to-Dots, Matching, and More! Ages 4-8

This mind-bending book is filled with a combination of over 200 brain-improving numbers & mathematics puzzles, match games, dot-linking, and labels are intended to keep the minds of kids busy, bright, and delighted! This collection of exciting tasks! In short perfect for the leisure time of young ones.

This children’s puzzle book is suitable for vacations, summer holidays, rainy days, and much more. Empower young people to keep their minds healthy or enable them to enhance their memory and concentration by accomplishing a new daily task. Once an exercise is completed, view the answer key at the back of the exercise.

 This book is a beautiful addition to your collection of exercise books for young people from 4 to 8 years of age, with amusing crossword puzzles, underwater lazes, crazy interconnections, and much more. 

It includes impressive more than 200 activities so that your kids have Entertainment and productive hours to enjoy! 

There are several different activities: matching matches, numbers of puzzles, dot connections, word jigsaws, labyrinths, and more!

Along with that, this activity book is completely colorful with a variety of different pictures and themes. The pictures are beautiful, and the exercises are challenging but energetic enough to ensure their accomplishment.

This jam-packed booklet will surely keep your child productively busy. Holiday, summertime, school off days, rainy weather, cold days, leisurely weekends, sleeping, and more! The Awesome Mazes and Puzzles may be utilized everywhere. Make a fantastic present for birthdays, holidays or holidays.  

The Try Not to Laugh Challenge – Would Your Rather?

According to the author Crazy Corey, life is very short to let it be spent in boredom. The question solving and games are boring, according to the author. He prefers a unique technique to live your life by reading his new edition of The Try Not to Laugh Challenge’s Would Your Rather? – EWW Edition. It is the best addition for fun, spending time with family on long road trips at parties, and more!

This edition has 150+ funny, smelly questions hilarious, creepy-crawly, ooey-gooey that the author guarantee to make you stop, think, and giggle! Whether it’s a discussion starter, icebreaker, or celebration game. This book gives assured hours of screen-free FUN!!

The review must contain the way of playing this because people prefer reviews. The people have to take turns reading the Would You Rather Questions audibly, then vote your pick and, in the silliest way, thinkable. Explain ‘why’ you picked that one! If your answer and justification get a laugh, then mark down that laugh point! At the end of the game, the person with the most laugh points is crowned the LAUGH MASTER! 

This Edition of Family & Friend Side Effects has different advantages: 

  • Unplanned giggles & endless laughs!
  • Challenging and puzzling questions to consider on.
  • Pleased parents, due to the fresh & family-friendly comedy.
  • Excessive for all ages (6 to 12-year-old kids and even teens!).
  • Memorable time is guaranteed.

Enjoy and have fun!!

Ultimate Puzzle Challenge

The creator of these challenges is highlighted that are well known for puzzles. Highlights are a family brand for most children, and they never disappoint their readers with this puzzle book. The best of the highlights is the variety of the puzzle types and the mixture of struggle. This book is very colorful, and by brand, they satisfy children; even teens and adults will find pleasure in many of the puzzles. Mind turning and radical puzzling challenges for the most expert riddle solvers come together in Ultimate Puzzle Challenge! This book has 125+ specially created puzzles–including Hidden Pictures® scenes, jumbles, Sudoku, word hunts, zigzags, logic puzzles, Check and Double Check, and much more.

 The mystifying specialists at Highlights have assembled a brand-new, 256-page collection of our most challenging–and most rewarding–puzzles yet and crafted for puzzle-loving children who are likely to set up their puzzle game. This book is packed with a wide variety of complex, super-challenging pictorial puzzles and crafty word puzzles. Youthful children find it pleasing with the best colors, figures, posts, and hidden pictures, while elder kids and adults work on the more challenging tasks.

Overall it is a highly recommend book demonstrated by reviews. It is filled with a sense of playful comedy that makes kids want to keep on pondering. With a full-color center of pleasing drawings and brilliant photos, this puzzle compilation is definite to prefer the most selective puzzle-loving kids.

Awesome Science Experiments for Kids

The author of this book Crystal Chatterton is an organic chemist. She has a master’s degree in organic chemistry. She started writing the blog “The science kiddo” and used her organic chemistry experience in her writings. Through these writings, she showed her love for science, and she preferred being a stay-at-home mom.   

These books help grip students of 5 – 10 years to get hands-on projects and excited about learning science. Kids have a natural element of curiosity to learn more about the world around them, often asking, “How do the things around us work?” 

