The term Global Warming generally refers to the rise of average temperatures around the globe. The term climate change and global warming are used interchangeably, which according to many critics, is not correct. Climate Change is the aftermath of Global Warming which encompasses a wide range of effects on living life on earth. Hence Climate Change comprises of both Global Warming and its effects.

It is the most searched term on the web along with the most debated in the mainstream media in the modern 21st century. Human activities such as carbon emission, cutting trees and polluting ocean water etc. are associated with this grooming threat. Since slight rise in global temperature has drastic effects on the entire eco-system, the effects are profound which are recently brought to the spotlight by renowned scientist across the globe. From severe floods to droughts and from massive earthquakes to mammoth wildfires – Global Warming has sounded the alarm for living life.


Planet Earth has the natural ability to reflect back harmful radiation and gas emissions into space, hence, saving and maintaining healthy breathable air and ocean temperatures. This, however, is not the case anymore. Earth’s ozone layer combined with other life-friendly gases is failing to keep earth’s protective shield of gases. Carbon emissions and other air pollutants are creating a greenhouse effect which generally refers to the accumulation of deadly and harmful gases in the upper atmospheric levels of the earth which instead of keeping earth’s temperature under control and absorbing the harmful radiations and emissions from earth, traps and accumulates it. This increased rate of harmful accumulation leads to increased ocean temperatures across the globe. One of the best examples for this argument can be the United States, where fossil fuels are burnt to generate electricity which in return adds an estimated 2 billion tons of CO2 every year. The transportation sector of the United States is the second-largest greenhouse gas producer which generates about 1.7 billion tons of CO2 in a year. China, on the other hand, is yet another champ when it comes to greenhouse emissions. The country has a vast network of factories and industries which emits an alarming 2.6 billion tons of CO2 in the atmosphere. European states and other developing countries are equally contributing to this growing greenhouse effect.

Water on the other hand, globally, is being polluted. Harmful chemicals, poor sanitation and irresponsible mechanism of waste disposal are all adding poison to the world’s water. About 71% of the planet Earth’s water-covered area is struggling to breathe and get rid of this massive release of pollutants. This, as a result, is adding fuel to global warming where sea creatures are perishing and sea levels are rising faster than anticipated.

Wildfire, on the other hand, is no more an unknown phenomenon. Climate change can easily be witnessed by analyzing the rate with which massive rain forests such as Amazon Forest are perishing. Deadly fires ignite due to increased temperatures coupled with human carelessness which consequently engulfs massive planted areas into gazing flames. Frequent wildfires have decreased our flora friends due to which the planet earth struggles in filtering toxin air because trees use toxin air and release fresh oxygen into the atmosphere.


With all being said, the most important question which concerns humanity is to analyze the devastating effects of global warming and climate change and to devise ways to combat it. Many analysts are of the view that we as humans have crossed the tipping point i.e. the damage humans have done to the world climate is irreversible. On the contrary, some scientists believe that we still have hope which requires drastic and practical ways on a global scale to avoid a disastrous worldly future. Global warming has and will have the following effects on global life:

Climate change – All along the century

Scientists believe that climate change and its effects will continue all along this century even if we somehow decrease the greenhouse emissions. The amount with which these harmful gases have been emitted, analysts suggest it will take decades for earth’s natural way to fight it off. It is high time that human race pays heed to earth’s cry and take concrete measures to reduce fossil and carbon emissions.

Global temperatures will continue to rise

Since greenhouse gases will take decades to be absorbed, global heat has no way but to settle over world oceans and remain trapped in earth’s upper atmosphere. This consequently will prolong the life increased global temperatures.

Sea Levels will rise by 1 to 4 feet by 2100

With increased temperatures, massive ice covered areas on earth’s north and South Pole are melting alarmingly fast. The rate with which the ice is melting, scientistshave predicted an increase of rough 1 to 4 feet increase in sea levels across globe. This seemingly little increase in sea levels would be devastating for human civilization. Countries like US, Singapore, Sri Lanka and others will lose massive chunks of land. The ultimate fate which scientist have predicted is that Arctic and Antarctica will be ice-free which means life-threatening reduced levels of drinkable water for humans.

Severe Droughts and Rains

The world in contrast will have two patterns of weather. Some parts of the globe will combat with heavy showers which will unleash super massive floods while other areas will experience severe dry weather resulting in droughts and threatening life in those areas.

The need of the hour today is to undertake desperate measures to control rising temperatures and by reducing greenhouse gases. Transitioning of human race to environment friendly lifestyles can also play a vital role. Less carbon emissions from cars and industries can help earth to heal faster. Preserving rain forests is crucial for earth’s future as it guarantees pure oxygen and helps in regulating global temperatures on massive scale.

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