12 Types OF Propaganda Advertising Techniques [2021]

12 Types of Propaganda Techniques in Advertising

Have you ever felt like you were being manipulated to do something?

You probably were.

There is always the chance that it was all in your head, and you just felt like you were being used. But it is not unlikely that someone made use of your emotions to get something they needed.

It makes sense if someone you know personally was able to do that but did you know strangers often manage to influence you too?

It’s true! How?

Through propaganda in advertising.

In this blog post, we’re going to discuss 12 types of advertisement propaganda and how it is often used to manipulate your buying decisions.

What rings a bell when you think about the word propaganda? You may connect it with the Nazis and their deception crusades.

Due to these wartime and political affiliations, propaganda is by and large saw as something innately negative. Be that as it may, in the most impartial sense, it’s just a strategy to disperse or advance specific thoughts.

Quick forward to today and you’ll see that advertising efforts are loaded down with propaganda, too. Whether or not we can remember them as such is an alternate matter.

All in all, how did promoting and advertising meet propaganda? All things considered, everything began during the 1920s…

The start of corporate propaganda

After World War II, Edward Bernays rebranded propaganda as advertising. He utilized Sigmund Freud’s work on mental inspirations and changed how publicists offered items and administrations to buyers.

His work acquired him the title: father of current mass propaganda or the dad of advertising.

Present-day propaganda in advertising

Note that this technique for influence is a purposeful demonstration. In Endless Propaganda: The Advertising of Public Goods, Paul Rutherford says, “Propaganda is a cognizant demonstration—an incidental propaganda is a paradoxical expression.”

On top of that, the acknowledgment that we are dependent upon propaganda techniques from brands can appear to be disturbing.

In any case, before you begin addressing whether each organization is behaving like Big Brother, relax because of realizing that propaganda can likewise be utilized for acceptable. Everything boils down to purpose.

Underneath, we’ve recorded the most widely recognized kinds of propaganda in advertising with important models so you can see the idea in real life.

What Exactly Is Advertising Propaganda?

To address this inquiry, we should initially review what propaganda implies. Propaganda is data that is one-sided or is utilized so that it deceives the designated individual, thus inspiring them to think or act a specific way.

Propaganda in advertising is only something similar – it is the cautious show of data such that impacts how a customer or potential buyer sees the item or administration and how they act, think or feel thus.

What does the publicist accomplish by doing this?

This ought to be an easy decision – they need to urge you to purchase their item or administration rather than some other. What’s more, they accomplish this by playing with your feelings to get the ideal result.

So how would they do it?

To be more clear:

What are the 12 techniques of propaganda that they use?

1. Testimonial

This type of propaganda utilizes notable or believable figures to impact the intended interest group.

During the 1980s, the folks over at Texas Department of Transportation were spending about $20 million on tidying up litter on thruways.

Their supplications to individuals for keeping the roads clean showed no improvement. They then, at that point employed Mike Blair and Tim McClure of GSD&M to make a mission to make something happen.

Also, that is the means by which the Don’t play with Texas heritage started.

The mission, highlighting state saints, resounded so well with the intended interest group that littering went down around 72% somewhere in the range of 1987 and 1990.

2. Stereotyping

This propaganda strategy features generalizations and afterward either supports or breaks them with the message in the promotion.

Continuously’s Like a Girl promotion finds a way into this class of propaganda commercial and conveys positive meanings.

3. Fear appeals

The plan behind these sorts of propaganda promotions and messages is to frighten individuals into making the ideal move.

PSAs frequently utilize this strategy and Embrace Life’s video is another illustration of propaganda supported with honest goals.

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4. Bandwagon

The bandwagon marvel makes a feeling of disengagement and triggers FOMO (fear of passing up a major opportunity) in explicit individuals who long to be essential for some positive gathering.

Fyre Festival’s advertising effort shows this technique in real life. Billy McFarland, the celebration’s originator, got famous people like Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid, and Hailey Baldwin to advance the occasion.

In spite of the fact that showcased as a selective event, it wound up being a finished sham.

5. Plain folks

Some of the time, seeing apparently ordinary individuals embrace an item or administration primes possibilities to give it a shot since they can see it fit into their regular day to day existences, too. This is the essential thought behind the plain folks propaganda strategy.

Nutella’s business falls into this class and at last pulled in analysis. The brand was sued for showcasing itself as a “breakfast food” when it is, actually, simply a treat in a container.

6. Transfer propaganda technique

The plan behind this strategy is to nonsensically attach the crowd’s positive relationship to a totally inconsequential idea.

Transfer propaganda depends on imagery to push its intended interest group to make irrational associations.

Edward Bernays’ Torches of Freedom crusade is a great representation of this idea in real life.

7. Name-calling

Name-calling propaganda depends on putting the other party down. Utilizing this technique in advertising ordinarily begins brand wars. It very well may be cheerful, however in some cases the hostility can get exceptional.

Here’s an old Burger King business taking a poke at McDonald’s.

8. Card stacking

Card stacking presents particular data to paint a deficient and inaccurate account to impact individuals. Organizations that participate in green washing utilize this strategy and H&M is regularly condemned for it.

9. Glittering generalities

Glittering generalities utilizes stacked words and solid trademarks to leave an effect on the crowd getting the message.

In promoting, this assumes a major part in brand situating. Esteemed vehicle brands like Jaguar and Mercedes-Benz frequently utilize this strategy in their notices.

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10. Relentlessly propaganda

This kind of propaganda depends on the force of redundancy. Endlessly showcasing efforts target crowds at a high recurrence to stay top of psyche.

Wix utilizes this strategy and allegedly has a yearly promotion spending plan of more than $100 million.

You’ve presumably run over a few of their plugs while watching recordings on YouTube or perusing other web-based media stages.

11. Appeal to prejudice propaganda

This strategy abuses prejudices for the advocates’ advantage. Decency cream promotions fall under this umbrella.

That covers the most widely recognized propaganda techniques and how they’ve been utilized for both honorable and loathsome purposes.

As an advertiser, understanding these strategies can help you dispatch extraordinary missions. In any case, we trust you’ll utilize your new understanding with thought and care.

In case you’re on the lookout for a significant promotion video for your business and need to dispatch a video-supported mission that will brush your partner’s socks off, then, at that point make certain to hit us up. We’d love to talk technique.

12 – Fake News:

Some companies or individuals use fake news techniques indirectly.After gaining focus the give a denial statement.This help them gain a lot of highlights.


Regardless of whether a promoter utilizes propaganda advertisements or a print or computerized promotion in addition to other things, they are utilizing a type of technique to control you and impact your purchasing choices.

This reality stays as before, regardless of which propaganda types they use.

So know, stay cautious, and pick shrewdly.

Do you think we have missed a significant propaganda gadget?

Disclose to us about it by remarking underneath!

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