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When all the finest books provide us the opportunity for some time to walk about in other people\’s shoes, the best autobiographies allow us to live the actual life of another human for the duration. Memories might be considered to be similar to a memoir by many individuals who do not know about the genre, but they can be far more diverse than this.

Most biographies, especially concerning celebrities or famous people, explain to readers how they have been where they had been via a wide range of a person\’s life. Others, however, dive into a particularly formative period, often only a few weeks or perhaps one day.

Nor should memoirs follow a typical story structure. These may comprise articles, poetry, pictures, drawings, or a graphical book. They can indeed be article collections. Although many memoirs relate to an emotional moment inside an individual\’s life. Most of them seem to be hilarious, tragic, historically significant, or anything else.

A few of the most pleasing feel like listening to a friend, typically in lovely writing, tell you about their lives. As a fantasy, far too many tastes of autobiographies as human experiences do exist.

My War in the Jungle: The Long-Delayed Memoir of a Marine Lieutenant in Vietnam 1968–69

This autobiography describes the tale of a Marine Platoon rifle commander in the rugged jungle of the former Republic of Vietnam\’s northernmost region. G.M. Davis met some amazing mates while he was battling the enemy… and he saw too many death.

The author followed his duty tours throughout the jungle, bringing Marines to a well-trained and well-equipped professional military, devoted to uniting the two Vietnamese not to the Viet Cong but the North Vietnamese Army. Heat, stress, responsibilities, and everyday labor caught up in the fire, war, win and defeat. There were several contacts with the enemies, and even a little struggle caused chaos.

 Davis further focuses on the political realities of the day, argues that before the war started, the nation continued fighting and losing soldiers to allow leaders to seem powerful and maintain their jobs. He decides that it was a waste of life and wealth as he looks back over the conflict.

Leadership, commitment, dignity, bravery, and friendship are at stake. It\’s a matter of being a close combat United States Marine Officer. It\’s all about battle, humanity, muddy, rains, grudges, and sadness. It summarizes everything pre and post-war. My War in the Jungle is the finest picture ever in a naval infantry unit in Vietnam! 

Warriors and military soldiers now are respected. Although Vietnamese soldiers for 50 years have been a sub-class of Americans. Primarily because of the media and people\’s accusation of the loss of combat of men and not of the men who placed them there. Americans have now understood how that battle has damaged a whole generation of Americans.

On the House: A Washington Memoir

The political biography of John Boehner undoubtedly seems to be much like sitting by an older dude in the club where he grew up in Ohio. There is much conversation regarding how things were, and you had one too many before you knew it, and you don\’t see how you\’re going to get home.

In other words, this week, the previous speaker at the Republican House is good in the entire House. You can hear him break open another bottle of wine as he criticizes the Members who have made their work unpleasant.

However, like with the tales of the barstool, you may be left wondering what everything sums up. Boehner indulges with Gerry Faust on long digressions about secondary football and Jerry Ford golf. Nothing is unexpected, even those most judicious Congressional tales, given Boehner\’s famous scorn of Republicans who are more interested in headlines than in law creation.

Trump is not a leading character, given Boehner\’s 2015 retirement from Congress to observe his administration. It leaves the book delightfully vintage or painfully archaic depending on your desire for all things.

Boehner provides his views of the politicians he encountered and what has given them achievements or failures, from ford and Reagan to Barack Obama, trump, and Joe Biden, along with his history of life in the Exquisite Town after being kicked off the politics.

 He offers his opinions upon this Republican Party that is currently unrecognizable. He has given recommendations, sometimes harsh, others fatherly, to people of his group, opponents, the press, and others. And, of course, with five presidents, he speaks regarding playing golf.

Through the honest and self-conscious thoughts of Speaker Boehner, you will be remembered in times of strong leadership of grown adults.

It Never Ends, A Memoir with Nice Memories!

Tom Scharpling is skilled at being humorous, which is a wonder given what he has suffered. He wounded a deer and escaped his life on the evening of the 2016 elections. But in contrast to the fighting he experienced in his life before, it was nothing.

It Never Ends is his biography of life-long humor, a tale he\’s never told before amid a lifetime of mental disease. It is the heartbreak of his powerful arrival and his struggle to draw away from the edge of self-destruction.

Scharpling initially gave himself life back via the realm of humor, writing and production by Monk with punk zines and NBA reporting, and establishing one of the finest, longer-lasting comedy radio shows and podcasting, the best show.

