The Best Chicken Wings in Islamabad Are Coming to Soul Fest

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The Best Chicken Wings in Town Are Coming to Soul Fest
When it comes to best wings, people of twin cities usually go WILD, but that isn’t the only option for
you now! We are introducing our scrumptious BBQ wings tossed in our finger licking homemade
sauces to make your taste buds dance in your mouth.
Wings Khaega is offering the best wings in Islamabad at Soul Fest 2020. We are a home based
startup wanting to change the trend of serving the customers with inedible food at higher prices.
This is the sole reason that we have introduced our fresh BBQ wings for you to enjoy this cold
weather along with some nice concert.
Our Inspiration
After having the worst experience at Islamabad Taste and eating 2 filthy fried wings from a stall
which were for 150PKR we came to the realization that this isn’t what the beautiful people of
Islamabad deserve. Just after taking the first bite, we had a feeling that someone is forcing us to eat
the worst fried wings like AMIR BHAI did on his show, you must remember “AAM KHAYEGA AAM?”
From there we got the name of our business WINGS KHAYEGA? Where we don’t force you to eat
some filthy fried wings. Rather we offer the best wings for you to enjoy the beautiful weather and
spend your money on something WORTHIT!
Our Menu
The names of the different flavored wings we offer are all inspired by the internet meme’s that we
all love. This includes:
 Nazuk Surat-e-haal: The spicy habanero wings to make your taste buds go wild!
 Yeh to Hoga: All-time favorite honey mustard wings
 Dehaati Wings: Add some ranch to your life with ranch sauce
 Simply BBQ: When it comes to BBQ-ued wings, you have to try them with some old
fashioned BBQ sauce.
 Special Khaayega: Try the BBQ wings with our all-time favorite special sauce. Shhhhh… the
recipe is a secret!
 KESA DIA?? Hain bhaee *censored*, well this is our platter with 10 wings of your choice!
What we need!
We need all the love and support from the people of Islamabad and Rawalpindi to make our
initiative a big success. On our side, we promise to serve the best wings that you ever have had in
your life!

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