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Bee Squishmallows: Sizes, Prices, and More

Introducing Bee Squishmallows

Squishmallows have become an incredibly popular plush toy choice for kids and adults alike. These irresistibly soft and squishy creatures offer comfort, companionship, and endless hours of fun. One particular Squishmallow design that has captured the hearts of many is the adorable Bee Squishmallow.

The Buzz on Bee Squishmallows

The Bee Squishmallow features a charming yellow and black striped body, complete with cute little antennae and wings. Its friendly smile and huggable size make it an instant favorite among collectors and toy enthusiasts. Whether you’re a fan of bees or simply looking for a new addition to your Squishmallow collection, the Bee Squishmallow is sure to bring joy and delight.

Size Options

The Bee Squishmallow comes in various sizes to suit different preferences and needs. Here are the available size options:

  • Small: The small Bee Squishmallow measures approximately 8 inches in height, making it perfect for snuggling and taking on adventures.
  • Medium: If you’re looking for a slightly larger Bee Squishmallow, the medium size is approximately 12 inches tall, providing even more huggable goodness.
  • Large: For those who want a truly big cuddle buddy, the large Bee Squishmallow stands at an impressive 16 inches in height, offering extra squishiness and comfort.

Price Range

The price of a Bee Squishmallow may vary depending on the size and retailer. On average, you can expect to find the small size priced around $10 to $15, the medium size priced around $15 to $20, and the large size priced around $20 to $30. However, prices may differ slightly based on location and any ongoing promotions or discounts.

Where to Buy Bee Squishmallows

If you’re eager to add a Bee Squishmallow to your collection or gift one to someone special, there are several places where you can purchase them. Here are a few options:

  1. Online Retailers: Websites such as Amazon, Walmart, and Target often carry a wide selection of Squishmallows, including the Bee Squishmallow. You can conveniently browse through different sizes and compare prices before making your purchase.
  2. Toy Stores: Check out your local toy stores, both big chains and independent retailers. They may have a dedicated Squishmallow section where you can find the Bee Squishmallow along with other adorable designs.
  3. Collector’s Groups and Events: Joining Squishmallow collector’s groups on social media platforms like Facebook or attending toy fairs and conventions can also be a great way to find rare and limited-edition Bee Squishmallows.

Collecting Bee Squishmallows

For those who enjoy collecting Squishmallows, the Bee Squishmallow is a must-have addition. Its unique design and vibrant colors make it stand out among other Squishmallow characters. Whether you display them on your bed, shelf, or bring them along on your adventures, Bee Squishmallows are sure to bring a smile to your face.

The Perfect Gift

Looking for a delightful gift for a loved one? Bee Squishmallows make an excellent choice. Their softness, cuteness, and comforting presence make them a thoughtful present for birthdays, holidays, or any occasion. Whether it’s for a child, a friend, or even yourself, a Bee Squishmallow is sure to be cherished for years to come.

The official name of the Bee Squishmallow is Sunny the Bee.

  • Rarity of Queen Bee Squishmallow: There isn’t a specific “Queen Bee” Squishmallow (although some descriptions might reference a “queen bee form”). Sunny the Bee comes in different variations, including one with a crown, which might be mistaken for a queen bee version.

  • Where to Buy Squishmallows: Squishmallows can be found at various retailers, including:

    • Toy stores (e.g., Target, Walmart)
    • Online retailers (e.g., Amazon, Kellytoy – the official Squishmallow website)
    • Specialty stores
  • Squishmallow vs. Squishmallows: Both terms are acceptable! “Squishmallow” is the singular form, while “Squishmallows” is the plural form for these plush toys.

Sunny the Bee Squishmallow Information

BioSunny aspires to be a weather reporter because she has a knack for predicting the weather.
AppearanceSunny is a yellow bee with black stripes on her belly, silver wings, and pink blush. Her “Queen Bee” form has eyelashes, a crown, and sometimes a tie-dye pattern.
Other EditionsSunny comes in various editions with different features like crowns, eyelashes, and color variations. Some special editions include McDonald’s Happy Meal Sunny and Blacklight Sunny.
Alternate NamesImageNotable ChangesCollection/SquadSize(s)
Sunny Queen BeeSunny has eyelashes and a silver crown.Bugs Life Squad3.5″, 5″, 11″, 16″
Golden SunnyThe Queen Bee design with gold wings and a gold crown.5″, 7.5″, 11″
Tie-dye SunnyThe Queen Bee design with Tie-dyed body in yellow and white.Sassy Squad3.5″, 8″, 12″, 20″
Sunny StackableSunny in the flat, stackable style. She has pink and white flowers by the bottom of her face.Stackables10″, 12″
Sunny Hug MeeSunny as a Hug Mee. She has a tan face, a yellow nose, and a black body with a daisy embroidered on her belly.Hug Mees / Easter14″
Shades SunnySunny wears shades with a pink frame and blue lenses. Her wings are holographic and blue, with pink heart antennae with fuzzy stripes on her body.8″
Rainbow SunnySunny has stripes in the color order of the rainbow on her belly. This may be intended to be a pride flag, though it is not officially marketed that way. Squishdate: 7.8.2021Hot Topic Exclusives / BoxLunch Exclusives6″, 8″
Pride SunnySimilar to Rainbow Sunny but this edition wears a silver crown and she has eyelashes. Squishdate: 7.8.2021Pride8″, 12″
Blacklight SunnySunny is green, has a small crown, and glows under a blacklight. Squishdate: 11.1.2021Blacklight Collection3.5″, 5″, 8″ 12″
Besties SunnySunny’s eyes are closed in a happy expression and she has Best written on her belly in red. Squishdate: 1.24.2022Besties7.5″
Flower SunnySunny has a red-orange flower on her head, blush marks in the shape of hearts, and red, holographic wings. Squishdate: 4.11.2022Valentine Squad4.5″, 5″, 8″ 10″
Happy Meal SunnySunny wears red headphones and a purple and red flower crown. She has closed eyes and an open, happy mouth. She also has light blue wings.McDonald’s Exclusive3″
Fuzz-A-Mallow SunnySunny as a Fuzz-A-Mallow, she wears a silver crown.Fuzz-A-Mallows12″

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