Tom is the primary opponent and carries his arm as an honorary badge. With this book, he raises the curtain to reflect on the struggle behind him while presenting awards and accomplishments. But above all, he tells us we\’re not all alone, although many of us have pain and disgrace. It\’s always about climbing above any situation you are in and making the most out of life while you were on the path.

The humorist and TV writer Scharpling takes care of him with carefree abandonment around the twists. Bouncing about in time, he skims past his parents\’ secondary education, labeling him a newbie, and cuts into despair, which for much of his senior year has led to electroconvulsive therapies.

Hearing the radio became an escape, and he converted his love into entertainment in college in the mid-1990 as a DJ of the radio station of Jersey City WFMU.

He encountered Jon Wurster from band Superchunk on a lucky occasion and produced a humorous call-in concert in 2000 to become The Best Show ultimately at WFMU. He quickly penned for the TV program Monk and for films like Grown Ups 3 as Jonesing became a \”Professional Hilarious Man.\”

Shadows on the Porch:

Mental illness is not a subject that should be ignored. It does not affect just the person itself but the people living with them. If it gets worst, it will affect generation after generation. Just imagine what impact a mentally ill, closely related person can bring in you, and then you transfer all of it to one or all children. Beverly de Angelis has portrayed this all in her biography to which she named Shadows on the Porch.

It is the book of survival of a child, a daughter, a wife, and even a single parent who strived to survive. She belonged to a family in which her loved ones are suffering from severe mental problems. This book is not for weak and faded hearts, yet it is full of strength and positivity. Its innovative and grasping content will grip the reader from the very start to the very end.

The book teaches you how to focus on the shortcomings, fear, negative thing and deal with it when the surrounding forces you to do the opposite. This biography nullified the point that environment shapes your personality more than anything. It explained not just the coping mechanisms but also the suffering, feelings, and emotions of mentally ill people.

SLOW Children Playing on the way to Band Camp: A Memoir

Teenage is the most fascinating, adventurous, and memorable phase of one\’s life. It is all about exploring new things, learning lessons, becoming experts in the craziest activities, and creating lifetime memories. Just like that, Shelby L. Sykes had penned down a memoir when he was a teenager.

Although the even that has narrated in the book SLOW Children Playing on the way to Band Camp: A Memoir is just of one year, but for the reader, it is the whole life. The step he took when he was in his teenage is like he lived his entire life in that.
The book is just like telling a cherishable story to your old friend or enjoying the moment full of life with your special moment. Everyone has done something unique and crazy in his teenage life phase.
The same is the case with Shelby. He wrote the event in a funnier and more capturing way. It takes the reader to 1972, in which a teenage boy tries out to do something and ends up joining the band camp of West Virginia State University that happened in summer. The story is full of joy, and funny moments and a good thing for time to pass.

It is a story that will make you remember your teenage phase of life that you might have forgotten in the hustle and bustle of practical life. The thing that makes the book worthy of reading is the courage to try something new and the love and respect he has shown for his father.

Just Tyrus: A Memoir

Whenever someone asks a successful person the secret of their success, they said they have faced and suffered a lot to reach this point. It is true. Without cutting, burning, and suffering, you cannot be in perfect shape.

The world is full of such examples—great people born after tremendous sacrifices. Tyrus is one such example. He is a known wrestler and a political commentator who has explained his life struggles in \”Just Tyrus: A Memoir.\” He has described every battle of his life in this book, which becomes a turning point for various people.

Tyrus has not faced just physical barriers but mental barriers too. He is black and stuck into a mixed marriage. It caused him to faced bullies and horrors of dysfunctional and mismatched family problems. Rejection and bullies from football players at the school time and running to the clubs for survival, then from Snoop dog\’s bodyguard to the WWE, the whole life is full of negativity and challenges, yet he tried his best to survive it.

Every step he took was full of challenges and hatred, but he did not lose hope and finally made it—a book full of inspiration and an example for every single person out there. This book is the picture of \”if you want to become a successful person, then do whatever it needs and do not move an inch from your goal.\” The life of Tyrus and the way he picturized is horrible and wild, yet it is an inspiration to the youth and even for adults.

