Foldable Portable Coffee Filter Stainless Steel Coffee Machine


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No filter paper, tasteless, more environmentally friendly paper: Don’t worry about the smell of filter paper affecting the taste of coffee.

Don’t worry about running out of filter paper, reduce paper waste, and environmental protection.

The non-toxic and odorless ABS resin meets the sanitation and safety requirements of the medicine and food industries: good oil resistance, smooth surface and easy to clean.

The filter handle adopts a double-layer filter structure, matched with a professional Italian coffee machine, and has a good filter effect.

The inner layer of the filter paper is woven from high-density ultra-fine metal wires, which are insulated from coffee powder. The outer layer of the thickened stainless steel plate is laser perforated to provide an Additional protective layer.

Folding design: can be carried with you. The internal contact surface with coffee is made of ABS material, which has good self-cleaning performance.

The steel mesh part of the cup is polished: coffee grounds are not easy to adhere, and both sides are rinsed clean.

Packing List:

Coffee cup*1

Weight0.43 kg
Dimensions95 × 95 × 140 cm

Black, Black 2pcs, Black 4pcs


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