Precautions for safety from Corona Virus ( COVID-19)

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A) Every time you come from outdoor or have met anyone who came from outside, be it your family member or a friend or stranger, practice the following five steps:-

  1. Wash your hands with soap
  2. Rinse both nostrils with water
  3. Rinse mouth or gargle
  4. Wash the face with water

B.) Avoid unnecessary visits to places where there is a rush of people like shopping malls, hospitals, superstores, airports, railway stations, etc.

  1. When you have to visit such places, avoid hand-shakes and avoid touching your face or mouth.
  2. Keep several tissues with you.
  3. Practice using new tissue if you have to touch the points of mass contact like elevator buttons and escalator railings.
  4. While coughing or sneezing, use tissues or sneeze into your elbow and not in our hands.
  5. Immediately throw the used tissue in a nearby bin.

C) Avoid all non-essential travel.

D) Avoid doctor’s or hospital visits unless necessary. Clinics and hospitals become a source of infection in outbreak situations.

E) Avoid eating out and always eat hygienic properly cooked food. Drink properly boiled water (to be heated 15 minutes after boiling) or bottled water of good brands only.

F) Keep yourself well hydrated all the time by drinking at least 10-12 glasses of water a day.

G) Have regular use of multi-vitamins especially vitamin C. Regular usage of lemon is recommended.

H) Do Not panic. Keep calm and try to be a source of support and guidance to others especially those who are weak, helpless or illiterate.

F) If any of your acquaintance gets flu-like symptoms, keep the person in isolation till gets well, and practice extra-measures for hygiene while meeting that person. All such cases need to remain well hydrated and have good nutrition. If the fever and flu don’t subside in three days or if the condition worsens, get medical help.

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