Beeswax Cloth Preservation Wrapping Paper


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Specifications: Strawberry 3-piece set, classic lemon 3-piece set, purple pattern 3-piece set, yellow fruit 3-piece set, monstera 3-piece set, glazed lemon 3-piece set, green leaf 3-piece set, butterfly line 3-piece set, classic green leaf 3-piece set, banana 3-piece set, new lemon 3-piece set, pineapple 3-piece set, bee 3-piece set, vegetable line 3-piece set, bird 3-piece set, cactus 3-piece set, orange 3-piece set, kiwi fruit 3-piece set, bear 3-piece set, siberian hazelnut 3-piece set, sapphire blue flower 3-piece set, purple 4-piece set, green leaf 4-piece set, roll orange 33 * 100cm, roll blue 33 * 100cm

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Material: Paper/cardboard

Process: Heating

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Wrapping paper *3pcs

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Weight0.08 kg
Dimensions120 × 120 × 20 cm

Beeswax Cloth


Strawberry 3 Piece Set, Classic Lemon 3 Piece Set, Purple Pattern 3 Piece Set, Yellow Fruit 3 Piece Set, Monstera 3 Piece Set, Glazed Lemon 3 Piece Set, Green Leaf 3 Piece Set, Butterfly Line 3 Piece Set, Classic Green Leaf 3 Piece Set, Banana 3 Piece Set, New Lemon 3 Piece Set, Pineapple 3 Piece Set, Bee 3 Piece Set, Vegetable Line 3 Piece Set, Bird 3 Piece Set, Cactus 3 Piece Set, Orange 3 Piece Set, Kiwi Fruit 3 Piece Set, Bear 3 Piece Set, Siberian Hazelnut 3 Piece Set, Sapphire Blue 3 Pieces, Purple 4 Piece Set, Green Leaf 4 Piece Set


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