Suicidal Tendencies in Teens, Adults and Elders: An Alarming Phenomenon

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It is sad and heartbreaking to see young buds losing a life before blooming to its fullest. The suicidal tendencies in teenagers and adults have seen a disturbing hike in the past few years.  These tendencies and inclination towards death by suicide need to be addressed immediately.

It is reported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that an increase in teen suicides has been seen from 2007 to 2015. Thus, the suicide rate in teen boys has increased by 31%, whereas, the suicide rate in teen girls in doubled than boys, during the same period.

 The major factor of attempting suicide is depression; a mental illness where a person experience hopelessness, withdrawal, severe sadness, extreme sensitivity and darkness in life. Depression is one of the severe forms of mental sickness. Others are delusions, hallucinations, schizophrenia, etc.

 A person going through depression needs care and love from family and proper medical assistance. Or else he/she will attempt suicide. Reports show that 90% of the people who committed suicide were suffering from mental illness. The most common illnesses were depression, impulsiveness, substance usage, alcoholism, and drug abuse.

It is also reported that the suicidal thoughts are not the consequential result of a long term family stress. But, having prolonged stressful life causes severe sadness, hopelessness, anger, loss, anxiety and occasionally thought of attempting suicide.

Unfortunately, suicides or suicidal tendencies are found across all ages, races, ethnics and socioeconomic groups. However, a study found that In the US, the kids aged 10-12 are suicidal and commit suicide. Age groups 10-24 are also affected by the depression and anxiety which lead them to commit suicide. Nearly 1 out of 8 children experience suicidal thoughts. In adults, the suicide rate is 4 times higher in males than females, but females commit suicide 3 times as often as males. Everyone gets affected by suicide, the one attempting it and those who are left behind.

What are the main symptoms of suicide?

 One of the primary symptoms of suicide or suicidal thoughts is the person talks about suicide and deaths often. The person is more inclined towards harming him/herself. If you see someone with such symptoms, seek professional help immediately.

 Here are some of the symptoms of suicides:

 1. Mental Illness

It is important to study or observe the behavior of the person going through depression. The major mental illness and cause or suicide is depression.

 2. Family History of Suicide:

 If there is a family history of suicides then there are high chances of suicidal tendencies in upcoming generations.

 3. Physical/Sexual Abuse:

 Experiencing physical and sexual abuse leads to severe mental stress. The victim eventually finds shelter in death and attempt to commit suicide.

 4. Losing Dear Ones:

The death of someone very close or loved ones leads to depression. It is also one of the reasons people commit suicide.

 5. Aggressive Behavior:

 Aggressiveness or anger in behavior is one of the symptoms of suicidal tendencies. Emotional reaction or impulsivity triggers suicidal thoughts.

 6. Social Isolation:

A person having suicidal thoughts will gradually distant him/herself from social gatherings. They will like to spend time alone.

 7. Poor Coping Skill:

 It becomes difficult for a suicidal person to cope up with routine issues.

 Apart from these mentioned symptoms, other warning signs can be observed in a person with suicidal tendencies.

 Such people will be preoccupied with death; it will be visible through their written notes, their talks about death and harming oneself, in their artwork, drawings or music. They unconsciously send messages through their behavior.

 You would find them lost in their thoughts. They will be sad most of the time. They will be talking about hopelessness and darkness. You would see them withdrawing from the activities, they loved once.

 They start using drugs abusing; alcoholism and substance usage which keep them low on energy. They can’t think properly, they can’t perform daily duties well.

Such people around you find extra attention, care, and love. Don’t leave them alone, in fact, help them and make them visit psychiatrist regularly.

 Mental Health Is Important than Anything Else in Life!

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