What to Check Before Buying Gaming Laptop Online!

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While the previous generation of gamers was hooked onto their desktops for playing games, today’s gamers rely on gaming laptops. Whether you are looking for a laptop for gaming solely, or the primary aim is something else, there are heaps of options available in the market.

When you are buying these laptops, you don’t consider the specifications only. Display, built-in keyboard, and other factors also come into play. Either you can go to the market and see the look and feel of the product, or you can buy online looking at the specs.

When you are buying it online, it is not an easy task to do. There are a lot of things to consider while buying it online. Following is the quick guide that will come in handy while buying a gaming laptop online so you can buy the perfect one according to your budget and needs.

Quick guide

Good GPU

Mostly games are GPU dependent. Moreover, you can’t upgrade the GPU on your laptops after buying online. A good GPU ensures that you can play games at high settings for a good few years.


Some of these laptops let you upgrade your storage and RAM of your laptops – better to check before purchasing if you intend to do so.

Speed or resolution

Nowadays, displays of 144Hz only appear well at 1920 x 1080 resolution. As a result, your 4K screen can get slower. Therefore, you have to consider its speed as well while buying online.

Good keyboard

You can’t ignore the value of a good gaming keyboard for an online purchase because surely, you do not want to play on something stiff or mushy.

Battery life

Battery life is a very common thing to check whenever we buy a gadget, whether online or physically. A few latest models will give you almost 8 hours of battery life or more on a single charge. With poor battery life, you will be stuck with the power supply always.

What is the GPU?

GPU stands for the “Graphics Processing Unit”. It is a programmable processor that has the speciality for rendering images on the screen of a computer. This is what will give you faster processing of graphics.

Which GPU do you need?

Today, some of the games use CPU, but most of the games are still bound to GPU. This is the biggest decision you have to make while buying these laptops. Moreover, most of these computers consist of RTX GPUs or Nvidia GeForce GTX.

Budget can be a major deciding factor for most novice gamers. However, there is no cause for alarm because there are plenty of options for buying a  best gaming laptop under $1000 that give you decent quality output. Also, remember to check the warranty and return options for any device you purchase.

Once you have made certain that CPU and GPU both have adequate capability and power, then select a laptop that offers you high VRAM and RAM. It is proven that if you have high RAM in your laptop, your gaming experience will also be better.

8GB RAM will provide you a fair experience; however, you shouldn’t go for anything less than that. Laptops that have GTX 1050 or GTX 1060 are appropriate enough for handling the pressure of gaming.

If you are unsure about specs, it is better to do your research before purchasing, instead of regretting later.

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