Top 10 Best Electric Vehicles To Buy In 2020!

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The electric car or electric vehicle concept is not really new but yet the awareness about these cars is yet to be raised. Technological advancements are not confined to mobile phones or smart computers but vehicles are part of the game.

Electric Cars Working Principle:

It is a combination of electric motors that propel it and rechargeable batteries which stores energy. An electric car is an environment-friendly automobile that was introduced in the 1880s. They enjoyed the status of most popular cars in the late 19th and early 20th century until gasoline vehicles captured the market. Gasoline vehicles were cheap in price. However, these vehicles were criticized due to causing harm to the environment. Hence, 2008 was the year of rebirth of electric vehicles with advanced and environment-friendly batteries. 

Why We Should Move On To Electric Cars Instead Of Traditional Cars?

We are living in the digital era, looking into the future regarding electric vehicles is becoming inevitable.  People are anticipating a future where roads will be populated with electric vehicles. Rechargeable battery-cars are now favorites of big giants of the automobile market. Established and new automakers are eyeing at coming up with a high tech EV that can operate on an increased charged.  It is expected that upcoming EVs would run for approx. 400 miles with a full charge of kilowatts.  This implies that customers and EV lovers should anticipate an electric car with the top-shelf performance and stunning yet stylish designs.

The year 2019 has already seen and experienced the iPace crossover SUV which was earlier introduced by Jaguar with est. range of 298 miles. It has twin electric motors that produce 395 horsepower within just 4.5 seconds.

Have a look at the upcoming best electric cars to buy in 2020!

1. Aston Martin Rapide E.

This brilliant and outstanding electric car is expected to be unveiled by the renowned sports-car maker of the British in 2020. This car model is anticipated to run for over 200 miles on a charge with reaching 60 mph within four seconds.

2. Kia Soul:


Many would-bes are familiar with Kia Soul. However, the more advanced yet funky design is launching in 2020. It is having a new 64 kWh lithium-ion polymer battery pack with an expected range of 225 miles which is said to be a considerable improvement in the redesigned model.

3. Mini Electric:


This Mini electric car is expected to be having a range of 200 miles with the Copper Coupe. It is said that it shares technology with the BMW i3.

4. Volkswagen ID.3:


This electric car will be available in the market in the summer of 2020. Having a range of approx. 250 miles is said to be having a fast charger.  This car is significant regarding batteries, as it has 2 levels of batteries. One is 45kWh battery which offers a range of 205 miles whereas the other battery is 77kWh with the range of 342 miles. It also provides enough space for passengers and a choice of two power levels for customers.

5. Tesla Model 3:


This EV comes with dual motors. Many people customers, in fact, automobile markets are eagerly waiting for this car to be launched. Electric car enthusiasts can’t contain the excitement to have a hand on experience with Tesla Model 3. With dual motors, it has a range of approx. 258 to 359 miles and said to be standing out in electric cars for its futuristic interior, updated software and superfast charging features.

6. Mercedes-Benz EQC:

And finally, Mercedes is getting back into the game of EVs by initially introducing a new batch of specially branded battery-powered cars in the U.S.  It will have twins or a pair of electric motors which will produce 400 horsepower. The operating range of these branded EVs by Mercedes is said to be 279 miles on a charge. The 400 horsepower will enable these Electric cars a run of 0-60 mph within five seconds.

7. Rivian R1T:

The upcoming Electric car has a sleek futuristic design. It is reported to have a range of 400 miles while reaching 60mph within three seconds only.  It will be followed by an SUV version which will be known as R1S.

8. Porsche Taycan:

Porsche Taycan will be introduced in the market with ultra-sleek driving experience. The four-door sports car will be having a range of 300 miles with two synchronous batteries. These motors will generate 600 horsepower enabling these electric cars to reach 60 mph in 3.5 seconds only.

9. Mercedes-Benz eSprinter:


It will be a redeemed model of the commercial van for the year 2020. A full-fledged electric design will be introduced with this model.

10. Bollinger B1:

The Bollinger is a known electric car maker that has designed Bollinger B1 EVs models for 2020. It will have a boxy-look electric sports car. These cars have been built on an aluminum frame, promising a range of 200 miles while reaching 60mph in 4.5 seconds.

These were some of the most-talked and anticipated upcoming Electric Vehicles and Electric cars for the year 2020. Hope you will find this article useful while picking up an electric car.

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