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Specifications: Yangtao Nut Style, Yangtao Vine Ball Style, Yangtao Corn Core Style, Yangtao Vine Ball Corn Skin Style, Yangtao Colored Corn Skin Style, Large Combination Style, 5 Perforated Yangtao Fruits, Approximately 40g Perforated Yangtao Blocks, Yangtao Style


Non toxic and safe for birds.

Suitable for small pets such as birds, parrots, chinchillas, hamsters, and gerbils.

These pet chewing toys are of appropriate size and have a natural grassy odor, making it easy to attract pets and promote their chewing.

Small animals keep their teeth sharp, clean, healthy, and clean by chewing on this toy ball.

The parrot chew block is equipped with high-quality metal hooks, which can be easily connected to most metal cages.

Bird toys are brightly colored and beautiful decorations hung on birdcages or walls at home.

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Stand Rod Bird Cage*1 
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Weight0.05 kg
Dimensions170 × 120 × 50 cm

Opp Bagged, Bulk


Carambola Nut Style, Carambola Vine Bal Style, Carambola Corncob Style, Vine Bal Corn Husk, Colorful Corn Husk, Major Combination Style, Perforated Carambola Fruit 5, 40g Carambola Block, Carambola Style, Set

12 reviews for Parrot Toys Parrot Bite Supplies Bird Stand Rod Bird Cage

  1. S***s

    Muy buen producto, igual al que anuncian en la imagen
    no remark

  2. T***p

    Everything okay, it’s just that my bird is not very interested..

  3. F***y

    дивовижна іграшка, я в захваті

  4. W***r

    So beautiful 🥰
    no remarkno remark

  5. O***q

    Thanks. It’s very good 👍
    no remark

  6. R***t

    Like it. Thanks
    no remark

  7. K***q

    bird lives it
    no remark

  8. L***v

    no remark

  9. S***z

    muy buen juguete tiene buen tamaño y buen precio

  10. V***n

    muy buenos juguetes

  11. J***e

    It arrived very quickly, looks interesting. I think this is probably suitable for large parrots

  12. C***q

    Хорошая игрушка
    no remark

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