Working at McDonald’s The Largest Fast-Food Chain In The World

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Jobs in multinational food chains for students as waiters or serving staff may help students as a financial source. Chains like McDonalds are places where students work part time along with their studies. The pays they get and the amount that they earn may serve as pocket money but does not become a source of experience or future benefits. These jobs are just going and coming back and serving people in these restaurants instead of learning something and gaining something for the future. (Etzioni) The jobs at multinational food chains can be seen as working like machines for the owners which slaughters the creativity of these students. These jobs have proved to be unhelpful and unbeneficial for these students working here for their future ventures. A research shows that selling things created by your own self are rather more beneficial for a youngster than working at these food chains. Selling your own things can teach you business skills and self maintenance. 

Critical Analysis

This article portrays an adverse effect of working in such food chains by arguing that it does not provide a good future for the young students working here. Perhaps the article is right somehow where it says that the students are working like robots for their bosses instead of getting something for future or learning something. It is right that there is less learning for the students in these kinds of jobs as they are just routine work for them but if we look at the brighter side we analyze that these jobs aren’t useless at all. These students tend to develop skills to earn earlier than their peers. The students by working part time at these food chains develop a capability of managing time along with studies. This gives them a time management skill substantially which are important for their future. Another advantage of working in these multinational companies enables them to experience their professional life before starting one. They become more capable at management by managing their part time job and education simultaneously.

These students are financially strong during their educational life and encounter less monetary issues than their counterparts. Working at these food chains makes them realize the hardships their parents have been bearing to earn a living. This job makes them aware of a budget constraint and maintenance of a budget just to pay for their own expenses even if they are watching movies or hanging out. The students get to learn about different things of working in different places. These jobs give these working students an edge over the other students as they are able to work anywhere and they would never starve because of their ego. (Littleton)These young students develop better communication skills than their counterparts by working in these food chains. These students tend to get better jobs as they won’t step back from any work because of their experience. The articles talks about the adverse effects of working at McDonalds or such fast foods which only consider the material value of working in these chains. The thing which the article does not consider is that there is an intrinsic value to working in these food chains for the students which counts in form of experience, finances, communication skills and a better capability than their fellows.

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