48: An Experiential Memoir on Homelessness

Having a home is such a blessing, whether it is a luxurious house or a small hut at the end of town. It provides shelter, protection, love, care, and support. It is like a backbone that keeps a person with his family. Homelessness is like a curse, and no idea of it is the scariest and the final stage of the curse that has no cure except awareness. By raising awareness, this problem can be reduced, and Dr. Sheldon took this step.
Dr. Sheldon A. Jacobs is a therapist of marriage and family and also an advocate of homeless people. He was alarmed by the curse of homelessness and decided to live with the homeless people. He aimed to raise awareness, discover the life of homeless people and what they feel.

The best option for him is to be a homeless person for forty-eight hours straight and note it down. 48: An Experiential Memoir on Homelessness covered Sheldon\’s experiences when he became homeless to the end and what he discovered after that. Each and everyone must read this book to feel the pain of homeless people and help them.
Few of the people in this world have such a kind heart or are triggered by nature to feel the sufferings of such people. This book\’s specialty is that it directs the attention towards a serious and noticeable problem of every single country.

Notes on a Silencing: A Memoir

An author recounts how the boarding school she attended deliberately sought to hide her striving to cope with a terrible sexual abuse.

At the age of 14, Crawford was entering St. Paul\’s renowned school. Daughter of the professionally-oriented family of the upper-middle class who believed in \”the importance of education,\” she felt instantly out of place with a wealthy classmate who was uncannily brilliant. During the first day of school, she found out that most of her fellow students already had older people who visited them without any parents\’ awareness.

The writer, diagnosed with depression but left her parents \”unmoved,\” was also troubled by other St. Paul\’s — discrimination, social order, and sexual harasser of girl students at the faculty.

Since its introduction, Crawford had to have sexual intercourse with 2 leading senior players who tried to disclose that she had broken the restriction. The school hospitals diagnosed as arising from cancer sores developed a bleeding sore throat.

Crawford discovered afterward that she had noticed herpes lesions suffered by the school physician. Labeled by fellow students overnight as a \”whore,\” the author was shortly barred from women pairs and disgusted with male students for intercourse.

The school authorities told her parents that the \”meeting…had been voluntary,\” Crawford had already herpes and threatened to damage her Ivy League if it didn\’t keep quiet. Even though investigators more than 20 years later uncovered evidence of the school\’s misconduct, the case of Crawford fell because St. Paul\’s influence went well into the State Government of New Hampshire.

Crawford\’s brave book is an insidious recollection of the perils inherent in unrestrained male authority in his observations of the unspoken—and often criminal—double standards that stick in privileged places.

In the summer of 2020, when Silent Notes invaded libraries even in the middle of a worldwide epidemic, the country received tremors. In addition to leading to a media storm covering this personal investigative book, the St. Paul\’s School Elite sent Lacy Crawford a formal apology for treating her sexual abuse allegation by two pupils over three decades ago.

The Crazy Life of a Kid from Brooklyn

This new memoir by Bill Morgenstein is based upon the experiences and ups and downs one faces during their life. Most of the writings are on his own life experiences, either it is about when he was in Brooklyn in his 30\’s, 40\’s and 50\’s or Stuyvesant H.S. (NY), Alabama in his 40\’s and 50\’s. He has written many hilarious versions, which inspires so many people.

At the time of war, peace, and everything in between, children suffer through depression, and in this book, the writer explained how he survived in Brooklyn during his childhood phase.

The people who inspired him to love his own culture and willingly embrace the surroundings were historical figures such as Sergeant York, Cordell Hull, Sid Gordon, Jomo Kenyatta, and Vince Camuto.

Concluded all the practical, discouraging, risky, educational, and enlightening experiences that have designed his life, Morgenstein remains rational as he investigates the roles of moral beliefs, honesty, and consistent determination in influencing the human experience.

This autobiography is fascinating and motivational; it also attracts readers due to its adventurous plot of the glamorous life. The active, skillful life, home life, jobs, career choices, and family experiences are described thoroughly.

The writer has covered all the aspects of life that play a role in shaping an individual\’s personality and how experiences affect human nature. Along with humor, this book focuses more on loving your life and promoting justice, and dislike tyranny.

On the Water: A Fishing Memoir:

It is a best-written memoir by Guy de la Valdene. Most of the writings are on nature, such as Water, the life under Water, wildlife, etc. The author has described the hardships of people who live near the sea and work in the ocean on intense days. He wrote in-depth about life under the sea and how people work for hard-won wisdom in a lonely place.