The author has well described the curiosity for science in Awesome Science Experiments for Kids book. It is very beneficial for y minds, the importance of the scientific method using fun. The grip on experiments is designed to show kids how to hypothesize, experiment, and then collect data to record their findings.

Young minds learn about some awesome projects like a Magnetic Car, Fizzy Rocket, and Pencil Sundial. The kids will learn how to build, plan, and think analytically. They get motivated to interrelate with the world around them and make their innovations.

This book for Kids includes:

  • So many interactive activities, 100+ STEAM experiments of science, technology, engineering, art, and math. Kids learn the working of every project.
  • Step-by-step instructions are easy to follow. The experiments are very much simplified for kids. It enables clarity and simplicity in learning STEM experiments.
  • The choice of colors or the themes for the book includes real-life photos that enhance the experiments and many of the typical household materials that can be used and reach the best results.
  • The 100 Best Brain Teasers for Kids

The best thing about considering this book is the author of the book Danielle Hall. She has been interested in playing with puzzles from an early age and enjoyed old computer games like The 7th Guest and Myst. Along with that, she has teaching experience from different countries that makes her work further unique. As a side thing, she makes digital emission games for middle and high school students.

In this book, you will be engaged in bringing out your thinking skills and putting them to work. This book includes different tests with fun and complex brain mysteries for kids of 8 to 12 Years. 

All you have to do is make up your mind, work brain muscles, and think something out of the box. In this book, the person has to follow Ace, the alien wizard, and their trusty cat Panther to get the hint and solve the challenge puzzles and riddles. It helps you test your information and assessment of wordplay, reason, and math. As there are rescuing games, this is a little the same, and you have to rescue the Beloved Crystal from the mischievous Flarks puritans and bring peace to Witloo? You have to complete the quest now!!

Instructions to play:

It has five levels in which the person has to explore 100 mind riddles. They get more challenging as you pass each level. One has to stay mindful and improve their creative thinking skills!

The clues play an essential role in riddles. The person has to interpret the Clues section to understand the hints from Panther. If the player gets stuck, they can only check the Answer Key at the back after solving the puzzle.

The Big Book of Silly Jokes for Kids

The readers will consider the books of an author who has won awards on over fifty children’s books. Yes, the writer of this book is Carole P. Roman. Her books enchant children, educators as well as parents. She initiated a blog radio program, and that also became a magazine Indie Author’s Monthly.

Constructing and reading jokes tickle your funny bone and make you happy. It helps people in improving their reading and understanding skills. The author has given a fantastic book to read: a chock-full of knock-knock jokes, puzzles, tongue twisters, riddles, and gags. They are so friendly and likable jokes that one can share with friends and family for unending entertainment.

This book provides you best time as it includes:

  • Enjoyable facts that you might not hear before and many illustrations. One finds out the fun facts of many cool new things. It has funny drawings, some inside-related jokes that add to the laughter.
  • It’s not just about laughing and enjoying, but also it builds skills. It boosts the reader’s understanding and stays occupied with a joke book people won’t want to put down.
  • And yes, the writing skills can be polished, and kids learn about setups, punch lines, and writing jokes with practical pointers and writing prompts.

The author wants you to keep laughing, stay happy, learning and creative writing and reading for hours to polish your skills.

Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus!

age 2+

Silliness that appeals to preschoolers.

By: Mo Willems(2004Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site

age 2+

Charming bedtime book is magic for truck lovers.

By: Sherri Duskey Rinker(2011)


Goodnight Moon

age 2+

Ultimate going-to-bed book has stood the test of time.

By: Margaret Wise Brown(1947)


The Snowy Day

age 2+

Classic captures a kid’s delight in freshly fallen snow.

By: Ezra Jack Keats(1962)

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

age 2+

Funny, colorful look at caterpillar’s development.

By: Eric Carle(1970)

Where the Wild Things Are

age 2+

Classic all-ages masterpiece has a wild imagination.

By: Maurice Sendak(1969)

Fry Bread

age 3+

Lyrical tale shows role of special food in family, culture.

By: Kevin Noble Maillard(2019)

Harold and the Purple Crayon

age 3+

Imagination reigns in timeless classic about drawing boy.

By: Crockett Johnson(1955)

The Tale of Peter Rabbit

age 3+

Beatrix Potter’s first and one of her best.

By: Beatrix Potter(1902)

The Cat in the Hat

age 4+

The kids’ classic that put Dr. Seuss on the map.

By: Dr. Seuss(1957)

Last Stop on Market Street

age 3+

Tender story of Nana showing grandson city beauty via bus.

