Coffee grounds bucket

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The deep bowl design is not easy to splash coffee grounds;

The main pole is made of ITL engineering rubber, which plays a very good cushioning role and protects the handle of the coffee machine; it is an ideal accessory for professional semi-automatic coffee machines.

Anti-skid design at the bottom, super strong anti-fall, easy to clean.

Weight0.24 kg
Dimensions300 × 200 × 120 cm


100 reviews for Coffee grounds bucket

  1. H***h

    Very nice

  2. C***g

    Top part,'s nothing to say. Package while totally crushed, what the content but not bothered.

  3. S***r

    GOOD !

  4. M***i

    Great. Thank you

  5. A***m

    Just as described. Good quality Knock Bin.

  6. N***i

    Very good

  7. C***n

    So small. ㅠ _ ㅜ

  8. B***r

    Works well. Took some time to arrive. Fits description

  9. M***n

    small solid little thing

  10. B***z

    A little small, but it does the trick.
    no remarkno remarkno remark

  11. A***y

    Its size is small and suitable for home use and materials made of high quality
    no remark

  12. H***i

    I loved it thanks

  13. S***s

    Very good.

  14. J***k


  15. G***a

    Arrived but small size, thank you

  16. K***e

    Fast post – good product. Item sent is a little different to photo but works well all the same

  17. J***e

    Good seller and good products

  18. A***a

    no remark

  19. S***r


  20. E***s

    So sweet.
    no remark

  21. G***r

    Very good and high quality small size but good for home

  22. S***o

    Too small

  23. K***z

    Excellent but small

  24. M***I

    no remark

  25. S***d

    I recommend
    no remark

  26. I***r

    Quite sturdy and well built.

  27. S***a

    Very good thank you
    no remark

  28. E***h

    Good product

  29. A***i

    Its quality is excellent and fast shipping
    no remark

  30. A***d

    it is good as the picture

  31. A***v

    Excellent quality, but for coffee shops will be too small for 6-7 tablets

  32. A***i

    It’s very good

  33. A***i

    Received in good conditions

  34. S***m

    The material is very good but the size is fairly small, the larger size is better
    no remarkno remarkno remark

  35. E***n

    very good
    no remark

  36. I***i

    Thank you excellent quality good price

  37. M***n

    big enough for 58mm portafilter

  38. N***n

    The goods are good and the same picture and the seller is responsive but there was a delay because of our transport company Carrier
    no remark

  39. F***r


  40. S***s

    It's great. I wish i had the bigger one.
    no remark

  41. A***j


  42. D***n

    A bit on the small side, but very good product and good quality.

  43. E***s


  44. S***h

    good product and fast delivery. Thank you so much seller
    no remark

  45. A***i

    Small size but satisfactory and meets the purpose and excellent quality

  46. A***d

    Arrived in very good condition but delayed shipping for a month

  47. M***i

    the product is very good thanks sales

  48. F***l


  49. H***z

    نوعية جيده والحجم متوسط

  50. A***i


  51. G***l

    Product arrived just as described

  52. M***x

    Ot took a wee while to arrive but i received it in good order.

  53. G***o

    haven't used it yet. but the quality is great! shipped and received fast!!
    no remark

  54. N***z

    מפתיע עד כמה נוח וטוב לשימוש הגיע תוך שבועיים מומלץ

  55. H***n

    Good product for home use. Easily fits around 4-5 pucks.

  56. S***ه

    حجمه صغير لكن ثقيله وكويسه

  57. H***y

    الجودة ممتازة بس حجمة صغير

  58. I***y

    very good quality and fast shipping

  59. H***d

    شكرا للتاجر وصلت خلال ١٠ ايام وجميلة الحجم والجودة
    no remark

  60. A***y

    Выглядит классно, размер – в самый раз. До окончания ремонта решил не использовать, если что, потом дополню отзыв

  61. N***y

    very happy with item. works well and is small. fits about 7 coffee pucks
    no remark

  62. M***a


  63. M***z

    Todo perfecto, buena calidad, robusto.
    no remarkno remarkno remark

  64. S***r

    بلاستيك قوي، حجمها ممتاز.
    no remark

  65. G***m

    Arrived in good condition excellent size and solid quality
    no remark

  66. H***y

    The order arrived quickly.

  67. K***n

    Very convenient) small for the house is the most it. Durable plastic. Rubberized stick and bottom. It came quickly
    no remarkno remarkno remark

  68. S***r

    beautiful one i love it small one thanks to seler comes in 10 days

  69. A***i

    As advertised, great quality

  70. A***i

    Excellent and quality Quesa and heavy Mo light means it is cool
    no remarkno remarkno remark

  71. U***h

    Very fast delivery
    As described
    no remark

  72. G***p

    It came intact. Quality is good. I liked it.

  73. H***h

    very good quality but little bit small
    and got it in 20 days

  74. J***t

    Great salesman. Very fast shipping and quality product. I recommend

  75. K***k

    Everything ok. Box is durable and well made.
    no remarkno remark

  76. R***z

    Beautiful but small size and plastic

  77. J***n

    Good quality, very satisfied

  78. P***g

    This came to Canada West Coast in less than a week.
    Super impressive shipping time. Probably the fastest shipping I've ever received from Aliexpress.

    The knockbox itself is made of hard plastic yet the top and and the bottom of the rim is either rubber or silicone to prevent from moving while dumping the espresso disc.

    The 'cross bar' is soft plastic or rubber as well so it will NOT damage your portafilter at all.

    High recommended. Instead of spending $20+ at online giant retailer here, this is definitely worth the wait.

  79. A***v

    Quality is normal, delivery is fast

  80. J***g

    The box that came with it was all squished from the shipping – but the product was fine!

  81. A***i

    Excellent product and not large size was requested on 22sep and was connected to Saudi Arabia on October 10

  82. A***k

    The product is as described and is of excellent quality

  83. S***i

    Recommended for home coffee

  84. G***a

    A cool thing, a rubberized bottom and a stick on which to knock a rock. Sent and came quickly! I'm happy and I recommend the seller
    no remark

  85. K***n

    So beautiful.

  86. F***n

    great little knock box

  87. S***m

    Very nice.
    no remark

  88. M***e

    Wow rapide perfect

  89. K***r

    Fast delivery, nice product. What else?

  90. S***m


  91. N***i


  92. S***i

    Arrived in excellent condition and good time and thank the merchant for the speed of response and the product is identical to what was requested from the site the packaging was excellent packaging and the quality of the product is excellent and deserves excellent evaluation and if you want to order again you will I return to ask him and recommend asking this trader

  93. A***y

    Excellent box, for home the most it. Took for 720r

  94. Y***e

    super cool.

  95. E***v

    Received on time. I arranged the goods.

  96. J***

    The product as they described but for me it's small.
    no remark

  97. A***o

    Great thing! Small in size, but convenient to use. With one punch, coffee falls comfortably, delivery is extra fast (6 days) to Finland.

  98. D***a

    Excellent product

  99. A***u


  100. D***.

    just what i was missing from perfect coffee experiene!
    no remarkno remark

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