After the most admired author of Fragrance of Grass arises a reflection on Water and nature, fishing, and growing older. This book On the Water is a beautifully penned compilation of essays that all take place near the Water and pay tribute flora and fauna linked with those ecosystems.

There are articles about the brighter points of amusing rainbow trout in the watercourses of Normandy and of eagles and ospreys searching for bass while hardly breaching the top of the Water. 

This book is complete fun for those who enjoy spending time outdoors; there are stories of scarcities of Water and streams and also floods, of hounds and boats, of worms and rattlesnakes. And even of gathering and cooking soft-shell turtles that taste best. And there are exaggerated personalities that are superior to the fish tales they have been told in their lives.

In their areas, there are numerous tales on the Water that is finely refined and well-crafted compilation for the true sportsman and make for a perfect companion edition to la Valdene\’s celebrated collection of essays on wildlife. Also, there is tarpon fishing in the Florida Keys and fly-fishing for sailfish in Central America.

Neil Simon\’s Memoirs:

Neil Simon wrote many of his life experiences in his writings. People love his writings because he combines heart-touching personal memories and reflections from his own life. 

He is considered the most successful American playwright of all time. His famous works include; The Odd Couple, Lost in Yonkers, Biloxi Blues, The Goodbye Girl, and more.

This compilation comprises Neil Simon\’s two memoirs, Rewrites and The Play Goes On, the duration of volume into his unexpected five-decade profession in theater, television, and film. Rephrasing this memoir took Simon through his first love, first play, and the first brush with failure. 

The author described the pain someone could feel when their beloved is suffering from any life-taking disease in this book. Although the author went with humor throughout this book in which he wrote about growing up in Washington where, despite his parents\’ rocky marriage and many separations, he learned to see the funny side of family drama, as when his mother screamed thinking she saw a body on the floor in their apartment.

But late, it went to be the clothes his father discarded in the hallway after a night of partying. He depicts his marriage to his beloved wife Joan and writes logically about the hurt he feels about losing her to cancer.

The author seems to be critical of his works, and he showed a large volume of hard work, a perfect writer, the best humorist writer, and a constant rewriter. His all writing gives different insights on reading again and again from different perspectives.

\’Tis Herself: An Autobiography

Maureen O\’Hara herself and John Nicoletti write this autobiography. They have brought at the front the first-ever, revealing, and candid look at the life and career of one of Hollywood\’s brightest and most beloved stars, Maureen O\’Hara. The authors of this memoir didn\’t write much as Maureen O\’Hara is a star and starred in more than sixty motion pictures. Johnny Nicoletti is also an author, actor, and talent manager.

Most significantly, he is the co-author of the New York Times bestseller \’Tis Herself, a memoir by Hollywood screen legend Maureen O\’Hara.

In a drama profession of more than seventy years, Hollywood legend Maureen O\’Hara became known as \”the queen of Technicolor\” for her blazing red hair and sharp green shining eyes.

She had a status as a highly liberated thinker and champion of origins, particularly those of her beloved homeland, Ireland. In \’Tis Herself, O\’Hara narrates her extraordinary life and proves to be just as strong, sharp, and charismatic as any character she performed on-screen.

This autobiography tells you about Maureen\’s life story in her own words. It gives you an insight into the Golden Age of Hollywood and behind-the-scenes stories about O\’Hara\’s films.

This book is indeed a masterpiece of unique personal opinions and insights provided by herself on several Legends that she befriended/worked with, some showing a side that fans have never heard of or read about before, especially regarding Legendary director John Ford. And of course, as a huge John Wayne fan, the readers will surely also adore the beautiful, touching tribute that Maureen gave to him in this book.

Death on the Amazon: My Memories of Eric Fleming

Love makes you do unimaginable things. When in love with someone, you share a part of you with them, and when they are gone, they\’re always will be a void in your heart. This book by Lynne Garber makes you realize the importance of deep understanding, love, and care that was the essence of her relationship with Eric Fleming.

In this book, she enigmatically explains the stardom of Eric Fleming, the ins and outs of Hollywood, and the dark side of showbiz that Fleming experienced and his relations with his family.

