35 Formula 1 Books

“Here is a list of 35 books about Formula 1 racing:

  1. “The Greatest Racing Driver Who Never Was” by Mark Hughes
  2. “Ayrton Senna: The Life and Legacy of Formula One’s Most Celebrated Hero” by Luc Domenjoz
  3. “The Hard Reality of Soft Tyres: From Formula One to Le Mans” by Chris Dinnis
  4. “The Limit: Life and Death on the 1961 Grand Prix Circuit” by Michael Cannell
  5. “Life at the Limit: Triumph and Tragedy in Formula One” by Sid Watkins
  6. “Shadows: The Life and Death of Colin Chapman” by Jonathan Palmer
  7. “Formula One Century: The Official History of the FIA Formula One World Championship” by Gerald Donaldson
  8. “Formula One: The Business of Winning” by Mark Gallagher
  9. “Michael Schumacher: The Edge of Greatness” by Christopher Hilton
  10. “The Fast Lane: The History of Formula One” by Joe Saward
  11. “Racing Through the Dark: The Fall and Rise of David Purley” by David Tremayne
  12. “The Unfair Advantage: The Rise of Michael Schumacher and Ferrari” by Roland Benvenuti
  13. “Formula One: A Cultural History” by Tom Rubython
  14. “Formula One’s Most Wanted: The Top 10 Book of Grip-Racing Glory, Gearhead Innovation, and Speed Demon Traditions” by Joe Saward
  15. “Grand Prix Racing: The Thrills, the Cars, and the Legends” by Steve Small
  16. “Formula One Racing for Dummies” by Jonathan Noble and Mark Hughes
  17. “Chasing the Title: The Life of Michael Schumacher” by James Allen
  18. “The History of Formula One: The Circus Comes to Town” by Roger Smith
  19. “Race to Glory: The Inside Story of the McLaren F1 Team” by David Tremayne
  20. “Damned to Fame: The Life of Samuel Beckett” by James Knowlson
  21. “Eddie Irvine: The Mavericks’ Maverick” by Ian Phillips
  22. “Race of My Life: An Autobiography” by Jenson Button
  23. “Grand Prix Drivers: The Stories of Formula One’s Legends” by Phil Harmsen
  24. “Senna versus Prost: The Story of the Most Deadly Rivalry in Formula One” by Maurice Hamilton
  25. “The Mechanics of Speed: The Engineering Behind Racing’s Most Exciting Moments” by Nick Trott
  26. “The Design and Engineering of the McLaren F1” by Gordon Murray
  27. “The Anatomy of a Race Car: The Engineering of Speed” by Paul van Valkenburgh
  28. “The Design and Engineering of the Lotus 72: How Colin Chapman Changed Formula One Racing Forever” by Peter Wright
  29. “Driven: The Story of Formula One” by Mark Hughes
  30. “Grand Prix Cars 1945-65” by Mike Lawrence
  31. “Chasing the Dragon: A Story of Triumph and Tragedy in Formula One Racing” by David Malsher
  32. “Racing Legends: The Cars and People That Made F1 History” by Nick Garton
  33. “The Cars of Formula One: Celebrating the Power, Speed, and Style of the World’s Greatest Racing Cars” by John Tipler
  34. “The Essential Guide to Formula One” by Bruce Jones
  35. “The Cars of the Future: How Technology is Driving the Design and Engineering of Racing Cars” by Nick Trott”

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