Public Suffers in Government Departments due to Lack of Information

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The people of Pakistan and foreigners visiting Pakistan need to visit government institutions and departments for different issues regarding their land, properties, attestations, complaints, apply for a job, or to pay their taxes. The people are not aware of the procedures to be followed while going to numerous government offices and they are sent to multiple desks before being told about procedures. The lack of information about procedures among these people causes them to loiter back and forth to get their job done.

It is a known truth that government offices in Pakistan make you loiter around for days, weeks or years before you get your work done. Moreover, most of the people who are mistreated or misguided are the ones who are unaware of procedures to get their work done. The lack of knowledge and guidance about procedures increase the suffering of already grieved citizens. There is a need of a credible source providing information about all the procedures and steps for every service provided by the Government of Pakistan. Students who intend to get their documents attested need to run here and there from desk to desk to ask for procedures. A person who buys a car and wants to get it registered in his name has to bribe agents to get their work done. A retired civil servant runs here and there for years to get his/her pension commenced. A government servant who has died and his widow needs to get his pension suffers months just to get her right.  If one plans to file a petition in the court, he is not aware of the procedures to do so. There are hundreds and thousands of similar instances where there is a need for a guideline.

A website or an online resource containing information about all the procedures of tasks with respective departments to understand the procedure before visiting a government office will save time, energy and increase the efficiency of work. Such online resource in multiple languages and formats will alleviate the sufferings of a common person who has to pay for his shoe leather cost to get his right. There are hundreds of important government departments, without whom a common person cannot register his assets, get his land transferred, get his pension or register a complaint. The website or an informative application will provide information and state the procedures to execute different tasks in a government department. The website and application will assist people with a step-by-step process to avail every facility a department offers. This resource will also provide people a peek into their rights and legal and illegal actions in a government department. The website will not only provide a written content in different languages but voice recordings, in numerous folk languages of Pakistan, regarding every procedure to proceed with your work in government departments. These recordings will help users who cannot read and write.

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