Garber extracts the Eric she knew and loved from her recollections, his diaries, and the more than two hundred love letters he wrote her during their time together. However, Fleming\’s tragic and terrible death in the Amazon that Garber brings our attention to. This memoir shows you the realities of love and life. The harshness that stardom brings with it and how love made it bearable for Eric Fleming.

Although both had a kind of love-hate relationship, they overcame their differences and worked together, so in a way, this book teaches us to trust sincerity, persistence, care, and most of all, that do-or-die mentality for your partner.

This memoir will surely let you see the world from a different perspective. It is an exciting tale of a love story set in Hollywood that includes love, drama, betrayal, triumph, showbiz, disappointments, and much more.

The Sunset Route: Freight Trains, Forgiveness, and Freedom on the Rails in the American West

We all crave freedom at every stage of our life, free from all the shackles of life, the responsibilities, and everything that bounds us to a place. However, few of us get to experience this kind of freedom and live on our terms. Still, Quinn showed us her incredible and extravagant journey of leaving her broken childhood in the past and moving out from her hometown to explore the world.

She felt a sense of connection among straight-line anarchists who showed her how to cross the globe by freight trains, go to sleep beneath the stars in fields, and feed oneself with trash. Although her new life was full of excitement and freedom, she was tormented by the ghosts of her lonely and tragic upbringing.

This memoir beautifully shows the harshness that this world brings with it. It shows that the past will always catch up to you no matter where you go and how you need to accept your history to focus on your present and future.

Acceptance and forgiving oneself and others-these things hold the key to a fruitful life. Quinn brings to life both the steady movement and the elegant quietness needed to know oneself thoroughly. This fantastic memoir of Quinn\’s travel in Alaska and other places in the USA leaves no stone unturned in making us realize the importance of discovering oneself.

On Writing: A Memoir Of The Craft

\”What constitutes excellent writing?\” or \”What makes a person an excellent writer?\” One could question if anyone can truly be taught to write. We need to explore the bigger question: \’What is writing,\’ to start to grasp what makes writing and authors\’ outstanding.\’ Writing means giving a response; it means being relatable on such a level that your words, your thoughts make sense to others. Writing is giving talks to unsaid thoughts of others.

It\’s a craft of human emotions beautifully explained in this book: On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft by The bestselling author of all time, Stephen King. This great work offers a fascinating and practical look at the writer\’s craft, containing the fundamental tools of every writer\’s trade. This book in itself is an inspiration for all those fans, readers, and writers who want to make it big in life but are stuck somewhere.

King\’s writing of his comeback from a fatal accident in 1999 shows how he managed to achieve this much acclaim despite having so many struggles in his pathway. This piece will indeed transform your idea of how genuine success really looks like and how hard work always pays off.

This book is a must-have for all the writers out there that would surely help you enhance your career and give your writing a much-needed boost.

Spilled Milk: Based On a True Story

Abuse, especially in childhood, has adverse effects on an individual as a whole. Such types of wounds, even time, cannot heal. All over the world, there are millions of stories of abuse taking place daily, but the difference is only a few of such stories are heard while the rest remains hidden.

But here we bring such a true story that got its genuine acclaim. Spilled Milk: this book is a masterpiece that would leave you in tears and horror at the abuse mentioned in it. Brooke Nolan is a battered child who calls social services secretly to report the increasing violence in her home.

It\’s a glass of milk at the dining table that causes her to speak of the brutality she faces when they jeopardize her safety to preserve her dad\’s secret. It\’s a piece of bravery and triumph shown in a little girl as she realizes to speak for herself at such a young age. Through this, she gives all those abuse victims a message to never remain silent even when others mumble your voice.

There\’s always a way out, and you have to find enough courage to find that way. You will be bombarded with numerous emotions throughout the reading. Anyone who likes true stories with happy endings, anyone who has suffered abuse, or anyone interested to understand, or instead envision, what victims go through, should read this delicate, page-turning work.

Mohandas K. Gandhi, Autobiography

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, Autobiography is a remarkable work of Mahatma Gandhi as he has explained his stories of experience in this book. He tells in the book that the purpose for writing this book is not to explain how good I am but to base my experiments and experiences on truth.

The political life of Mohandas Gandhi is not hidden from anyone. However, his personal experiences and decisions were mostly limited to himself before this book. 

The book reveals the experiments based on Satyagraha which is a peaceful and nonviolent movement. This movement\’s sole principle is truth and freedom. The life of Mahatma Gandhi is a model of freedom and is an inspiration for all Indians. He inspired freedom fighters and patriots.

