12 Best Techniques to Manage Stress

It is natural to get a little stressed about a few things in life. But prolonged stressful situations can cause great damage to your mind, body and overall health. We won’t be discussing the usual home-made remedies or common techniques that are shared by everyone around. In fact, we will be having an insight into genuine tips to manage stress.

Before going into the details of the tips on how to manage your stress, it is important to look into the factors that are causing stress. 

Your source of stress can be anything. For example: 

 a) Your family issues can keep you stressed.

 b) Your office work or environment can cause stress.

 c) Your partner can be the source of stress.

d) Your friends can lead you to stressful situations.

These are a few and obvious sources that we have mentioned. But there can be multiple sources from where you might be getting stress unknowingly. Sometimes, a hidden source can be the reason for stress which is not so obvious and you are unable to figure out, what is stressing you.

Look at the statistics that say that 70% of US adults feel stress and anxiety daily. 

 70 percent? 

  Yes 70%, an enormous figure, isn’t it? This is quite alarming. 

 Why a great portion of adults all over the world feel stress? This question needs to be answered in a way that actually helps the adults to overcome stress and proposes effective stress management techniques.

We have divided the techniques into three major parts; Mind, Body and Actions:

Train Your Mind:

The mind is powerful machinery that processes information it receives from the surroundings.  

As discussed earlier, stressful situations harm your mind, your mental capability to think, act, and react get affected due to stress. 

 1. Stop Controlling Everything!

A very important facade of one’s life is to control everything. If you want to tackle the stressful situations in life, you need to accept that ‘You cannot control everything in life’.

You don’t need to control every situation and each happening in life.

Let go of negative thoughts. Accept the situation and circumstances as they are. Let them pass.

Remember the saying? 

 ‘This too Shall Pass’ 

 If you have heard it then believe it! 

 2. Do Your Best! 

 Who said you need to be perfect to prove yourself? Stop there!

 You don’t need to be perfect to prove your worth. If given a task, give your best as much as you can, but don’t stretch yourself to the level of harming your mental health. Once you accept the way you are, your stress will automatically start vanishing. It is an effective and proven stress management technique. 

 Different than the usual stress-relieving stuff?

 We told you already! 

3. Positive Attitude:

You attract what you think! We hear this phrase from almost everyone we meet. 

 Thinking positive about your life and having a positive self-image is very important while fighting stress. 

 Look for positivity even in a stressful situation. There are two sides to the coin. In the same way, each stressful situation has two sides. It is upon you to pick the positive or negative.

See positive in people’s attitude, situations – in short, in everything you encounter.

Replace negativity with positivity!

Train Your Body: 

 Our body gives us messages when something is wrong inside. If you are stressed or find yourself in an unknown stressful situation, your body will start warning you. Keep a check on the messages your body sends.

5. Food Intake: 

Don’t skip your meal. I Repeat! DON’T SKIP YOUR MEALS.

Skipping your meals can cause a stressful feeling. It can make you anxious. So to manage stress it is very important to take healthy snacks and your meals on time. 

 Include fruit and vegetables rich in nutrients and vitamins. It will definitely boost your mood and you will feel stress-free and light.

6. Caffeine Intake: 

 Control your caffeine intake as much as you can. Alcohol and caffeinated drinks aggravate stress, anxiety and panic attacks. Cutting on these drinks will help you in managing stress.

Replace caffeinated drinks with water. Drink more and more water to keep yourself fresh and hydrated. 

7. Get Enough Sleep: 

 If you are stressed, your body needs more and more rest. It is important to get 8 hours of sleep for a healthy body and mind. Give your body ample time rest. It will result in improving your skills to overcome the stress.

8. Exercise Daily: 

Exercise helps in regulating the blood circulation which eventually results in a good mood and fresh mind.  Daily exercise is proved to be a good stress reliever.


Your actions speak volumes. It is like reacting to your stress and make sure you react in the best possible way to fight it back.

9. Take Deep Breaths: 

 Feeling anxious or stressed? Starting taking deep breaths. Inhale and Exhale slowly throughout the day or while in a stressful situation.

10. Volunteer: 

 Participate actively in volunteer campaigns. Giving back to society and lending a helping hand makes a person feel good. A good stress reliever is to be empathic.

11. You Need You: 

 Take some time out and spend it with yourself. Do the activities that make you feel alive and happy. Listen to your favorite music, meditate, do yoga or whatever that makes you forget your problems for some time.

12. Speak Out: 

Speak about your issue. Don’t bottle up your feelings. It will add to your stress. Talk to someone who understands you and your stressful condition.

The mentioned tips will surely help you to manage your stress. Don’t think you are alone, who is fighting with stressful situations. We all human beings face stress daily. One needs to learn the stress management techniques to fight it back.

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