fear street books

Here is a list of some of R.L. Stine’s “Fear Street” books with their publication year and approximate price (in USD):

  1. The First Fear (1989)
  2. The Second Horror (1989)
  3. The Third Scream (1989)
  4. The Fourth Terrifying (1990)
  5. The Dead Boyfriend (1991)
  6. The Lost Girl (1991)
  7. The Secret Bedroom (1991)
  8. The Fear Street Saga: The Beginning (1992)
  9. Party Summer (1992)
  10. Silent Night (1993)

Note: The prices of these books can vary depending on the format (hardcover, paperback, etc.) and vendor. They can be found on websites such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or at local bookstores.

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