Gender Equality and Women Empowerment

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Gender equality is achieved when men and women get the same rights and opportunities across all sectors of society, either they include economic participation or decision-making, and also when different behaviors and needs of both men and women are equally valued and favored. Although, there are good and bad both sides exist about any phenomenon in the whole world so not in all societies women and men are treated equally. Women are facing many more difficulties in gaining equal rights as men. whatever the role they play in society they are not much equally treated as men. As it has been discussed in many social sites that although women’s empowerment is highlighted but not in all sectors of the society they get such opportunities like they just not still get the same rights in workplaces.

Hurdles in Women’s Empowerment

However, women’s empowerment refers broadly to the expansion of freedom of choice and action to shape one’s life. It implies control over resources and decisions. An empowered woman will be one who is self-confident, who critically analyses her environment and who exercises control over decisions that affect her life. The idea of empowerment manifests itself at all levels of societal interaction. It is found in giving a voice to the weak and marginalized. It requires having access to the needed tools and materials for the expansion of capacities. Women all over the world have been facing challenges and gender inequalities since the beginnings of history.

Harassment Issues

A major factor which stops women to go and work is harassment which is not only the issue at workplace but also at streets, shops, shopping places etc which create fear in the women and stop them to think about the outer world they are not saved due to which they just stop doing jobs or going outside. Men are dominated over women at many workplaces which is beneficial for them.

Social Support

Another factor is also highlighted that in order to gain power at any level, women need to find voice to speak in both the private and public spheres but as according to Weiss, the participation of elite women is more in public domain while all women are equal but could not find the way and get the voice. Women are considered more powerful than men who can bring a series of changes especially social changes for their country but it is not an easy task for them to do. Not all but the majority of the women need to gain that power in order to change the world in a positive way. . Every woman wants/desires or deserves a high status like men in society and deserves the same respect as men.

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