Top 5 Best Gaming Consoles

It feels good when you are able to use a well-performing console that puts out your game just the way it should be. There have been a few generations of video game consoles and this is the reason we have decided to run you through the best gaming consoles out there to make sure that you are able to enjoy your games with the best 5 selected top gaming consoles in the market today.


I do not think there is anyone of us would want to argue with the fact that the US manufactured Xbox console series are just the best gaming console that has been out for gamers over time. The Microsoft-owned console has been released as different series over time since the very first generation was released in 2001 under the brand name, Original Xbox Console. Four years later, the 2nd generation followed and was introduced as the Xbox 360 which was a significant development of the first Xbox. This console would be later be developed into the Xbox One Console that had really bad reviews due to its requirement to be connected to the internet once in a while to update its games library. This finally led to the announcement of the impressive slim Xbox One S on June 13, 2016. Xbox also has availed an online presence known as Xbox live.


Play Station is a game console that is manufactured in Japan by the Sony Interactive Company and it is officially abbreviated as PS. Having been introduced to the world twenty-one years ago, the PS console consists of four video games consoles as well as an internet service for gamers to play online. Its development has been consistent since the release of the very first console, the play station I n 1993.The second PS generation was a PlayStation 2 that was released in 2000 and up to date, it is considered as that best performing PS console of all times. Sony released the Play Station 3 as their third console, six years later. PlayStation 4 is the latest PS consoled to be released and pride the fastest console to have ever been sold having sold a whopping 1 million units in its first 24 hours of its release. PS has also put out different other versions of consoles that include handheld consoles known as Portable Play Station (PSP) and the PlayStation Vita that succeeded the PSP.


Nintendo is another Japanese in based video games console producer as well as a software developer and is among the biggest Video games company in terms of how much it is worth. It started as a game distributor and later concentrated into console manufacturer. First four versions of their Color TV-Game Home video consoles. Other consoles that Nintendo has developed includes a Virtual boy, The Nintendo 64/Ultra 64, Game boy Pocket, The game boy color, Game Boy Advance, Game Boy Advance SP, Nintendo DS, Nintendo DS Lite, Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Wii U to mention some of the consoles by Nintendo over the course of time.


This is another home video game console developed by the Japanese-based Nintendo as a sixth generation and is mostly referred to in its abbreviated form, the NGC. It was the first console of the Nintendo series to operate through the use of miniDVD format that is the optical discs as their primary data storage medium. It has the capability to support online gaming through the use of modems or broadband internet. It has an outstanding controller and an extensive software library as well as high-quality games.


Again, this is also another of Nintendo’s development that is part of the developer’s Game boy line. It is quite popular mostly because of the fact that it is a handheld of this line’s consoles a fact that has been proven by the fact that it was able to beat all its rivals to be one of the best performing Game Boy consoles.

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