Coronavirus – A Global Threat to Human Life!

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Who knew that the beginning of the new decade will bring a life-threatening disease to the world. Starting from the mainland of China, the coronavirus is spreading rapidly around the globe. Unfortunately, more than 27 countries are affected by the virus.

It all started in the city of Wuhan, where initial cases of coronavirus surfaces. And within a few days, the whole city was affected terribly by the disease. The Chinese government had to lock down the city to prevent further spread. But, unfortunately, it didn’t stop there and keep on spreading to other provinces as well.

Initially, the spread of the virus was considered to be transferred through animals to human, but later on, it became a man to man contact disease which worsen the situation in China. Not only in China but the virus started spreading to other countries as well. Therefore, many countries had to put a ban on traveling to China.

World Health Organization calls coronavirus outbreak an evolving world health emergency and countries are advised to take all the precautionary measurements to protect their people. Coronavirus also is known as COVID-19 has taken more than 2100 people’s life and more than 75000 cases are reported inside China. Outside China, a cruise ship names Diamond Princess has a number of coronavirus cases. By the latest update, more than 650 people have been tested positive on the ship.

What is Coronavirus?

Coronaviruses or COVID-19 are large groups of viruses that can cause illness from the common cold to severe and life-threatening disease Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS-CoV) and Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS-CoV). However, Novel Coronavirus is a new strain that has not been seen in humans before.

Source of Coronavirus:

These viruses are zoonotic meaning that animals are the carrier of these viruses. They can easily be transmitted from animals to humans. SARS-CoVwhich was and is a deadly disease is transmitted to humans from civet cats. While MERS-CoVis transmitted to humans from dromedary camels.

Reports also suggest that there are many animals that are carrying coronaviruses but humans are not infected yet.

Common Signs of COVID-19:

No common sign of flu or cold should be ignored because the common signs of disease include;



Difficulty in breathing

Shortness of Breath

However, in severe cases, the infection can take the shape of pneumonia and SARS which eventually leads to kidney failure and death.

Ignoring any of the above signs for a long time can cost anyone’s life. So it is better to pay a visit to the doctor whenever you see any of these signs.

Although, having these signs does not mean you are infected. But taking precautions in advance is very important.

Basic Protective Measurements Against Virus:

  1. Washing Hands Frequently:

It is advised by the experts to keep on washing hands frequently with soap and hand wash liquid soaps. Rub your hands properly even if your hands seem clean.

  • Cover Your Mouth:

Whenever coughing and sneezing must cover your mouth and nose with a tissue and then discard that tissue immediately into a bin. Again was your hands with soap to eliminate the chances of spread of the virus.

This way you can assure that at least you are not the cause of further spread. Also washing your hands will keep you away from contacting a virus.

  • Protect Yourself by Maintaining Social Distance:

If you see someone coughing and sneezing, make sure you stay 1 meter away from them. By doing this you don’t breathe in the small droplets that might be containing the virus.

  • Don’t Touch Eyes, Nose, and Mouth:

In daily life routine, we may come in contact with many contaminated surfaces. And if you somehow touch your hands to such a surface which is contaminated with the virus and then touch your eyes, nose or mouth with the same hand, then you might catch the virus.

Therefore, it is important to frequently wash your hands.

  • Seek Medical Care Immediately:

If you are down with fever, cough and you are finding it difficult to breathe, then immediately seek medical help. Don’t take these symptoms for granted, there might be an underlying respiratory infection that can take serious conditions later on. Therefore, consult a doctor promptly if you experience any symptom.

  • Don’t Consume Raw or Undercooked Animal Products:

As the history of these viruses shows an evident link with animals, it is very important to look into what you are consuming. Sometimes, undercooked or raw animal meat can cause such fatal diseases such as coronavirus.

Your health and life are precious and you have to take care of it by taking little extra care with your consumption habits.

The coronavirus epidemic has shaken the world. Everyone living in or outside China is worried about its sudden outbreak which is costing many lives. The world is now experiencing the negative impact of the virus on the world’s economy especially China’s economy.

The government of China has asked its people to stay inside their homes until the situation gets any better. And therefore, many companies have temporarily shut down their operations in China.

This is a very critical time not only for China but for the whole world. Everyone is concern about the future and whether the coronavirus will stop spreading? Nothing can be said for now, but experts are hopeful that by the time of summers the virus will be under control. We can hope and pray for the best.

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