By: Matt de la Peña(2015)


age 4+

Rhyming classic is a sure winner with kids.

By: Ludwig Bemelmans(1977)

The Complete Tales & Poems of Winnie-the-Pooh

age 5+

Beloved, classic stories and poems in one volume.

By: A. A. Milne(1996)

Mercy Watson to the Rescue: Mercy Watson, Book 1

age 5+

Funny, silly pig story great for early readers.

By: Kate DiCamillo(2005)

Sofia Valdez, Future Prez

age 5+

Girl takes on city hall in fun, diverse tale of persistence.

By: Andrea Beaty(2019)

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

age 6+

Classic morality tale is wildly entertaining.

By: Roald Dahl(1964)

Ivy + Bean, Book 1

age 6+

Friendship tale a sure hit with kids starting chapter books.

By: Annie Barrows(2007)

Stuart Little

age 6+

Excellent bridge from chapter books to novels.

By: E.B. White(1945)


Where the Sidewalk Ends

age 6+

Irresistible collection of clever, hilarious poems.


Charlotte’s Web

age 7+

Gentle, much-loved barnyard classic delights all ages.


Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone: Harry Potter, Book 1

age 8+

Magical start of the fantastic boy-wizard series.


The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe: The Chronicles of Narnia, Book 1

age 8+

Classic Narnia tale has exciting battles, Christian themes.


New Kid, Book 1

age 8+

Funny, heartfelt middle school tale explores race, class.


The Tale of Despereaux: Being the Story of a Mouse, a Princess, Some Soup, and a Spool of Thread

age 8+

Brave mouse adventure a modern classic; great read-aloud.


Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

age 9+

A classic that both adults and kids love.


Anne of Green Gables

age 9+

Beloved classic features lovable, imaginative heroine.


The Bad Beginning: A Series of Unfortunate Events, Book 1

age 9+

A cliff-hanging orphan adventure wrapped in black humor.


age 9+

Honest, moving story of friendship and loss.


Bud, Not Buddy

age 9+

Well-crafted tale of orphan boy’s search for home.


The Crossover

age 9+

Soaring, poignant, novel in verse hits all the right spots.


Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Book 1

age 9+

Laugh-out-loud-funny series start tucks lessons in stories.


Front Desk, Book 1

age 9+

Immigrant kid tackles racism, bullying in powerful tale.


The Hobbit

age 9+

Brilliantly written, inventive pre-LOTR tale.


The Lightning Thief: Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Book 1

age 9+

Greek myths meet fast-paced adventure in boy-demigod tale.


Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing

age 9+

Toddler antics bug brother, amuse readers in 1st Fudge book.


When the Sea Turned to Silver

age 8+

Rich folklore-fantasy blend makes a great read-aloud.


A Wrinkle in Time

age 9+

Classic sci-fi story still inspires and gets kids thinking.


Brown Girl Dreaming

age 10+

Captivating poems depict coming-of-age in tumultuous 1960s.


Esperanza Rising

age 10+

Historical fiction at its best in story of ’30s farmworkers.


I Am Malala: How One Girl Stood Up for Education and Changed the World

age 10+

Inspiring memoir of teen Nobel laureate shot by Taliban.


Inside Out and Back Again

age 10+

Inspiring, educational immigrant story told in free verse.


Revolution Is Not a Dinner Party

age 10+

Gripping story, great intro to China’s Cultural Revolution.



age 10+

Moving tale of facially different boy with inner beauty.


Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl

age 11+

Inspiring wartime journal reveals teen’s inner life.


The Fellowship of the Ring

age 12+

Spectacular fantasy classic is where Frodo’s journey begins.


The Hunger Games, Book 1

age 12+

Exciting, provocative tale of lethal reality show.


Legend, Book 1

age 12+

Stylish dystopian thriller in a not-so-future Los Angeles.


March: Book One

age 12+

Powerful graphic novel captures spirit of desegregation.


Stamped: Racism, Antiracism, and You

age 12+

Conversational history traces U.S. ideas about race.

The Outsiders

age 12+

Story of ostracized kid a timeless fave of teens, preteens.

By: S. E. Hinton(1967)


Reading a good book never fails a person; neither is it in the present nor the future. Having a habit of reading from childhood is very beneficial. The above mention books are included in the top books for children. Every parent should buy these books if they want to see their child a good human being. Buying these books is a decision that parents are proud of.

Aren’t You Lucky?

By Catherine Anholt

Best for: Under-fives

I Will Not Ever Eat a Tomato

By Lauren Child

Best for: Under-fives

The Parent Agency

By David Baddiel

Best for: Ages 7–10


By Zizou Corder

Best for: Ages 10–13

By Viviane Schwarz

Best for: ages 1–4

So Much!

