Technology Advancement and Its Impact on Our Lives

Technology and advancement in technology have paced up our everyday life. But somewhere in the race of meeting the tick-tock of clock through technology, we have compromised on the quality of life. You may have more and more quantity but the quality has reduced. It is also reported that a person from non-technological time lives longer than today’s human being. The average age of human being is reduced.

We have invented and developed many technological things to make the best of our lives. Now technology is changing our lives. It would be safe to say that technology has taken over the world. As every other thing technology has its pros and cons.

talking about smartphones and laptop is outdated. Now world witness and talk about robots that help in daily life tasks. Technology has entered human body; the devices you hold can read your minds. These new inventions are the results of human, curiosity, creativity and problem-solving approach. It is important to highlight that technological developments are environment and human-friendly.

Our lives are so caged due to technology. Today’s human cannot live without smartphone. The connectivity is everything. Everyone wants to stay connected to world all the time. It is due to technology that we human have developed Wi-Fi and 5G connection. It is one of the greatest examples of how technology has changed our lives.

You would find technology in everything. Technology is in the air, water, food, education, business, offices, electricity, marketing, data storage, communications, cars, parking, travel, shops and banks and so on.  Technology is the new king of today’s world.

Technology has enhanced the education and learning experience. Today every information, data and knowledge is just a click away. Schools have introduced screen-learning which enable a kid to see and experience what he reads. Online universities are being introduced so that everyone sitting in home can get an online education and degree. This all become possible because of technology.

Technology has changed the human communication. Now we have smartphones, internet, computers and social media. Video plus video conferencing tools have made it easy for families and friends get connected instantly. These advancements and developments have made the human life fast. Gone are days when we used to wait for a letter to receive it after days, now you can send emails, greeting cards, and personal letters very fast.

With all these positive impact, technology, somewhere is affecting our lives negatively. The craze and madness attached to the selfies has costed many precious lives. It is said that a person taking too many selfies has a self-obsession disorder. Also, the craze of clicking a selfie on dangerous and risky places is increasing rapidly. And that is alarming because we have multiple examples of people losing their lives and meeting an accident making them disabled for the rest of their lives. Technological companies should come up with some solutions to tackle this madness.

Nowadays, kids are in habit of using technological devices. Tabs, smartphones and computers are used by them. Parents should be way too alert to keep an eye on their children. Kids might be watching a content which is not suitable for their age. Teenagers find the daring videos and shows excited and try to imitate the stunts and challenges without realizing it might take their lives. Elders and parents should be careful while giving access to technology to their children.

As discussed earlier that technology has its positives and negatives but one thing is for sure that it has taken over our lives and we cannot live without.

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