Marketing on social networks and advertising on social media

In recent times, social media marketing has been one of the fastest-growing segments worldwide. This is a no-go in terms of online marketing trends, and companies need to adapt to this new scenario.

The trend of bringing consumers closer and creating relationship bonds in modern digital marketing found social networks ideal for making these contact points.

For this reason, the number of companies that seek social media to promote their products and services is increasing.

This trend brings with it new challenges since social media marketing differs totally from other forms of online marketing that companies were used to using.

Advertising on social media follows its own dynamic, more subtle, and structured than that seen in other digital marketing strategies, such as sponsored links and SEO.

Companies must become aware of this difference and adapt to this new reality to use social media marketing to generate real results in terms of conversions or brand exposure.

Social Media Marketing Strategy

How Social Media Marketing Strategy Works and how you can utilize it to increase your sales. Social media marketing is the strategy by which we use the main social networks as tools for promoting a brand, promoting products or services.

We can certainly use this channel for several other actions, such as creating a customer service channel, for example. Still, in the case of social media marketing, the main objective is precise to promote products and services.

In social media marketing campaigns, digital marketing professionals use the tools offered by networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and others, depending on the company’s case and industry.

Contextualization of marketing campaigns on social networks

We classify social media marketing in the display marketing category, which works very differently from other channels such as search marketing, for example.

That is why it is necessary for companies to adapt to these conceptual differences in order not to fall into the trap of transforming their profiles into simple promo murals without interactivity and targeted messages.

Another characteristic of social media marketing is also to work as relationship marketing, where the main objective is to create, in the first place, a point of contact with your potential customers.

Only after the creation of these relationship ties did we start to take more incisive actions, always working in a very subtle way on our sales message, so as not to get that pamphlet to look that so many brands assume.

One of the first excerpts from The Cluetrain Manifesto, an essential document for those who want to understand the function and work in social media, states that:

“Markets are conversations. Its members communicate in a language that is natural, open, honest, direct.” – Cluetrain Manifesto.

In our Social Networks and Social Media Marketing Course, we worked hard on this concept precisely because we believe this to be one of the social media marketing pillars.

A marketing strategy on social media cannot be based only on promotional messages. Still, on the creation of bonds of relationship and trust, only then we move on to the disclosure phase.

Is it worth investing in social media marketing?

Without a doubt, investment in marketing on social networks brings a return, but it cannot be seen as a universal panacea as many companies have faced this new option in Brazil.

This is just another dissemination channel to be used, and therefore it must be appropriately evaluated and contextualized in the general panorama of the companies’ digital marketing strategy.

This alternative’s incredible preferred position for promoting organizations on the Internet is that it allows us to draw nearer to the intended interest group, in a more close to home, coordinated, and divided way.

Through it, we can move toward the shopper all the more viably and know their necessities and wants more straightforwardly, subsequently encouraging not just the making of more productive techniques for publicizing the brand, yet additionally the information about the public that we need to affect.

Social Media Marketing medium to lengthy haul procedure

One point that we should underline is that a showcasing system on informal communities requires a development period. Consequently, it is viewed as a medium and long haul activity, since connections are not made for the time being.

Therefore, it is necessary to have detailed planning of the strategy to be adopted and be prepared for a lot of work. The production of relevant content and interaction are essential requirements in this area.

Complement the reading of this article by accessing our publication where we show How to Build a Marketing Strategy on Social Networks.

Among other aspects that we must consider is the loyalty capacity provided by this strategy, since these contacts create bonds of relationship.

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