By Trish Cooke, illustrated by Helen Oxenbury

Best for: Ages 0–3

The Weirdstone of Brisingamen

By Alan Garner

Best for: Ages 11+

The Iron Man

By Ted Hughes

Best for: Ages 6–8

The Hunger Games

By Suzanne Collins

Best for: Ages 13+

Finding Audrey

By Sophie Kinsella

Best for: Ages 13+

In a nutshell: Smart teen romance

 Here Comes Charlie Moon

By Shirley Hughes

Best for: Ages 6–8

Guess How Much I Love You

By Sam McBratney, illustrated by Anita Jeram

Best for: Ages 0–3

The Jungle Book

By Rudyard Kipling

Best for: Ages 9–12

The Enormous Crocodile

By Roald Dahl, illustrated by Quentin Blake

Best for: Ages 4–7

The Twits

By Roald Dahl

Best for: Ages 6–8

Just William

By Richmal Crompton

Best for: ages 7–10

Asterix in Britain

By René Goscinny

Best for: Ages 7–10

In a nutshell: Comical, classical rebellion

Fungus the Bogeyman

By Raymond Briggs

Best for: Ages 7–10

The Princess and the Pea

By Lauren Child

Best for: Ages 4–8

Mr Magnolia

By Quentin Blake

Best for: Ages 2–5

In a nutshell: Poetic silliness


Lost and Found

By Oliver Jeffers

enguin back to the South Pole that he realises he doesn’t want to leave the creature behind.

Best for: Ages 2–5

The Incredible Adventures of Professor Branestawm

By Norman Hunter

Adapted for TV by Charlie Higson, this was the first in a series about an absent-minded boffin and his bumbling friend Colonel Dedshott. Still funny and fresh, despite references to housekeepers and library cards from the period in which it was written.

Best for: Ages 7–10

Tiny: The Invisible World of Microbes

By Nicola Davies, illustrated by Emily Sutton

Best for: Ages 4–10

The Graveyard Book

By Neil Gaiman

Best for: Ages 10–13

A Great Big Cuddle: Poems for the Very Young

By Michael Rosen, illustrated by Chris Riddell

Best for: Ages 2–5

A Bear Called Paddington

By Michael Bond

Best for: Ages 6–10

Just in Case

By Meg Rosoff

Best for: Ages 13+

Owl Babies

By Martin Waddell, illustrated by Patrick Benson

Best for: Ages 0–3

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time

By Mark Haddon

This insightful murder mystery sees our narrator, Christopher, turn detective to find out how a neighbour’s dog died. As the story unfolds we realise Christopher has characteristics of Asperger’s Syndrome. A deservedly acclaimed read.

Best for: Ages 12+

A Wrinkle in Time

By Madeleine L’Engle

Best for: Ages 7–10

In a nutshell: Bravery in dystopia

Cherub: The Recruit

By Robert Muchamore

Best for: Ages 10–13

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

By Lewis Carroll illustrated by John Tenniel

Best for: Ages 8+

Camille and the Sunflowers

By Laurence Anholt

Best for: Ages 5–7

Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Book

By Lauren Child

Best for: Ages 6–8

The Wind in the Willows

By Kenneth Grahame.

