Rising Poverty and Inequality in Today’s World

In all over the world everyone meet their basic needs in order to fulfill their requirements but there were those person who tried but fail to meet basic needs and become the part of poverty. Throughout the history poverty was considered as a major concerned at local as well as national level but its effect on local level is much more disastrous. It would be the political, social and other factors that create poverty. But talking about the global age poverty is the part of global world as it exists all over the world not only in a single place or country. Poverty is that disease which not only effects the condition of under developing countries but also it impacts on global world. On the other hand talking about the inequality process it has been noticed since by the time of British rulers or we can say throughout the history whenever there is the factor of distribution always the upper classes gain higher distribution than that of the lower one. Always such distributions cause inequality and create a class difference but the question is about when all this stuff ends up. If the public is poor so, what should be the future of that nation but all public is not the poorer one in every society there must be two classes which were based on their status in the society. One who owned much that he would overcome any type of crisis at any cost but what about the one who would never overcome such crisis just because of the inequality process or just of he belongs to the working class and was not the part of elites. This is not only effecting people on state level it effects on domestic and household level due to which the whole family would be target by depression. Healthy person is better able to secure his future, his health and everything than that of weaker one. Many countries are running private educational institutes and we all know that the poorer one never and ever admit his child in that institute just because they cannot afford the expense in the end it results in the same process that the child in future should have a better future, he must have strong economic capital due to which automatically he gain a higher status in the society thus this cycle runs just same until some serious action should not taken in any country to reduce poverty rate. Women and children were also being effected by this inequality and poverty. Both these factor were considered such an illness which would end up the future of any state because when any factor crosses the patience of any person it has some serious effects which were exist in that country and should remain present in history or also may be it would shown up in the future as the results of that rebel done by the poorer. The poorer one feels so helpless that he would never come up to a healthy environment. The effects of poverty are mostly interconnected so that one problem could never come alone. Also the development gaps are just so high that it is difficult for an under developing country to overcome with such type of crisis including poverty but it does not mean that the developed countries are just simply overcome these crisis it is difficult to reduce poverty factor but it would be possible with our efforts and struggle. Public struggle results in nation struggle which ultimately results in the development of that nation or that country. So, by just paying attention towards our problems we simply come up with the solutions toward the local and national problems and help our nation to be stronger enough to overcome such crisis.

We are living in the 21st century; most of us are educated and literate, so why we should not solve these problems. Not only the government is responsible for poverty but it would us who never ever understand that what we should do effect on our country’s development. If we know that we would not provide many facilities to each of our child than why we should not have control on reproduction rate, why we should not control our own self to reduce poverty rate. We are living in the global world in which the race and competition are going on and never stop we should have to contribute much and much more in development of our country. We should know the literacy rate was increasing day by day because people just give birth to any child without the thoughts that what would be the future of that child what would be the future of that country in which population is increasing day by day but literacy rate was not decreasing at any cost. It would us who have to think about our future, our generation future and our country’s future. Government should provide facilities according to our needs but when we are not preparing our self to understand our conditions our country conditions than how would government help us. Also when we confront the job problems it’s also causing the conflict between women and men if we consider that at any place only women are the source of getting income it is a disastrous condition that women are paid less for the same job as compared to men. Why we cannot understand that both these are doing the same job than why such inequality exist. We all have to struggle hard for the alleviation of poverty from our nation. But first of all we have to look upon the understanding factor that whether public understands that it’s not only the responsibility of government to end up poverty from the nation but it requires community to participate at grass root levels to end this. Whatever we perform while living in this fast moving world would ultimately effects our nation than why all of us should not help themselves’ to alleviate poverty. Poverty just starts from grass roots levels than on domestic levels at the end it spread all over the world

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