Upcoming 8 Netflix Originals!

 Who is not familiar with Netflix and its remarkable collection of shows and seasons? Since Netflix emerged, it has given many hit TV shows to its viewers. Netflix is growing day by day and people anxiously wait for sequels of their favorite seasons.

 Netflix is filled with TV shows, Seasons, documentaries and much more. Stranger Things, Black Mirror, Money Heist and many more popular and hit series are the gift of Netflix for its viewers. Every year Netflix comes up new original shows or sequels of previously running shows.

 Similarly, Netflix is gearing up to treat its viewers with some new Netflix originals for the year 2020.

 Here are the upcoming Netflix Originals:

 1. Ares:

 In January 2020, Netflix is all set to release a brand new show named Ares. The Netherlands’ production has a supernatural and horror story plot.


 The story revolves around best-friends Rose and Jacob who surrender to a secret student society in the heart of Amsterdam. Blinded by power, money and luxury, both Jacob and Rose starts to realize that mistakenly they have entered a dark and demonic world that holds secrets of Netherlands’ past. It is a place where true power comes at a dreadful price.

 Release Date: January 17th 2020

 2. Nailed It! Germany:

 Nailed It! Is a baking show and it is returning with its German version. In November 2019, French and Spanish versions of the show are ready to be released.

 Release Date: January 17th 2020

 3. The Witcher:

 Since its announcement made in 2017, this TV show has been highly anticipated by Netflix viewers. Coming to hit the screens on 20th December 2019, the series is based on the Witcher books authored by Andrzej Sapkowski.


 Henry Cavill is in as Geralt of Riva – the monster hunter who later becomes a father figure and caregiver to Ciri, who is a young nubile lady holding an important destiny.

 4. Cursed:

 This upcoming Netflix original series comprised of 10 episodes will arrive in 2020. The series is stemmed from King’s Arthur’s Lady of the Lake Figure. Furthermore, Cursed is based on the young adult book of Frank Miller the writer of the comic book ‘The Dark Knight and Sin City’ and Tom Wheeler the producer of Puss In Boots.


 Katherine Langford will be playing Nimue who is the narrator of the story. Nimue is a teenage girl with some special gift and she came to know about herself, to fulfil her destiny she goes out on the journey following her mother’s death.

 Nimue joins a young man named Arthur who is already put on his quest to find the magician Merlin and to deliver an ancient sword. There the Future Lady becomes a symbol of rebellion and strength against the dreadful Red Paladins and their King Uther.

 5. Spectros:

 Spectros is a Brazilian supernatural thriller which will be available on Netflix in 2020. Douglas Petrie is showrunner which implies that one should expect extra-ordinary stuff.


 Spectros is a story of a group of Sao Paulo youngsters. They are drawn to an unusual world with supernatural powers which lead back to 1908. The plot involves Brazilian folklore and Japanese ghosts’ tales. To find more we have to wait until the show hits our screens.

 6. Grace and Frankie – Season 6:

 Okay, enough of scary and spooky shows, now let’s have some laughing roller-coaster ride with the upcoming sixth season of Grace and Frankie. This show has proved to be the biggest comedy show by Netflix.


 Although most of you are well-aware of the story plot and if you are new, I would recommend you to watch the previous seasons of the show to know what Frankie and Grace who are enjoying their lives to the fullest since the breakup are up to in the brand new upcoming season.

 Release Date: Yet To Be Decided

 6. The Last Kingdom – Season 4:

 The filming of the season started in spring this year and it’s expected to be hitting the screens in late 2019 or in early 2020.


 Alexander Dreymon has decided to return to his homeland and reclaim his ancestral home, but it seems as cards hold a different destiny for him.

 Release Date: To Be Decided

 7. Anne with an E – Season 3:

 The 3rd season of Anne with an E will be returning to Netflix in 2020. The Netflix original has been very well received by the audience till now and expectations are high from the upcoming season.


 In season 3 we will see Anne turning 16. As she turns 16, she looks back at her past life. She receives some unforeseen information which surprises her.

 Release Date: January 3rd 2020

 8. The Kissing Booth 2

The hilarious and funny drama was aired on Netflix in 2018 and now its second season is coming back with a bang in 2020.


 In the first season, we have seen an unexpected romance brewing between an underrated young girl and most handsome and popular hunk at school. However, many details are not provided regarding the story plot of the upcoming season, but yes it has been reported that new faces will be seen along with the old cast of the series.

 Release Date: To Be Decided

 I am excited for the upcoming Netflix Originals and I hope you all would also be eagerly waiting for your favorite shows to hit your screens soon. But for that, we will have to wait till next year!

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