What is our digital future?

From last 3 decades the world has seen a remarkable technological shift.
The world has witness heavy gigantic machine-like computers turning into laptops and telephones turning into smartphones. Today, we are roaming around with screen that connects you with the world with just one click. Internet has made it easy for people to get connected instantly.

The new technologies, sensor embedded physical products, machine-learning and next-generation networks enables us to gather, engage, and process information in real-time at global scale. It is due to the technology that today’s human being know how to stay healthy, how to travel and how to overcome the environmental and developmental challenges.

By 2022, 60% of the global GDP is expected to be digitized. Which implies that we must consider the larger issues world might face because of technology.

.The devices you have in your hands and desks are both useful and fun but you cannot call it a fully digital world. It’s not even close. There are certain limitations. You have to wait after switching them on. You wait for an app to open. You have to follow the principles of the operating system, restricting your creativity.

Despite connecting half of the population of the world, a decline or slow growth in internet users is reported. The major concerns of the people are Privacy and Security. Trust in digital has seen a decline in recent surveys

The old devices are not compatible with the new devices. A few apps working on an operating system would not work on the other one.

There is a still a room of improvement and exploration in technology.

By 2050 world will be having 9 million people on its surface. Would today’s technology be able to tackle the challenges of that time? To meet the expectations of the people from digital world, the technological companies should come up with wiser solutions. World is looking at the leaders who can use their power to utilize the technology for the betterment of the people. But yet leaders wanting more options, clearly indicates that there is a room to dream about a digital world.

Technology is now aspiring to make everyone succeed and prosper. Imagine,if the future devices are continuous, your control over all your devices will expand exponentially. Your digital life will always be on, always being open and always yours to control. Your digital world will allow you to walk through a beautiful dawn. Or to allow you to direct your favorite fight scene.

You will become a global person who is connected to everyone, everywhere. The best knowledge and resources will be available to you at your fingertips. You will be controlling your world. But the question is that are we really ready for the digital future to take over us?

Of course, it will not happen overnight. With new technology and cool devices come new limitations. As our digital world will move forward, the devices will have to expand to their serving limits. It is high time to realize that a bright digital future is awaiting us, it will take time to get into the digital world but one day it will happen.

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