However, the book is not limited to this section. Mahatma Gandhi has also shared his spiritual field experiments through which he derived power. He says that these experiments were known to himself before.

You might have heard a lot about Gandhi from other people, from books and the internet. However, this book is Gandhi\’s confession and is in his own words. So, you can truly rely on him to get information about him. Gandhi reveals his personal life and history in his autobiography.

He talks about the concept of boyhood in his area, early age marriages, studies in England, and the desire to reform and purity in Mohandas K. Gandhi Autobiography. Moreover, the errors he made, his jailing, protests, and dealing with British overlords are also discussed in this book.

Radio Operator on the Eastern Front

Author Erhard Steiniger wrote the book Radio Operation on the Eastern Front and talked about Russia, East Prussia, and the Baltics. Moreover, he also revealed about life in prison during the war in Siberia.

The book is not limited to representation in words, but he has also shared 100+ unpublished photographs. It is a memoir as it covers the true story and reveals the dramatic life of a German grenadier before and during the 2nd world war.

Erhard shared his life as a radio operator. He joined the job at the Wehrmacht unit in 1940. The role of radio operator requires constant attention and presence with frontside troops as any emergency can occur.

Later, in 1941, he went to the Lithuania unit to continue his work, and he experienced the Barbarossa Operation there. He also witnessed other intense events, such as battles at Lake Ladoga and Volkov. He also uncovers the hidden information about battles in Kurland, Estonia, and East Prussia. 

During these battles, he also surrendered and was prisoned in Siberia. After few years, in 1949, he returned to Germany, but his mental condition was not the same as the life in prison broke him.

Since it is a true story and it tells the terrible history and stories of wars, you need a strong heart and mind to read it. The eyewitness account of war and its horrors will also take you into the imagination and make you feel what a radio operator felt from 1941 to 1949.

Rebuilding the Indian: A Memoir

Memoirs and autobiographies are a great way to share and talk about self-experiences, personal thoughts, and experiments with your audience and make more audience. It lets people know more about a particular person, group, or event. One such memoir was written by Fred Haefele and was named Rebuilding the Indian: A Memoir. 

This memoir highlights the resurrection of a dream. It tells the journey of a man through fearful life events and his quest for a peaceful and happy life. Fred Haefele was among those writers whose book could not get published. His disturbing and unsatisfied life was enough to kill him out of distress, but he did not lose hope. 

He was facing challenging situations, and guess what happened next? He bought a box of parts and restored an Indian Chef\’s motorcycle. Fred restored the bike with not so much knowledge about mechanics and took us down different roads of challenges.

The book is about fifty years old grown-up man who gets to remember boyhood dreams. Haefele has discussed his personal life and his choices in this book. We are lucky enough to find out about these life experiences as these experiences can help us in multiple ways.

It is not limited to rebuilding a motorcycle or some mechanical parts. The memoir also lets you explore more about rebuilding family and other relationships in life. It makes you realize that choices and decisions can be wrong, but they can give you a better direction.

Leave the Light On

It is not easy to come out of the darkness. It is not easy to choose the path of self-recovery. People get trapped in self-destruction to fulfill their desires and satisfaction and get the pleasure out of it.

They realize their self-destructive behavior when it is too late and when there is no going back. However, some rare gems out of these people understand things before the deadline and come back with more power. Jennifer Storm describes one such story in her memoir of self-recovery and self-discovery, named Leave the Light On.

This memoir is a follow-up to the book Blackout Girl, which has conquered many hearts with the compelling journey of Jennifer. Leave the Light On is an emotional encounter of problems, self-destructive behavior, and a dedicated journey of self-recovery.

It is a well-written and powerful memoir that shares the life experiences of Storm in brief chapters. She has shared her post-recovery life, her motivation to self-recovery, and she achieved self-discovery with it. The book will overwhelm you with different emotions such as sadness, happiness, and scare too.

It is a perfect choice for people of all ages; especially young people can take advantage of this book by learning about how to choose the right direction and how to enter the path of recovery. Jennifer Storm is that girl who even attempted suicide and tortured herself when she could not bear the pain. But this did not stop her from discovering herself.

Instead, it made her know more about herself. She became a successful person by overcoming her pain. She is now an inspiration for all the people struggling to deal with different life issues.

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