Beauty Standards Are Changing with Time and with the Change in Our Culture

Beauty standards are changing with time and with the change in our culture, and beauty can be defined in so many ways. The Oxford Dictionary defines beauty as ‘‘Beauty is that quality of a person that provides him or her enjoyment and relish of the mind, that beauty can be of  human’s body or skin, nature, architecture or anything.’’ But here the researcher is concerned with the beauty standards of people living in the world, society or culture. From the numerous view-points regarding the effects of beauty standards on our society, the further debate is going-on. However, before discussing numerous aspects regarding beauty standards in world, it is important to understand the context in which such debates took place and also to embrace the reasons behind such debates.

Throughout history, there have many arguments raised about what is beautiful and what is not. That time colonialism affects the world’s present-day in context with beauty standards. Within this context, at that time beauty is considered as the light color skin or white skin. The fairer person is considered as the most attractive and most beautiful person at that time. On the major cause of setting beauty, standards are due to colonialism. Also, in the present age, beauty is considered as the whitening of skin which led people to follow that trend. Someone that is having dark skin, is considered as a lower class member or named as the ‘‘bad guy.’’

The light skin, as a preferable choice in almost every society, is playing a destructive role on the societal level. It becomes a social norm for the world and is fitted in every single person’s mind as an ideal. Such standards of beauty are affecting people globally especially young girls. The advertising industries of beauty creams are also playing a vital role in affecting and causing beauty standards in different societies. Due to which not only girls but also boys with dark skin attracted towards these beauty creams. Fair and lovely, as a product is also introduced for boys that want their skin to be toned in lighter color. Also the whitening treatments are playing a huge role in making beauty as a major cause to be powerful in the modern society.

Developing countries are facing many international as well as domestic and social problems in which beauty standards are also involved. Everyone is desiring light skin to compete with other having light skin in actual or may be whitened through any treatment or by using ointments and beauty products. Also the body image is a great problem for girls present day. They just so concerned with their body images that they just try to be fit at any cost and foe such purposes they use much tricks to stay smart and healthy along with fitness. Body images were defined as ‘‘the perception of any human about their physical body and also those thoughts that are created through those perceptions.’’ (McShirley). While the world in which we live physical fitness is a major part of a social norm along with light skin to live a joyful life. Such beauty standards that are coming out as a norm of modern society causes many social problems like health issues, identity issue, psychological problems like depression and anxiety etc.

Such a powerful race present in the society due to beauty standards either they exist in the form of light and dark skin contrast, or physical shape or body image they would effects the individual living in such societies that contain such issues. These effects would results in depression which becomes a social depression because these things affect the society as a whole.

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