Best for: Ages 7–10

The Princess and the Wizard

By Julia Donaldson, illustrated by Lydia Monks

Best for: Ages 4–7

The Tiger Who Came to Tea

By Judith Kerr

Best for: Ages 2–5

Werewolf Club Rules

By Joseph Coelho, illustrated by John O’Leary

Best for: Ages 7–10

The Kingdom Under the Sea

By Joan Aiken, illustrated by Jan Pienkowski

Best for: Ages 7–10

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

By JK Rowling

Best for: Ages 9–12

In a nutshell: Masterfully told magic

Some Dogs Do

By Jez Alborough

Best for: Ages 2–5

The Hundred-Mile-an-Hour Dog

By Jeremy Strong

Best for: Ages 5–8

Each Peach Pear Plum

By Janet and Allan Ahlberg

Best for: Ages 1–3

Little Wolf’s Book of Badness

By Ian Whybrow

Best for: Ages 7–10

The Secret Seven

By Enid Blyton

Best for: Ages 8–11

Mr Big

By Ed Vere

Best for: Ages 4–7

Charlotte’s Web

By EB White

Best for: Ages 7–10

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

By Douglas Adams

Best for: Ages 13+

101 Dalmatians

By Dodie Smith

Best for: Ages 7–10

The Conquerors

By David McKee

Best for: Ages 4–7

In a nutshell: A celebration of conciliation

The best children’s books: 50-41

Heaven Eyes

By David Almond

Best for: Ages 13+

How to Train Your Dragon

By Cressida Cowell

Best for: Ages 9–12

The Fox and the Star

By Coralie Bickford-Smith

Best for: Ages 4–7

Two Frogs

By Chris Wormell

Best for: Ages 2–5

The Enemy

By Charlie Higson

Best for: Ages 12+

The Lost Happy Endings

By Carol Ann Duffy, illustrated by Jane Ray

Best for: Ages 5–8

The Tale of Peter Rabbit

By Beatrix Potter

Best for: Ages 4–7

Pippi Longstocking

By Astrid Lindgren

Best for: Ages 4–7

The Little Prince

By Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Best for: Ages 8–10

 The Knife that Killed Me

By Anthony McGowan

Best for: Ages 13+

In a nutshell: Tense teen drama

The Tunnel

By Anthony Browne

Best for: Ages 4–7

We Are All Born Free

By Amnesty International

Best for: Ages 5–10

The Runaway Dinner

By Allan Ahlberg

Best for: Ages 3–6

37. The Dark is Rising

By Susan Cooper

Best for: Ages 10–13

The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole Aged 13¾

By Sue Townsend

Best for: Ages 12+


By Shirley Hughes

Best for: Ages 3–6

Love that Dog

By Sharon Creech

Best for: Ages 9–11

The Mouse and his Child

By Russell Hoban


Best for: Ages 6–9

Treasure Island

By Robert Louis Stevenson

Best for: Ages 10–13

Danny, the Champion of the World

By Roald Dahl

Best for: Ages 7–10

In a nutshell: Father-son escapade


By RJ Palacio

Best for: Ages 9–13

A Monster Calls

By Patrick Ness

Best for: Ages 10–14

In a nutshell: Emotional, honest and magic\"We’re

We’re Going On a Bear Hunt

By Michael Rosen, illustrated by Helen Oxenbury

Best for: Ages 1–5

Harriet the Spy

By Louise Fitzhugh

Best for: Ages 10–13


By Louis Sachar

Best for: Ages 10–13

Bunker Diary

By Kevin Brooks

Best for: Ages 15+

The Box of Delights

By John Masefield

Best for: Ages 7–10

. Tintin and the Red Sea Sharks

By Hergé

Best for: Ages 7–10

A Little Princess

By Frances Hodgson Burnett

Best for: Ages 10–13

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

By Eric Carle

Best for: Ages 2–5

In a nutshell: Colourful first-book fun

The best children’s books: 20-11

The Magic Faraway Tree

By Enid Blyton

Best for: Ages 7–10

In a nutshell: Woodland fairytales

Five Children and It

By E Nesbit

Best for: Ages 7–10

The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

By CS Lewis

Best for: Ages 7–10

 That Rabbit Belongs to Emily Brown

By Cressida Cowell, illustrated by Neal Layton

Best for: Ages 4–7

16. Stig of the Dump

By Clive King


Best for: Ages 6–9

15. Winnie the Pooh

By AA Milne

The simplicity of life in and around Hundred Acre Wood is evocatively expressed in Milne’s poetic style, as if these were a child’s toys acting out imaginary adventures in the nursery. The silly scrapes that Pooh, Eeyore, Piglet and friends get into continue to charm thanks to the dry humour in the telling.

Best for: Ages 4–7

A Wizard of Earthsea

By Ursula K Le Guin

Best for: Ages 10–13

The Sword and The Stone

By TH White


Best for: Ages 10–13

The Arrival

By Shaun Tan

Best for: Ages 7+

Watership Down

By Richard Adams

Best for: Ages 9–13

In a nutshell: Friendship in nature

The best children’s books: top ten

Noughts & Crosses

By Malorie Blackman

Best for: Ages 12-15

You’re a Bad Man, Mr Gum!

