15 Restaurants That Will Be Open on Thanks giving Day!

 Are you getting ready for Thanksgiving day? I am everyone is super excited to celebrate this beautiful day full of blessings with your loved ones and family. Nothing can beat the laughter and smiles we share with our dear ones at a family get together, and Thanksgiving gives us just another reason to be with our family under one roof.

 Most of the people plan to have a family gathering at home, however inviting family and friends means preparing meals at home, which sometimes turns out to be tiresome. Therefore, nowadays people go out with the family to have dinner or lunch.

 I personally like to spend time with my family at home. The tiredness of preparing meals at home just go-away when I see my people smiling and sharing candid moments together. Anyway, that is just me or maybe many of you would be agreeing or disagreeing with me, I respect both J

 Anyhow, in this fast-paced world where you get a national holiday on thanksgiving day, you just want to spend time chit-chatting with family members while your food is being served to you on the table. Nothing is wrong with it. And that is why I have brought you the list of restaurants that will be serving on Thanksgiving Day to make it more special and memorable for you.

 Before I go announce the names of the restaurants, I want to clear the air with one thing, these eateries and there availability is depended upon locality or region, so before you head out for dinner or lunch, please make sure to call them and confirm whether they are on or not. Phewww

 Okay, I know you guys want to know the names of the restaurants, so without making you wait any further, here are the 10 restaurants that will be open on Thanksgiving Day!

 1. Boston Market:

 Most of you would already know about Boston Market and how they are never disappointed its fans on any special occasion. This Thanksgiving, Boston Market will be open and online food delivery will also be available from the chain restaurant’s website.

 2. Denny’s:

 Denny’s is all set to make your Thanksgiving Day amazing by offering a carry-out dinner for its visitors. All you need is to place your order at least 24hrs on the restaurant’s website before picking-it-up, said the spokesperson of Denny’s.

 3. Hooters:

 Hooters won’t be completely open but a few chosen locations will be at your service. A few points will be open and just to be on the safe side, Hooters’ spokesperson has said to call the local branch for their availability and further information.

 4. Waffle House:

 The name is known to remain open around the clock every day of the year. So, Thanksgiving won’t be an exception. Waffle House will remain open on a blessed day to serve you and your lovey-dovey family.

 5. STK Steakhouse:

 It has been confirmed that STK Steakhouses will remain open nationwide with some additional thanksgiving special menu while serving their regular best steaks and entrees.

 6. Crackle Barrel:

 Who is in for some delicious and mouthwatering oven-roasted turkey? Relish your awesome family time with Crackle Barrel’s Heat N’ Serve family meals that include oven-roasted turkey breasts, turkey gravy, three countrysides, a pie for dessert and much more. It is a perfect way to enjoy thanksgiving with lovely food.

 7. Applebee’s:

 Do you want to have a burger on your table? Then head to Applebee’s on Thanksgiving as they will be open and serving you on regular as well as specific hours. Please, contact them to confirm their working hours.

 8. Chart House:

 The most famous go-to place of people for vacations, Chart House will be open on Thanksgiving as well, but it would be safe to make an advance booking as the place is always jam-packed in holidays!

 9. Marie Callender’s:

 The restaurant is all set to serve you while you are enjoying your time at Thanksgiving. You can pre-order your meals as well.

 10. Golden Corral:

 Golden Corral has been advertising its Thanksgiving Day Buffet and it looks so yummy already. This could be the amazing dine-in offer for this holiday season. If you are foodie, then Golden Corral is your go-to place.

 11. Bahama Breeze:

 Many Bahama Breeze branches will be open on Thanksgiving. Treat your taste-buds with the island-infused menu at this exotic Caribbean restaurant.

 12. The Capital Grille:

 Come and enjoy a classic turkey dinner at The Capital Grille as they will be open on Thanksgiving. While the restaurant will be offering its regular menu, it will also include some special food items dedicated to this blessed festival.

 Let me give you a glimpse at their menu:  Turkey with brioche stuffing, French green beans with Marcona almonds and cranberry chutney. And yes, don’t forget to try pumpkin cheesecake. Again, make sure you to have a booking.

 13. Fugo de Chao:

 Good news for Fugo de Chao fans as they have announced to keep their all locations open on Thanksgiving Day. You can enjoy their complimentary menu and much more at the restaurant.

 14. Del Frisco’s Grille:

 On this year’s Thanksgiving, Del Frisco’s Grille has decided to stay open for its visitors. They will be offering the traditional turkey meal on this auspicious day.

 15. IHOP:

 If you want to get some delicious pancakes on the big feast day then head to IHOP because they will be serving breakfast as well. Great News! Right?

 Reservations recommended from my side.

 16. Rube Tuesday’s:

 If you are a big-time burgers and fries fan and looking for some good restaurants serving fast food on Thanksgiving Day, then Ruby Tuesday’s know your need and will be ready to satisfy your taste buds with their scrumptious food.

 Celebrate your Thanksgiving Day with your lovely family but don’t forget the less-privileged people. Make sure to include them in your celebrations!

 Enjoy the Thanksgiving feast!

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