Famous Brands Culture and Their Marketing Management

Brand culture is where a company wants to become dominant to deliver its brand in the market. This is a way where people work together to deal with the customers to bring their brand alive in order to grow powerfully and competitively.

The definition of the brand basically is the word, unique name, term that identifies the particular company and also differentiates them from the competition. The purpose of this study is to evaluate the narratives of youth on brand culture. The thesis would examine that how the constructions of meaning about brand culture among youth. The effect of socialization in youth differently so this thesis would examine the perspective of youth how it effect the socialization and what things should be taken into analysis for defining the perspective of youth about brand culture and also examine that from where they get to know or aware about brand culture and how it influence them like does it influence bad or good!. And also does social media is helping for youth to indulge them in activities regarding brand. Through social media now we are more addressed about the fashion trend like how fashion trend changes now and with time we know more about changes of fashion or brand so media is the most important tool for users and also for the companies who are facilitating people about trend.

Social Media Marketing

The most annoying thing in social media is those brands posting too much context when they have to promote something. Mostly youth get targeted from the brand culture more because they are big influencers. In young people’s lives the major factor in order to fit in the culture where there are cool students whether they are in schools, universities, colleges so youth need to imitate others which inevitably involves new dress, phone, sneakers, etc basically know as Social validation. Modernization hit our youth so badly in the matter of acquiring the brand stuff they don’t even think about their parents status power that in the greed of adopting or purchasing brand stuff. The brand culture trend has now become so fast-moving not only in an urban area but also in rural areas too because of the modernization that evolves the society in stages from traditional to modern societies.

Brand Culture

Today’s culture also known as a brand culture now buying a brand that is no more difficult to purchase. One of the reasons behind the rising brand culture is modernization that has now taken their place in every culture and media through advertising and morning shows too. Brand if we see not the need but people who don’t even aware of the brand will be moving the concept with a crowd of people. Our youth only get attracted with the tag of the famous brand, quality for them now doesn’t matter because brand culture in modernization among youth hit so bad that they are now ready to indulge in bad activities in order to possess those things they have now become so greedy just to make value and show status among friends by ignoring their own financial status. Youth are going mad in a brand culture that is why these brands targeted the immature youth and taking advantage of it. This brand culture leads to negative approach too in order to fix in society because in youth it is now the obsession of brand that creates discrimination of rich and poor, only the ones who afford think superior themselves and they think others as inferior so this inferiority complex among poor young boys and girls often lead to negative things like crime because they are not aware of the results and keep doing these wrong things. And all these things are the effect of socialization. Because how they socialize themselves is different from others. Youth now lives in a totally materialistic world. The definition of culture can be defined as a stage where a set of the behavior of humans passed down from generation to generation and this kind of stage from which human behavior transmit may attract young people with older people too.

Brands now help users to choose and identify their products which they think better in comparison to others. The brand could be an aid for the user because of select one over the other in a complex world of choices that increased now. The role that brands new plays is the guide to choose which simply means that social media guide us to choose our favorite brand to shop from there which has continued in the same way today in the modern-day since after the brands were begun for the user as ownership on livestock. Today the fashion trend has completely changed, now the concept of brand has changed to cover something it was first just a symbol or a name representing product now it is no more represent the products today the brand may represent products which now totally based on lifestyles, emotions, values.


In this contemporary world, the contemporary concept of brand with advertising also has changed moved from descriptions to advertisements where we not simply describe the products in words but also now advertisement invokes emotions in users which tell the positions of the brand that is something more important than the product. Societies take those brands only strong and powerful which are more expensive highly prices. Also brand now create a connection with customers on the emotional level. In the era of today social media becoming clearer where consumers can easily know about their favorite brand and promote them by giving comments on their post. Branding itself means a company that built their repo and differentiates itself from competitions.

Making Mind Perception

Brands create the perception in the mind of the customers, they advertise their brands through celebrities because they know the youth will easily admire from their favorite celebrities. Brands only create the perception in the customer’s mind that their product is only valuable, also no product on the market of other brands is related to them. There is a difference between brand and local product that the brand product customer belief that they are reliable because they have high prices and it is the demand of elite people, mostly young people trust on them easily because they know youth now using more social media so whenever they use Facebook or Instagram they see their favorite celebrity, bloggers wear some brand so they influence from them and try adopt their living standards sometime it doesn’t give a good impact on youth because those who can’t afford the branded things they simply think themselves inferior and when they can’t copy them which they are trying to it would be a bad impact on them like it cause in the low confidence, low self-esteem. Everyone faces the different effects of socialization. Socialization is defined by the profession of sociology that refers to every individual to confront the internal process as regards to understanding the basic humane standards according to the ideologies of society.

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