By Andy Stanton

Best for: Ages 7-10

In a nutshell: Adventures in nonsense

8. Peepo!

By Janet and Allan Ahlberg

Best for: Ages 0-3

The Gruffalo

By Julia Donaldson, illustrated by Axel Scheffler


Best for: Ages 3-7

Where the Wild Things Are

By Maurice Sendak

Best for: Ages 3-6

Emil and the Detectives

By Erich Kästner

Best for: Ages 8-11

In a nutshell: Pint-sized private eye caper

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

By Roald Dahl

Best for: Ages 7-10

The Hobbit

By JRR Tolkien

Best for: Ages 11-15

Northern Lights

By Philip Pullman

Best for: Ages 12+

The Cat in the Hat

By Dr Seuss

Best for: Ages 3-7

In a nutshell: Feline frolics for a rainy day

Charlotte’s Web

Written by E. B. White and illustrated by
Garth Williams
Ages 8-10 Fiction: fantasy, animal characters

Goodnight Moon

Written by Margaret Wise Brown and
illustrated by Clement Hurd
Ages 0-3 Fiction: animal characters

A Wrinkle in Time

Written by Madeleine L’Engle
Ages 11+ Fiction: fantasy

4 The Snowy Day

Written and illustrated by Ezra Jack Keats
Ages 4-7 Fiction: realistic fiction

5 Where the Wild Things Are

Written and illustrated by Maurice Sendak
Ages 0-3 Fiction: fantasy

6 Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

Written by J. K. Rowling and illustrated by
Mary GrandPré
Ages 11+ Fiction: fantasy, folktales/fairy tales/myths

7 Green Eggs and Ham

Written and illustrated by Dr. Seuss
Ages 4-7 Fiction: fantasy

8 The Diary of a Young Girl

Written by Anne Frank
Ages 11+ Nonfiction: autobiography

9 The Giving Tree

Written and illustrated by Shel Silverstein
Ages 4-7 Fiction: fantasy, fable

10 Frog and Toad Are Friends

Written and illustrated by Arnold Lobel
Ages 8-10 Fiction: animal characters

11 Anne of Green Gables

Written by L. M. Montgomery
Ages 11+ Fiction: realistic fiction

12 The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Written and illustrated by Eric Carle
Ages 0-3 Informational: early concepts (colors,
numbers); Fiction: animal characters

13 Madeline

Written and illustrated by Ludwig Bemelmans
Ages 4-7 Fiction: realistic fiction

14 The Wind in the Willows

Written by Kenneth Grahame and illustrated
by Inga Moore
Ages 8-10 Fiction: fantasy, animal characters

15 The Dot

Written and illustrated by Peter H. Reynolds
Ages 4-7 Fiction: realistic fiction

16 Tuck Everlasting

Written by Natalie Babbitt
Ages 11+ Fiction: fantasy

17 Pat the Bunny

Written and illustrated by Dorothy Kunhardt
Ages 0-3 Informational: early concepts (the senses);
fiction: realistic fiction

18 When Marian Sang: The True Recital of

Marian Anderson
Written by Pam Muñoz Ryan and illustrated by
Brian Selznick
Ages 8-10 Nonfiction: biography

19 Knuffle Bunny: A Cautionary Tale

Written and illustrated by Mo Willems
Ages 0-3 Fiction: realistic fiction

20 Where the Sidewalk Ends

Written and illustrated by Shel Silverstein
Ages 8-10 Fiction: poetry

21 Bud, Not Buddy

Written by Christopher Paul Curtis
Ages 11+ Fiction: realistic fiction, historical fiction

22 Corduroy

Written and illustrated by Don Freeman
Ages 0-3 Fiction: fantasy, animal characters

23 The Phantom Tollbooth

Written by Norton Juster and illustrated by
Jules Feiffer
Ages 8-10 Fiction: fantasy

24 The Little Engine That Could

Written by Watty Piper and illustrated by
George and Doris Hauman
Ages 4-7 Fiction: fantasy

25 The Giver

Written by Lois Lowry
Ages 11+ Fiction: science fiction, dystopia

26 Where the Mountain Meets the Moon

Written and illustrated by Grace Lin
Ages 8-10 Fiction: fantasy, folktales/fairy tales/myth

27 Black on White

Written and illustrated by Tana Hoban
Ages 0-3 Informational: early concepts

28 Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus!

Written and illustrated by Mo Willems
Ages 4-7 Fiction: fantasy, animal characters

29 Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret.

Written by Judy Blume
Ages 11+ Fiction: realistic fiction

30 My Rotten Redheaded Older Brother

Written and illustrated by Patricia Polacco
Ages 8-10 Fiction: realistic fiction

31 The Mitten

Written and illustrated by Jan Brett
Ages 4-7 Fiction: folktales, animal characters

32 The Runaway Bunny

Written by Margaret Wise Brown and
illustrated by Clement Hurd
Ages 0-3 Fiction: animal characters

33 The Hunger Games

Written by Suzanne Collins
Ages 11+ Fiction: science fiction, dystopia

34 Swimmy

Written and illustrated by Leo Lionni
Ages 4-7 Fiction: animal characters

35 Freight Train

Written and illustrated by Donald Crews
Ages 0-3 Informational: early concepts (colors, train
cars); Fiction: realistic fiction

36 The Secret Garden

Written by Francis Hodgson Burnett and
illustrated by Tasha Tudor
Ages 8-10 Fiction: realistic fiction

37 The Little Mouse, the Red Ripe Strawberry,

and the Big Hungry Bear

Written by Don and Audrey Wood and
illustrated by Don Wood
Ages 4-7 Fiction: animal characters

38 Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Written and illustrated by Jeff Kinney
Ages 11+ Fiction: realistic fiction

39 Zen Shorts

Written and illustrated by John J. Muth
Ages 8-10 Fiction: fantasy, fables/folktales/myths,
animal characters

40 Moo, Baa, La La La

Written and illustrated by Sandra Boynton
Ages 0-3 Informational: early concepts (animal
sounds), Fiction: animal characters

41 Matilda

Written by Roald Dahl and illustrated by
Quentin Blake
Ages 8-10 Fiction: fantasy

42 What Do People Do All Day?

Written and illustrated by Richard Scarry
Ages 4-7 Informational: early concepts (jobs),
Fiction: animal characters

43 The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe

Written by C. S. Lewis and illustrated by
Pauline Baynes
Ages 11+ Fiction: fantasy

44 Good Night, Gorilla

Written and illustrated by Peggy Rathmann
Ages 0-3 Fiction: fantasy, animal characters

45 The Composition

Written by Antonio Skármeta and illustrated
by Alfonso Ruano
Ages 8-10 Fiction: realistic fiction

46 Not a Box

Written and illustrated by Antoinette Portis
Ages 4-7 Fiction: animal characters

47 Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?

Written by Bill Martin, Jr. and illustrated by
Eric Carle
Ages 0-3 Informational: early concepts (colors);
Fiction: animal characters
48 Hatchet

Written by Gary Paulsen
Ages 11+ Fiction: realistic fiction

49 Martin’s Big Words

Written by Doreen Rappaport and illustrated
by Bryan Collier
Ages 4-7 Nonfiction: biography

50 Sarah, Plain and Tall

Written by Patricia MacLachlan
Ages 8-10 Fiction: realistic fiction

51 Sylvia Long’s Mother Goose

Written and illustrated by Sylvia Long
Ages 0-3 Fiction: nursery rhymes, animal characters

52 The Lightning Thief

Written by Rick Riordan
Ages 11+ Fiction: fantasy/myths

53 The House at Pooh Corner

Written by A. A. Milne and illustrated by Ernest
H. Shepard
Ages 4-7 Fiction: fantasy, animal characters

54 Through My Eyes

Written by Ruby Bridges
Ages 11+ Nonfiction: autobiography

55 Smile!

Written and illustrated by Roberta Grobel
Ages 0-3 Informational: early concepts
(facial expressions/emotions); Fiction: realistic fiction

56 Living Sunlight

Written by Molly Bang and Penny Chisholm
and illustrated by Molly Bang
Ages 8-10 Nonfiction: science

57 The Bad Beginning

Written by Lemony Snicket and illustrated by
Brett Helquist
Ages 11+ Fiction: fantasy

58 Harvesting Hope: The Story of Cesar

Written by Kathleen Krull and illustrated by
Yuyi Morales
Ages 8-10 Nonfiction: biography

59 Dear Juno

Written by Soyung Pak and illustrated by
Susan Kathleen Hartung
Ages 4-7 Fiction: realistic fiction

60 Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes

Written and illustrated by Annie Kubler
Ages 0-3 Informational: early concepts
(body parts) Fiction: songs/nursery rhymes

61 The Lion and the Mouse

Written and illustrated by Jerry Pinkney
Ages 4-7 Fiction: animal characters, fables

62 Diary of a Worm

Written by Doreen Cronin and illustrated by
Harry Bliss
Ages 8-10 Fiction: fantasy, animal characters

63 The Invention of Hugo Cabret

Written and illustrated by Brian Selznick
Ages 11+ Fiction: realistic fiction, historical fiction

64 My Truck Is Stuck

Written by Kevin Lewis and illustrated by
Daniel Kirk
Ages 0-3 Fiction: animal character

65 Birds

Written by Kevin Henkes and illustrated by
Laura Dronzek
Ages 4-7 Fiction: realistic fiction

66 The Maze of Bones

Written by Rick Riordan
Ages 8-10 Fiction: realistic fiction, adventure

67 Esperanza Rising

Written by Pam Muñoz Ryan
Ages 11+ Fiction: realistic fiction, historical fiction

68 Counting Kisses: A Kiss and Read Book

Written and illustrated by Karen Katz
Ages 0-3 Informational: early concepts (numbers,
body parts); Fiction: realistic fiction

69 The Magic School Bus at the Waterworks

Written by Joanna Cole and illustrated by
Bruce Degen

Ages 8-10 Informational: science; Fiction: fantasy

70 Blackout

Written and illustrated by John Rocco
Ages 4-7 Fiction: realistic fiction

71 Bridge to Terabithia

Written by Katherine Paterson
Ages 11+ Fiction: realistic fiction

72 Are You My Mother?

Written and illustrated by P. D. Eastman
Ages 0-3 Fiction: animal characters

73 Tea with Milk

Written and illustrated by Allen Say
Ages 8-10 Fiction: realistic fiction

74 Owl Moon

Written by Jane Yolen and illustrated by John
Ages 4-7 Fiction: realistic fiction

75 Holes

Written by Louis Sachar
Ages 11+ Fiction: realistic fiction

76 Peek-a Who?
Written and illustrated by Nina Laden
Ages 0-3 Fiction: fantasy, realistic fiction

77 Hi! Fly Guy

Written and illustrated by Tedd Arnold
Ages 8-10 Fiction: fantasy, animal characters

78 Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH

Written by Robert C. O’Brien and illustrated
by Zena Bernstein
Ages 11+ Fiction: fantasy, animal characters

79 Llama Llama Red Pajama

Written and illustrated by Anna Dewdney
Ages 0-3 Fiction: animal characters

80 What Do You Do With a Tail Like This?

Written and illustrated by Steve Jenkins and
Robin Page
Ages 4-7 Nonfiction: science

81 Lincoln: A Photobiography

Written by Russell Freedman
Ages 11+ Nonfiction: biography

82 Ivy & Bean

Written by Annie Barrows and illustrated by
Sophie Blackall
Ages 8-10 Fiction: realistic fiction

83 Yoko

Written and illustrated by Rosemary Wells
Ages 4-7 Fiction: animal characters

84 No No Yes Yes

Written and illustrated by Leslie Patricelli
Ages 0-3 Informational: early concepts (opposites);
Fiction: realistic fiction

85 Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing

Written by Judy Blume
Ages 8-10Fiction: realistic fiction

86 Interrupting Chicken

Written and illustrated by David Ezra Stein
Ages 4-7 Fiction: animal characters

87 Rules

Written by Cynthia Lord
Ages 11+ Fiction: realistic fiction

88 Grumpy Bird

Written and illustrated by Jeremy Tankard
Ages 0-3 Fiction: animal characters

89 An Egg Is Quiet

Written by Dianna Hutts Aston and illustrated
by Sylvia Long
Ages 4-7 Nonfiction: science

90 Puss in Boots

Written by Charles Perault and illustrated by
Fred Marcellio
Ages 8-10 Fiction: folk & fairy tales, animal characters

91 Team Moon: How 400,000 People Landed

Apollo 11 on the Moon
Written by Catherine Thimmesh
Ages 11+ Nonfiction: science and social studies

92 What Shall We Do With the Boo Hoo Baby?

Written by Cressida Cowell and illustrated by
Ingrid Godon
Ages 0-3 Fiction: fantasy, animal characters

93 We the Kids: The Preamble to the

Constitution of the United States

Written and illustrated by David Catrow
Ages 8-10 Informational: historical documents

94 I Took the Moon for a Walk

Written by Carolyn Curtis and illustrated by
Alison Jay
Ages 4-7 Fiction: fantasy, poetry

95 A Single Shard

Written by Linda Sue Park
Ages 11+ Fiction: realistic fiction, historical fiction

96 Gossie

Written and illustrated by Olivier Dunrea
Ages 0-3 Fiction: animal characters

97 The Adventures of Captain Underpants

Written and illustrated by Dav Pilkey
Ages 8-10 Fiction: fantasy

98 Bright Baby: First Words

Written and illustrated by Roger Priddy
Ages 0-3 Informational: early concepts

99 Joyful Noise: Poems for Two Voices

Written by Paul Fleischman and illustrated by
Eric Beddows
Ages 11+ Informational: science; Fiction: fantasy;


100 Animalia

Written and illustrated by Graeme Base
Ages 4-7 Informational: concepts (alphabet);
Fiction: fantasy, animal characters

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